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    Fire Pro Wrestling

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    Fire Pro Wrestling is an intensely in-depth, quirky set of wrestling games. The game is known for intuitive move progression (where a wrestler simply cannot perform some moves at the start of a match, i.e. finishers), in depth damage system, and its humongous, varied set of creation tools.

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    The Fire Pro Wrestling games are a Japanese developed series developed by Spike and Human Entertainment. In contrast to most American wrestling titles, Fire Pro focuses more on precise timing and move planning than button mashing. The huge character creation suite supports many different styles of wrestling and almost limitless cosmetic options. Almost any real life wrestler can be very closely approximated. This makes up for a lack of western performers on the main roster. This also makes cross promotional "Dream Match Ups" a possibility.

    Human Entertainment was the developer from the beginning of the series in 1989 till 1999. They developed 21 games on platforms ranging from the PC Engine and Super Famicom, to Arcade cabinets, PS1, and Sega Saturn.

    Spike took over the series in 2000. They were the first to release a stateside version of the game with Fire Pro Wrestling on the Game Boy Advance in 2001. They have since released a GBA sequel and PS2 version in the US, as well as many other iterations in Japan, including cell phone games and even a card game.


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