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TLDR: If anyone wants JSON formatted docs for the GB API, you can find them at https://gb-json-docs.netlify.com/index.json. If there is already a version of the docs in a json format, please let me know before I waste more time, I couldn't find it.

I've been wanting to play with GraphQL on something a bit more meaty, and I thought why not build a GraphQL endpoint on top of the Giant Bomb API. I haven't done that juuuust yet, because I wanted to use the documentation as config. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a json formatted version of the docs, so I went ahead and made it.

The JSON file is updated once every 24 hours to track updates to the API. This is done by using a zapier webhook that kicks off a build on netlify. Pretty nice.

The code lives over at Github, for the curious - https://github.com/gerbilsinspace/gb-json-docs

Thanks for providing such a nice api to play with.

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