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#51 Posted by ToTheNines (1672 posts) -

Occasional Dave

Ryan (of course)

Times were better back then (nostalgic fuck) well except video games.

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#52 Posted by None_Braver (316 posts) -

I have 28 different podcasts I subscribe to. I don't have time to re-listen.

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#53 Posted by Ryman86 (11 posts) -

1. I started listening in about late '12, so there is about 3-4 years of Bombcast I have missed.

2. Seeing how accurate/inaccurate some of their predictions have been.

3. Nostalgia. Like someone said, I especially like the casts which are perhaps 2-3 years old.

4. It's something to fall asleep to.

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#54 Posted by clagnaught (2115 posts) -

The only podcasts I have ever re-listened to are the GOTY podcasts and the Ryan memorial podcast. I think I have listened to all of them three times, except for 2016, which I have listened to twice. Even if I don't always agree with the end result (Come on, DOOM does not have a good story), the process is fascinating and leads to some amazing gaming discussions.

However, I am one of those guys who listens to old Bombcasts. I started from the every beginning about two and a half years ago and I'm currently towards the end of the March 23rd, 2010 podcast. I wonder what I will happen if I ever catch up to the current day...

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#55 Posted by Justin258 (15641 posts) -

I spend enough time in my work commute to listen to the Bombcast and Beastcast every week and that's about it. I have a hard time getting into podcasts while I'm at home unless I'm listening to a podcast while doing some kind of mundane chore, and in those cases I usually prefer music.

However, if I run out of this week's Bombcast to listen to, I don't have a problem with listening to an old one from a few years ago. Sometime recently, I found a chance to listen to one of the Bombcasts from around Skyrim's release, something that I definitely listened to way back then but that was six years ago and I completely forgot everything that was said in that podcast.

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#56 Posted by ThatRoss (50 posts) -

Listening to something helps me sleep, so I'll just put one on at random before bed.

This. I put on ones from Summer 2013 through GOTY 2013 often. It was a sad time with the loss of Ryan, but there's some funny stuff in those episodes, and some huge games that year. For example July 23 2013 - Melting G.I. Joes, Nintendo salesrabbit...lol. Plus all the DOTA 2 talk knocks me right out.

I also enjoy hearing about old E3's before current E3 takes place. It's so cyclical...so many promises and hype all summer...then by November it's delays, broken promises, broken launches, servers on fire...good times.

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#57 Posted by Lydian_Sel (1872 posts) -

Because I miss Ryan.

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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#58 Posted by BelowStupid (496 posts) -

1. Listen to takes on old games or hardware that I'm currently playing.

2. Doing some chore or commute that is boring and I simply need something playing to keep me from going cross eyed.

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#59 Posted by Foxtrot0245 (325 posts) -

I re-listen to 2009 to 2013 podcasts very frequently. I loved the feel of the site, and the bombcast back then, but when Patrick Klepek shows up, I sometimes skip episodes to get to the ones he was absent from. I can't listen to any of it after Ryan passed, so I haven't even heard those casts once.


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#60 Posted by nutter (2107 posts) -


Show’s still the best out there, but that man was something special.

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#61 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

Don't know if it counts, but I'll re-listen to some humorous bits again when someone posts them on youtube if the mood strikes. The Ryan era stuff can't really be beat.

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#62 Posted by hnke (188 posts) -

Reminds me of a time long gone.

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#63 Posted by nutter (2107 posts) -

@slag: I’ve listened to “NEVER” on YouTube quite a few times.

I also hate-listened to Minerva’s Den vs Shadow Broker recently...I don’t suggest it.

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#64 Posted by j_unit2008 (308 posts) -

It doesn’t happen too often but I usually do it after I finish up an older game since I can’t keep up with new releases. Gives it a book club vibe.

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#65 Posted by Foxtrot0245 (325 posts) -

@nutter: Oh man, I listened to SB vs. MD just a few days ago. Brad was annoyingly relentless about that piece of DLC. He made me wish I could travel through time just so I could show up and tell him to chill out and let it go, lol.

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#66 Posted by CurseTheseMetalHands (178 posts) -

I very rarely watch/listen to the Bombcast these days and haven't listened to the Beastcast since Dan ruined it for me. So, the older stuff is pretty much all I have to give me that Giant Bomb fix. So, I watch/listen to the old stuff because:

I miss Ryan.
I miss TNT and TANG.
I miss the chemistry of Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad (even with Patrick. who I still like more than all the new hires - with the exception of Jan - combined).
I miss Vinny and Dave screwing around with old PC games.
I miss Vinny.
I miss Drew.
Goddamn, I miss Ryan so fucking much.

I watch/listen to the old stuff because, in my heart, that's the real Giant Bomb, and because it never fails to make me smile, make me laugh, make me happy on those days when I need joy in my heart the way I need air in my lungs.

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#67 Posted by nutter (2107 posts) -

@foxtrot0245: Yeah, I liked Ryan’s logic and reasoning in that segment, but fillabusters won the day...it happens.

That was infamous for a reason.

Thankfully, Brad’s much more chill every other time I’ve listened to him...and his Holiday Rock Band take on Modern Love makes me smile every time I hear it.