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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 02, 2017

    Fire Emblem Heroes is the first mobile game in the Fire Emblem series. Releasing in 2017 as a free-to-play game starring heroes from all Fire Emblem titles.

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    Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical free to play game released on iOS and Android on February 2nd, 2017. Players can spend the game's main currency, "orbs" to randomly summon characters from previous Fire Emblem games to fight in their army. Battle A.I. opponents with a team of four heroes in several different modes with each battle taking place on an 8x6 grid with varying terrain. Daily and monthly quests provide rewards to grow and power up heroes.


    Story Maps

    Chapters, with 5 maps each, tell the story of the game. Most chapters showcase characters from one older entry in the Fire Emblem series. Paralogue maps tell simple stories unrelated to the main story.

    Arena Duels

    Battle other player's teams (controlled by A.I.) to rank up and earn rewards. Chain up to seven winning battles in a row to earn the highest number of points. Each season has a set of eight bonus heroes that earn you more points if you fight with them. Seasons last a week.

    Training Tower

    A convenient place to level up heroes with 11 different maps of increasing difficulty. Each battle is against random enemies on a random map.

    Special Maps

    These temporary maps offer unique challenges and rewards.

    Voting Gauntlet

    A selection of eight heroes enter into a battle tournament. Player's choose a character and fight for them to earn points. The character with the most points (votes) moves on. Rewards are given for a player's participation in the voting. (This mode is not active all the time)

    Tempest Trials

    Player's battle their way through multiple fights in a row working to clear all the maps. The team taken into the fight does not recover health in between maps. If the player's teams is defeated, new heroes can be chosen to keep fighting. It's over if the player looses too many battles in a row. (This mode is not active all the time)


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