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Upgraded Jezzball 0

When I first saw Fortix, I said to myself: "Hey, Jezzball with a theme!" However, it's both more and less than its inspiration.Instead of balls, however, you're interrupted by dragons. And Instead of clicking and having a line drawn straight across the play field (as in Jezzball), you create the size of the captured areas yourself by moving your character from a top-down perspective. Therefore, you can make the areas you capture as large or small as you'd like.In some ways, this makes the game ...

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The Bad Guy is the Game's Name Spelled Backwards. 0

 Let's sit down and have a look at Fortix, which you can find on the Playstation Store for $4.99. This game is actually an adaptation of Qix, a Taito arcade game originally released in 1981. The basic gameplay in Fortix is identical to Qix; you draw lines on the field with your cursor to make boxes, claiming portions of the field under your control. Objects on the field can deplete one of your lives by crashing into your cursor or a line you are currently drawing. In Qix, these objects (includin...

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Adventurs of Fortix, the illegitimate son of Asterix 0

OK this has nothing to do with Asterix. Nor tower defense, which was my impression of this game for some reason.This is Qix. They added dragons, cannons and power-ups, but it is still good old Qix.DragonixOn the original Qix and its countless clones&remakes the idea is always the same. Player must claim the screen by drawing boxes/fencing off sections of the screen while dodging random moving object in middle of the screen. Idea in Fortix is absolutely same. Only difference is that player mu...

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