Able to access premium podcasts after lapsed premium subscription

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My premium lapsed very recently, but prior to that I had used to switch on the site to turn podcasts into premium versions. This meant no ads, playable on the site, usable in the API. I opened a direct link to an episode of the Beastcast (episode 184) from someone and the "YOU NEED PREMIUM TO VIEW THIS" showed up over it, but I could click the episode image to have it play the episode in the background without any controls. Clicking it again paused it.

After hitting the switch to view the free version, controls return and I get ads.

I can still switch it back to premium and it will let me play the episode ad-less again without any controls.

Thought I'd let you know.

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@ilifin: Is this just for the podcasts or can you view Premium videos?

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@rorie: So far I've only had this happen with podcasts. It scared the shit out of me because I clicked into the window after typing something in Discord and suddenly the Beastcast riff was going out of my speakers and I couldn't locate the source.

Trying to make it happen with videos, no dice so far.

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Just a follow-up; this works in incognito mode, without being logged in too. Looks like the <section> object that contains the podcast player controls and data gets loaded to the web browser even if you don't have access to it and will still be playable.

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Update again: this does not work with premium Bombcast, but works with Beastcast and Film & 40s ("Premium Podcasts" link)