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It was Okay

I started playing this and thought it was really cool. The graphics, music, and story suck you in from the beginning and all the characters are interesting.

As you gather more people and play with them you feel like your getting stronger and stronger. The multiple party sequences are interesting and you couldn't have them without so many characters at your disposal. You get attached to all of them and want to see positive resolutions to their problems. The villains are as crazy and power hungry as any villain should be. The cast is cool.

There are many interesting scenes. The opera was one that stood out the most, because you actually have to remember your lines. A lot of the game is fun and funny and made all the better by the characters. It's an amazing game that ends with an amazing climax, or so I'd like to say.

The problem is the game actually has it's high note of intensity and awesomeness about half way through. Honestly, they should have stopped and had the end boss at that moment, because once that was over the game never came close to pulling me back in. After it, the whole party gets separated and you have to find everyone. None of this part of the game felt right to me, plot wise or game play wise.

Plot wise, it took a major dip because all the characters were gone, and the ones you get first are the least interesting. They're also the worst battle wise, but your forced to use them. This isn't fun because you get used to all the awesome abilities, then are suddenly forced to just attack. It's like playing a blander version of the game you just played, with all the cool story taken out.

All in all though the game is pretty great. The battle system is classic ATB, and alot of the abilities you can use are cool. The locations you go in the first half are colourful and lively, and some of the second half is cool. It's definitely one that should be played at least once. Midi opera singing definitely makes up for any gripes you might have.

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