Beastcast RSS feeds borked

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It looks like there's a problem with today's updates for the Beastcast RSS feeds.

If you go to today's Beastcast page (, the RSS link for the premium RSS feed goes to, which is the RSS feed for the non-premium Beascast. The MP3 attached to today's entry is the premium version though, so subscribers of the non-premium RSS feed are getting the premium MP3 (Ep182_-_The_Giant_Beastcast_(Premium)-11-15-2018-2182290385.mp3)

Meanwhile, if you go to the non-premium page, the RSS feed links to, which is the Bombcast's RSS feed. The last entry in this feed contains the last non-premium Beascast MP3 file (Ep182_-_The_Giant_Beastcast-11-15-2018-0597031293.mp3).

Finally, the real Beastcast premium RSS feed ( has not been updated.

Could you please fix this? Thanks!

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#2 Posted by dudeglove (13779 posts) -

Somewhat related is that this happened with All Systems Goku as well with it ending up in both the bombcast feed and the ASG/Presents feed.

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So it's not just me, thought Pocket Casts was messing it up.

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Nope, it happened for me too!

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I've been having this issue as well for both ASG and Beastcast. Using Pocketcasts on Android as well.