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The site performs poorly on my IPad 2. I expected the new site to be fully compatible with the Ipad, but things like not being able to use your fully functional text editor and video/performance issues stick out. I understood why the old site had a limited functional text editor with the iPad being it predates the iPad. However, complete functionality and compatibility of the new site with the IPad should be an absolute standard. Thanks and keep up the food work.

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Yeah, I still can't watch any videos on my iPad 3 iOS 6.1 Safari, it really sucks. http://i.imgur.com/BPW922T.jpg

It just sits there like that, the play button being completely unresponsive, and that stupid network thing spinning forever.

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Not sure if they ever promised a fully functional text editor. Would be really nice if they added one though; it's the main reason why I rarely post comments when viewing the site on my iPad. Other than that though, I'm sure all the buggy issues that the site has on tablets will get fixed eventually.

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We're working on getting the text editor into the iPad, but there's a reason we're one of the only sites out there with such an advanced editor... they're hard to build, harder still when you're trying to get it to work on every device. We'll get there eventually.

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The mobile (?) site in general has been having some big issues, particularly after the site went down on Friday. Things that worked no longer do; just clicking on the textbox so the keyboard shows up is an exercise in frustration (it seems the left side works better than the right), also a lot of the buttons dont work in general (the only way i can press the edit button is to hold and open it manually - same for the Forums button, navigating through forum pages and so forth), you can no longer reply to PMs, the little envelope notification icon is busted, the three-dash menu on the iPhone version doesn't work half the time, you can't view pics in full size in articles anymore and a myriad of other little things. I'd love to see a quote and reply for touch, but they need to fix the other broken features first before adding new ones. Also it would be nice to be able to upload images on an iPad directly from camera roll, but I'm not holding my breath for that one!

I really miss the old m.giantbomb.com right now. :(

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I can't get videos to work on my iPad either... I have faith in you guys, the site looks like its going to be great when the bugs get ironed out!

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iPad issues I'm having:

any forum thread must be refreshed exactly twice before clicking the reply button makes the on screen keyboard appear. also, hitting the top of the page reply button is necessary, clicking into this white space doesn't respond.

the drop down menus in the header bar are unclickable. meaning clicking forums, then clicking off topic, registers as a click to open the worth reading article underneath the drop down menu.

next, front page videos like Jeff talking destiny, auto play. meanwhile other videos can't play unless you click the download button, and the ipad equiv of hitting open instead of save target as.

really a lot of the site is hard to click on, and that's not scaling, even by pinch zooming in, most menus and options require four to five finger taps and a few second wait before they register and the progress bar in safari starts to show change.

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I'm missing the old site badly.....this one runs so poorly on my ipad, the load times are crazy slow and I can't get any videos to run at all. And now my whisky media app that I loved watching all the videos on no longer works..............any suggestions?

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Really sucks I can't watch videos on my ipad! Just sits on the play button.