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For Final Fantasy XIII

Versus XIII

Thoughts? Let me toss up mine while were at it:

Three years later since it's first trailer we get our second sampling of in game footage.

We still have no idea how it plays.

Instead we get another trailer of extended scenes of sequences we have already seen juxtaposed with new scenes that without context seem awkward to show. Cannons firing! At...what?... Is that cool? Looks like a really...big...thing...

The best part comes near the end where we finally see some new in-game footage. Briefly. Close ups on the main characters in-game. Square's engine of course looks incredibly solid, I really want to see more of that, I am fully aware of Square's ability to create phenomenal pre-rendered cool things. You don't have to win me over anymore on that, please let's move on.

Nice little homage in the beginning of the trailer to FFVII with the animals running about in the canyon. From an artistic and presentation side everything is nailed. I am very concerned over the actual game still. For something coming out next year the next trailer needs to desperately show how this thing is played. Hell, they could just show us an extended version of that battle footage back in 2006.

Agree? Disagree?

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