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Breaking the Limit of Nostalgia 0

Everything you need to know it right in the title; Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I played the original Final Fantasy 7 in its entirety almost fifteen years after it came out, and while it wasn't the best thing since sliced bread to me, I did feel the need to finish it regardless of outside influences and more modern games at my fingertips. Working from that canvas the developers have in turn had a long time to think about how this classic game would need to be changed to be palatable two decades after...

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The modern jrpg format 0

Final Fantasy 7 was the reason I got a playstation as a child. I had the N64 and went online to find someone to trade me their ps1 in exchange for my N64 just because I could not picture a life where I did not get to play this game. Luckily it all worked out and I did not get jacked, because the internet was a lawless wasteland even more so than it is today. So to say the least, nostalgia is a strong component when talking about this remake. I will not get into the nitty gritty of every reason I...

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It's Like This Train... 0

Five years ago when we learned that Final Fantasy VII's remake would be broken up into separate installments it left fans, and newcomers, worried about how much content would be present in the first installment. Especially upon learning it only took place in Midgar, which wasn't even half of what the original game offered. However, what Square Enix gave us here is a fully fleshed out and wonderfully realized world that is an unforgettable experience. One of my biggest takeaways from Final Fantas...

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An excellent retelling of Midgar with a modern re-haul. Just don't mind the couple rats. 0

-Intro -Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake are two VERY different games. The original takes place over the course of a dozen or so different towns, cities, and climates, while the remake takes place in a single city. The original was strictly turn-based with an ATB system, while the remake is an action RPG with a menu ATB system mixed in. You get the idea, the two are functionally two completely different games and experiences. But while they are different, the remake manages to succ...

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