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You may notice over the next couple of days that we've removed some content from our site. We just wanted to give everyone a heads up so people understand what was behind it.

As you might guess, we are big believers in the importance of intellectual property and realize that the industry is based on the valuable work of artists, writers, developers, and creators within the game industry.  What is important to the industry has been the degree to which they share use of their content to magazines and sites to feed the considerable appetite of all of us.  The dissemination of trailers, images, and cheats have all become an important part of game companies' marketing strategies and Giant Bomb serves both the marketer and user in those respects.

In a similar position, we are taking a very open stance with the content on our site. You'll notice no watermarks on our images, and we plan on  launching an API to interact with our database very soon.

Having said all that, not everyone shares that opinion and sometimes we are going to get e-mails from folks saying "take this down or take that down".  We are small and don't have the resources to fight, so, if we can, we will err on the side of complying with such requests. For us, that is better then the alternative of having to have a couple of lawyers around all the time.

To maintain that standard we need your help. As we build our database we ask you to be respectful of the ownership rights of other people's content and, second, as always, please help us fill in areas where there are holes.  

To avoid these problems in the future please follow the following rules:

Don't copy direct textual information (especially wikipedia).
Don't upload scanned cover art (Instead, go directly to publisher's site or scan it yourself).
Don't upload photos with watermarks or removed and cropped out watermarks.

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