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Hello, please add a "PiiSim" game on wiki.

Twitch writes that he takes information about the game from this site. On this site, this game is not, for this you can not choose it on twitch.

Game "PiiSim" on steam. Thanks.

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You can add it yourself, since you have an account.

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Wow, I didn't realize that Twitch pulled its database from Giant Bomb. That's pretty cool!

I don't think I want to know more about "PiiSim" though.

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Thanks, I didn't know, what i can to add myself

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@koker007: When you are on the games section of the wiki you can click the button that says create a new game page on the right hand side.

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Be aware that we do not control how long it takes for Twitch to add games that are on the GB wiki to their directory (or if they add them at all). If you have any Twitch-related issues then you have to bring it up with them.

Also, please make sure to follow the wiki rules when adding or editing pages on the site.