Terms of Use/Privacy Policy Links Broken on Sign-Up Page

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Hi =) I just signed up, and I went to check the terms of service to make sure I'm old enough to sign up (don't worry, I am!) and I noticed that the links next to the check boxes like "I have read and agree blah blah blah" are broken. I didn't want to commit a crime so I found the links from other parts of the site before agreeing and checking those boxes, but I thought I would mention it here so that other new members don't begin their GB lives by checking a box they didn't even read =)

When you hover over the links on a PC (both firefox and chrome) the link has double curly braces like it should autofill with a URL, but instead it goes to a 404 page. I tried it on my phone and it was broked there too, so I'm pretty sure it's not just me (but if it is, it's no big deal, 'cause I went and made an account anyways! rebel4evel)

Anyways, thank you mysterious web engineers! I know you guys do a lot of tedious work so I feel bad pointing out a (maybe) oversight cause I love the site and everything! I hope I can work on something this cool when I grow up =)

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edit: I forgot to attach the screenshot... *facepalm*

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