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Unless I was mistaken, if a game is being crowdfunded, isn't it not suppose to receive a wikipage until after the funding has been declared successful? If that's the case, shouldn't Shadow of the Eternals be deleted? As of right now, the funding campaign hasn't even started yet.

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Is that true though? A lot of games that have been vaguely alluded to by developers/publishers/whatever have been given pages. For example, Agent has a page. Also, Among the Sleep has a page (it still hasn't received its Kickstarter funding goal).

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I would both agree and disagree on a case by case basis. I think that if a 1-2 person project is being crowdfunded and doesn't (appear to) make its goal, creating a page prematurely is a no-no since that game then is likely going to vanish into nothingness.

A bigger project, on the other hand, might attract funding from elsewhere or will be "forced" onto the market somehow. Personally, I think the supposed 1.5m goal for Shadow of the Eternals seems a little much for a no-name off-shoot of Eternal Darkness with the only recognizable name of people involved being Dyack (which falls more on the bad side of things than any other). So how big are the chances for success?

Games like Agent, announced and developed by big publishers/developers can't really thrown into the same pool, though. Even though they might be vaporware just the same, the likelihood that they actually end up released is far greater than with a crowdfunded project.

Basically, I look at it like this: if it appears that a game is not ENTIRELY dependent on its crowdfunding campaign, it should probably get a wiki. In this specific case, it's a little weird for the reasons stated above but also how it has been announced before the campaign began with footage and everything. It seems that even if that initial campaign isn't successful, that will probably not be the end for the project.

I believe it's not really a black and white thing. Polluting the wiki with pages for failed crowdsourcing games is certainly not a good thing but having a wiki page for a crowdfunded game (regardless of its questionable future) that gets talked about all over the web for example seems like a good idea to me. Maybe collecting them in a watch list might help?

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@hailinel: should it be deleted eventhough it might just have to be readded later?

in the interest of expiedency maybe the mods should wait until the results of the kickstarter first? I.e. if the kickstarter fails the delete it?

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considering Patrick posted the trailer for it, I guess it has to stay... even though if I think he was wrong in doing so.

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While Patrick may have forced a decision here, in most cases a Kickstarter project should not get a game page until it reaches its funding goal.

Also, if a game's Kickstarter campaign fails, has yet to reach its goal, or is cancelled, don't add the Kickstarter Funded concept. At least wait until it reaches its goal. Fortunately, it hasn't been applied to this game page... yet.