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    Fire Emblem

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    A shield in the possession of Archanean royalty to be passed on to a great hero. It grants access to all treasure chests in the land. In the original Fire Emblem, it is given to Marth by Princess Nyna.

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    A magical shield originally created by Naga from one of her fangs. Originally used to seal away the Earth Dragons, it was stolen by the eventual founder of the kingdom of Archanea, who kept it as a treasure he christened the Fire Emblem, but not before selling off the gems that were set in the shield's face. In Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo, Marth locates the five gems and makes the shield whole again, giving him the power to defeat Medeus once and for all.

    In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the Fire Emblem is in the possession of the kingdom of Ylisse. However, the five gems that grant it power were divided among kingdoms, as the completed Fire Emblem was considered too dangerous and should only be assembled in a time of great need. Chrom and his allies manage to collect the gems, allowing him to perform the Awakening; a ritual to grant the Falchion the power to slay Grima.


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