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    Rey Mysterio

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    Rey Mysterio is an American professional wrestler who appears in WCW, WWE, and Japanese wrestling games.

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    Rey Mysterio. No relation to Luchadeer.
    Rey Mysterio. No relation to Luchadeer.

    Who's that jumping out the sky? R-E-Y! Mysterio! Hailing from San Diego, Rey Mysterio is a professional wrestler with a deep affinity for Mexico and Mexican-style Lucha Libre wrestling. His theme song is called "CrossingBoarders," and is about his life. His signature move is "The 619." Rey Mysterio originally went by Rey Mysterio Jr, until dropping the "Jr." when he joined WWE in 2002. Upon joining the WWE Rey Mysterio quickly became known as "The Giant Killer" being paired up against many wrestlers considered "giants" in the WWE, such as The Big Show. Like many Mexican wrestlers (aka Lucha Libre), he wrestles under the veil of a Luchador mask. He was trained by this uncle Rey Mysterio Sr., and started wrestling in 1989 under the name Colibrí (Spanish for hummingbird). He has wrestled in the AAA (1992–1995), ECW (1995–1996), WCW (1996–2001), and WWE (2002–Present), and has won many championships within these promotions.


    Rey Mysterio has obtained several championships during his career at both WCW and WWE, including:

    • 5 times WCW Cruiserweight Champion
    • 3 times WCW World Tag Team Champion
    • 1 time WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion
    • 1 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion
    • 2 times WWE Intercontinental Champion
    • 4 times WWE Tag Team Champion
    • 3 times WWE Cruiserweight Champion

    Finishing Moves

    Mysterio has flaunted several finishing moves during his career, including:

    Performing the
    Performing the "619"
    • The "619"
    • "Droppin' Da Dime"
    • The "Frog Splash," as a tribute to Eddie Guerrero
    • "West Coast Pop"
    • Variations on the Hurricanrana

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