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Hey Engineers,

I'm lovin' the look of the new site, but I've run into a couple of pretty severe bugs which make it unusable to me. I'm running a Windows 7 PC and the newest Safari 5.1, and I haven't had most of these bugs in Chrome, but it's pretty broke in Safari.

1. Video playback is completely broken. Going in fullscreen in Streaming is just impossible, it changes the button to fullscreen but doesn't actually do anything. Often Youtube links go to the Youtube home page instead of the proper video link. Progressive goes fullscreen but results in a video that looks like this:

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When going back from fullscreen from any mode the site breaks and reloads, resulting in a loss of playback position.

2. Text is pretty messed up, somehow the spaces are missing.This happens almost everywhere, in all of the titles and even the Coming Soon box. It looks like this:

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I hope you guys have the time to fix this, I like the work you've done, and am really sad I can't use it right now.