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Using pocketcast on Android. Downloading of other premium podcast from the feed works fine. Strangely enough, the size of the bombcast is usually indicated to only be a few KB while other podcasts on the premium feed correctly display the actual size.

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Did you put the URL as http://username:password@www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium/? Haven't used pocketcast, but this works for me on Podcast Addict.

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I, too, have the same problem (on Android with Pocket Casts). Other than the ad-free Bombcasts seem to download just fine as Kazona said. And rss is in the form of "http://username:password@www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium/".

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I'm having the same problem with Doggcatcher on Android. I can download every other podcast from the premium feed except for the Bombcast.

A clue came in the form of this error message:

"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in path at index 57: http://v.giantbomb.com/podcast/Giant_Bombcast_04_08_2014_[Premium]-04-07-2014-3324709291.mp3"

I'm not sure what changed on the feed but it maybe it's the square brackets.

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Same problem here with Doggcatcher on Android, I think it must be the square bracket since that's the 57th character. Hopefully they can just remove those and everything will be all good again.

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This seems like an issue with how the brackets are encoded in the RSS URL. Instead of [ and ] it may work if %5B and %5D were used.

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#7 Posted by Kazona (3393 posts) -
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@kazona Did you find a way to edit the feed within Pocket Casts? Since we subscribe to the RSS using "http://username:password@www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium/", I'm not sure how to get around that.

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@fleethefactory: You can simply paste that link in the search bar on the add podcast screen.

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Welp, shit is still broke for me, if I keep posting here maybe someone will take a look...

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Yep, we're pretty sure this is related to the bracket and will just stop using it in filenames in the future.

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Also appreciate the fix Rorie, fixed (hopefully?) before I remembered to complain.

Although, to be fair, I actually enjoy the ads on the regular Bombcast.

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So uh, is there any way to get this working on the default Podcasts-app in iOS? Doesn't let me add the url as it says it isn't proper.

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@rorie: Just popping in to say that the podcast is downloading just fine now without the brackets. Thanks guys!

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It broke again, regular brackets "(" and ")" are causing the same issue as before.

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Just signed up to GB and can't get the premium to work with my U/P using the URL above with Pocketcasts, says that the search failed as this doesn't appear to be a podcast feed URL.

Has anyone had any success getting the premium podcasts working on the Android PocketCast app?

edit: literally 2 seconds after i post i realise i'd left the trailing / off the URL. As you were :/

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If people still have a problem with adding premium podcasts on podcast addict (might also work on other apps)

As a lot of people have said you have yo add your username and password to the URL. Easiest way is to log in to giantomb on your phone go to your premium podcast via the browser not the app and when your on the actual podcast site via the browser click the rss feed button and it should take you to the app with the URL. Then just edit the link juat copu this and edit in your username http://username:password@www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium/

That should do It. when I tried to do it without going through the browser to the actual podcast player on the site it would not work but when I added the rss feed from that specific podcast player site it worked perfectly