Error 404 when making GET request for specific game guid

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I'm currently working on my final project for my degree and I'm using the GiantBomb API for it. The artefact I'm making is a mobile app using React-Native and Expo, and I'm trying to get the data for a specific game using Axios to manage the requests. I have used Axios for the same thing in earlier locations in the app, and it's working for lists and searches, but when trying to access a specific game using its guid, it returns Error 404.

The Request URL used is as follows: ""+{gameId}+"/?api_key=5bc3563198ccc43a70e401cf8c0dcb1704e74e31&format=json"

The variable gameId has the right data in it, I know this for sure, but the request fails. Why does this happen? How do I fix it?