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Hey guys,

When I was mousing over the "Top Contributor" icon in the homepage's right panel (see image below), the tooltip starting flickering in and out.

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It only happened when my cursor was hovering over both the user's image icon and the tooltip. My browser's style inspector also showed the "in" class getting added/deleted rapidly.

This effect only happened in Firefox. Chrome/Safari didn't have the flicker but the tooltip was aligned a bit far left / down over the icon.

Love the site guys! Good luck!

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@gahathat: Hmm, which version of Firefox? This isn't happening for me in 23.0.1.

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@rorie: Yeah, I'm on Firefox 23.0.1 as well. It looks like the flickering is specific to lower resolution browsers, which lead to the tooltip being displayed in two lines of text instead of one.

On my low resolution laptop, the tooltip hits the right side of the browser and breaks off into a second line (See "Before" image below). This allowed the cursor to overlap with the tooltip and caused the flickering.

Shifting the right panel to the left solved the problem, since the tooltip text was contained in one line (see "After shifting secondary-contents" ).

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