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So, you're working on the wiki and you've discovered something that is royally messed up. If it's something you can't fix yourself, then the Delete & Combine forum is the place to find help. Only staff and moderators have the ability to do things like delete pages, rename pages, add (most) aliases, etc. If you need assistance with any of these topics or if you want to start a debate about the validity of a certain page, here's how to do it.

Deletion Requests

If you've found a page that you think should be removed from the site, first do a forum search to see if anyone else has brought up the notion previously and, if so, see what the results of the discussion were. If you're the first, create a new thread with "Delete:" in the title. In this thread, create a link to the page in question and write a short description as to why you think it should be gone. A moderator will be by sooner or later to take a look at it and give you an answer.

Combine Requests

If you've found two pages that are for the same game or cover the same general concept, place, object, etc., then first do a search to see if anyone else has suggested it. If not, then post a new thread with "Combine:" in the title. Within the thread, create a link to both pages, explain why the two pages are duplicates, and (if possible) which one should be deleted.

Know that there is no magic "combine these pages" button that staff/mods can push. This means that any relevant information on to-be-deleted page must be manually moved over to the to-be-kept page. This includes text info, pictures, and associations (concepts, locations, objects, etc.). Sometimes this can be fairly time consuming, so help the mods out whenever possible.

Renaming & Aliases

Sometimes pages get added to the site with misspellings or improper capitalization. Sometimes pages get added to the site with names that aren't the most well-known names for that particular thing. And sometimes new concept pages have really dumb names. All of these are good reasons to ask for a name change.

Aliases allow us to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for in the search bar. Whether it's just a popular abbreviation for a game (i.e. EverQuest to EQ) or an alternate name for a game (i.e. Rad Racer to Highway Star), aliases are important to how the site functions.

Images & Box Art

Most image issues can be resolved by regular wiki users assuming they have enough points to do so. If you don't have enough points yourself, you can make a post in one of the following forum threads and either a moderator or a friendly community member will take care of it for you.