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    Fire Pro Wrestling is an intensely in-depth, quirky set of wrestling games. The game is known for intuitive move progression (where a wrestler simply cannot perform some moves at the start of a match, i.e. finishers), in depth damage system, and its humongous, varied set of creation tools.

    The creator of Fire Pro Wrestling has passed away.

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    #1  Edited By AngeTheDude

    From Suda 51's Twitter:

    "The creator of Fire Pro-wrestling, Masato Masuda, has passed away. He was 48 years old, still young. I genuinely pray for his happiness in the next world. He was one of the greatest creators of video games and he was my direct teacher. Thank you for giving us our favorite Fire Pro-wrestling. You are the god of it."

    I spent a good chunk of my high school years playing and creating in Fire Pro Returns so this is sad news for me. I know the series is basically dead but I hope it comes back in some for or another.

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