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The Tournament

And so, the time's come again, fellow DOTA fanatics. It's been over a year since we ran our last Community Tournament, and to popular (and nagging) demand, I've decided to bring it back in a bigger, and hopefully better, format.

This year around, I have built a full team of admins, judges, casters and artists to help support this event. With a bit of luck, this'll ensure the highest quality possible. We'll be able to provide you guys at home with VODs of the games, graphs to easily showcase the current standing of the tournament, a wealth of support and contacts for the teams, and just an overabundance of information for those interested. But more on this later.

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to shamelessly copy TI4 and start the tournament off with a round-robin group-phase, having each team face every other once in a BO1 (Best of 1) game. At the end of the cycle, we will tally the amount of wins and losses of each team, and depending on overall standing, eliminate certain contestants and diving the rest up into a winners' and losers' bracket. In the case of multiple people occupying the same position on the ladder (same amount of wins, losses), a tiebreaker will be held. From there on, the tournament will take the shape of a double-elimination event where teams face off against each other in a series of BO3s until they reach the grand finals, which will be a BO5 series of games.

We will be providing feedback and updates on the tournament both in this thread, as well as on this neat page. (More detail will be added to it as time goes on.)

Before we head on the sign-ups, I'd like to adress the differences between this year's tournament and that of the last. As you've already surely seen, there is no seperate brackets for people of individual skill. Some of the newer players here might despair at this change, but read on, I believe we've found a way to ensure that everyone will have a fighting chance. Now, the reason for this decision is that the lower bracket in last year's event received very little attention compared to that of the higher one. People were less interested in watching it and due to constraints, we were only able to provide them with some of the rewards. As you may remember, the winners of last year's higher bracket got the chance to play against the Daily DOTA gang on a special stream on the site.

The hope is that the round-robin format will ensure fair games for everyone, with some being losses against more experienced teams and some wins. As an example, I'd like to cite that it was the least experienced team last year who ended up winning the lower bracket due to smart drafting and the ability to study and learn from their opponents. With a much larger tournament this year around, there'll be a wider variety of teams attending, and so increased potential for growth for every player involved.

The second major change to the format is in our management department. The biggest problem last year was arguably communication. Setting up games became difficult with so many people in so many different time-zones and only two admins available. This year, it'll be different. Each team will be given a dedicated admin, selected by proximity to ensure no time-zone issues occur, who will be their contact person throughout the tournament. Any issues, any questions regarding scheduling/match-ups/what have you, will be answered by this individual. And of course, we will be displaying brackets and graphs galore, so that the current standing and schedule of the tournament is completely clear to everyone.

Oh, and one more major change, no restriction on the total amount of teams. Everyone is welcome.

And with this, I'm opening the sign-ups to the tournament, please look below for more information and regulations.


Each team can consist of up to 7 players, consisting of a 5-man core line up, and two stand-ins. It is, however, only necessary to enter 5, but one stand-in or more is greatly encouraged.If agreed upon by both teams attending a match, one of the stand-ins can also coach the game, but only if the second team is doing the same, so keep this in mind when selecting your team-mates.

When signing up, do so via this thread. Before anything else, make it clear who is the captain on your team, and have said person provide their Steam ID for contact purposes, then state a name for your team, a teamtag, the names of your players here on the site and on Steam, (Steam Link not obligatory). If your friends do not have a Giant Bomb account, don't worry about it. Friends of community members are very welcome. And finally, indicate the time-zone of each player.

For those of you who do not, as of yet, have a team, we have created a sister-thread for team creation. Check here for other players looking for a team, or for additional members to their teams.

Sign-Ups will be open for at least a week and a half. We might very well start the Round-Robin phase of the tournament in advance of said deadline if enough teams sign up early.


Similar to last year, we will be handing out rewards to the winning team in the form of extended premium subscription and additional goodies, thanks to our generous benefactor @mrpibb. This is the second year in a row he's helped out, so be sure to give him your thanks. Further details to come.


- Tournament Consisting of multiple phases, the mode will be "Captain's Mode"

- Round-Robin style Phase 1, each team plays each other once in a series of BO1s, competing for the best win/loss ratio.

- Tie Breakers Phase 2, teams with similar scores will compete against each other in a series of BO3s, the winners and losers will then be distributed to the winners' and losers' brackets.

- Double-Elimination style Phase 3, the final stage of the tournament, teams fight each other in a series of BO3s, advancing through the brackets until a winner is declared after a grand finals series of BO5s.

- We require the sign-up of full teams, consisting of a minimum of 5 players, with a maximum of 7.

- We are creating a seperate thread for team creation, check this here out if you want to participate but don't have a full team yet.

- When signing up, state your captain and have him provide his steam ID, the name and teamtag of your team, then list your players and the time-zone for all playing.

- The current standing and schedule of the tournament will be displayed on this page, as well as here, and in google docs to come.

- Sign-Ups will be open for at least a week and a half. We might very well start the Round-Robin phase of the tournament in advance of said deadline if enough teams sign up early.

- We mean to be very flexible with the scheduling, so if you aren't sure you will have time to play, please do sign up anyway, we'll make it work.


Teams participating will be listed in the table beneath:

Team NameTeam TagCaptain
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadGAFEllen Pudge
Dotes Force 5DF5Trace
Magic is MightMiMFredddie43
Team TrasherTRSHTrasher
90's NyxtapeNyxBlackmoore
TravDood's CrewTDCTravDood
Maus Haus8:^)The_Vein
POTMs Uppuv.gnial
Cheese LumpCHLMPZeeL
Can't See SHITCSSDig
Giant Bomb Cool BabiesGBCBRareMonkey
'Nigma Stole My BikeNSMBThe Nick+Tubaker


Confirmed Casters:

- Set One: @bassman2112 (Mom's Spaghetti on Steam) - Here's his twitch.

- Set Two: @vitor (UndoneBahamut on Steam) - Twitch link to come.

- Set Three: @mthomson (Cpt. Over on Steam) - Here's his twitch.

- Set Four: @hylianseven (HylianSeven on steam) - Here's his Hitbox link.

- Set Five: @anbokr (Anbokr on Steam) - Here's his Twitch.

- Set Six: @raremonkey (RareMonkey on Steam) and @joelwmusic (JoelWMusic on Steam) - Here's their twitch and hitbox.

- Set Seven: @boywonder03 - Here's his twitch.

We're still looking for additional casters, so please inform me if you're interested.


The beauty of round-robin BO1 games is the very small amount of time required to play 'em. As such, we will be running games throughout the weeks to come, and scheduling the more difficult and longer match-ups for the weekends. This should ensure that everyone can attend the tournament, and that it'll be a continous series of games as opposed to games only being played over the weekends. The hope is to finish the entire tournament in under two weeks after it's beginning, but depending on the availability of the teams, this might change.

This section will be filled out as the tournament progresses, here you will be able to see a full listing of every match-up. Google docs will also be provided.

Team 1Vs.Team 2StatusUTC DateUTC TimePDT datePDT timeEDT dateEDT timeBST dateBST timeCEST dateCEST time
90s NyxtapeVs.Team TrasherCompletedSaturday, August 16, 201419:00Aug 1612:00Aug 1615:00Aug 1620:00Aug 1621:00
BegurubiadoVs.90s NyxtapeCompletedSaturday, August 16, 201418:00Aug 1611:00Aug 1614:00Aug 1619:00Aug 1620:00
Maus HausVs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCompletedWednesday, August 20, 20142:00Aug 1919:00Aug 1922:00Aug 203:00Aug 204:00
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.Cheese LumpCompletedWednesday, August 20, 20143:00Aug 1920:00Aug 1923:00Aug 204:00Aug 205:00
Cheese LumpVs.Maus HausCompletedWednesday, August 20, 20144:00Aug 1921:00Aug 200:00Aug 205:00Aug 206:00
BegurubiadoVs.GUIDOSCompletedWednesday, August 20, 201419:30Aug 2012:30Aug 2015:30Aug 2020:30Aug 2021:30
Dotes Force 5Vs.90s NyxtapeCompletedThursday, August 21, 20142:00Aug 2019:00Aug 2022:00Aug 213:00Aug 214:00
POTMs UpVs.Cheese LumpCompletedThursday, August 21, 20144:00Aug 2021:00Aug 210:00Aug 215:00Aug 216:00
90s NyxtapeVs.POTMs UpCompletedThursday, August 21, 20143:00Aug 2020:00Aug 2023:00Aug 214:00Aug 215:00
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.TravDood's CrewCompletedFriday, August 22, 20142:00Aug 2119:00Aug 2122:00Aug 223:00Aug 224:00
Team TrasherVs.TravDood's CrewCompletedFriday, August 22, 20144:00Aug 2121:00Aug 220:00Aug 225:00Aug 226:00
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.GUIDOSCompletedFriday, August 22, 201423:00Aug 2216:00Aug 2219:00Aug 230:00Aug 231:00
DunH8Vs.GUIDOSCompletedFriday, August 22, 201421:30Aug 2214:30Aug 2217:30Aug 2222:30Aug 2223:30
Dotes Force 5Vs.Maus HausCompletedSaturday, August 23, 20142:00Aug 2219:00Aug 2222:00Aug 233:00Aug 234:00
Dotes Force 5Vs.xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxCompletedSaturday, August 23, 201423:00Aug 2316:00Aug 2319:00Aug 240:00Aug 241:00
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxVs.GUIDOSCompletedSaturday, August 23, 201421:00Aug 2314:00Aug 2317:00Aug 2322:00Aug 2323:00
HammarbyVs.GUIDOSCompletedSaturday, August 23, 201417:00Aug 2310:00Aug 2313:00Aug 2318:00Aug 2319:00
BegurubiadoVs.Team TrasherCompletedSunday, August 24, 201420:00Aug 2413:00Aug 2416:00Aug 2421:00Aug 2422:00
Team TrasherVs.Dotes Force 5CompletedSunday, August 24, 201419:00Aug 2412:00Aug 2415:00Aug 2420:00Aug 2421:00
90s NyxtapeVs.GUIDOSCompletedSunday, August 24, 201419:00Aug 2412:00Aug 2415:00Aug 2420:00Aug 2421:00
HammarbyVs.90s NyxtapeCompletedSunday, August 24, 201420:30Aug 2413:30Aug 2416:30Aug 2421:30Aug 2422:30
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.Dotes Force 5CompletedMonday, August 25, 20141:00Aug 2418:00Aug 2421:00Aug 252:00Aug 253:00
POTMs UpVs.Maus HausCompletedTuesday, August 26, 20143:00Aug 2520:00Aug 2523:00Aug 264:00Aug 265:00
Can't See SHITVs.Maus HausCompletedTuesday, August 26, 20142:00Aug 2519:00Aug 2522:00Aug 263:00Aug 264:00
Can't See SHITVs.POTMs UpCompletedTuesday, August 26, 20143:00Aug 2520:00Aug 2523:00Aug 264:00Aug 265:00
Maus HausVs.90s NyxtapeCompletedWednesday, August 27, 20142:00Aug 2619:00Aug 2622:00Aug 273:00Aug 274:00
TravDood's CrewVs.xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxCompletedWednesday, August 27, 20142:00Aug 2619:00Aug 2622:00Aug 273:00Aug 274:00
Can't See SHITVs.Cheese LumpCompletedWednesday, August 27, 20143:30Aug 2620:30Aug 2623:30Aug 274:30Aug 275:30
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.Cheese LumpCompletedWednesday, August 27, 20144:30Aug 2621:30Aug 270:30Aug 275:30Aug 276:30
POTMs UpVs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCompletedThursday, August 28, 20146:00Aug 2723:00Aug 282:00Aug 287:00Aug 288:00
POTMs UpVs.Nigma Stole My BikeCompletedThursday, August 28, 20142:00Aug 2719:00Aug 2722:00Aug 283:00Aug 284:00
TravDood's CrewVs.POTMs UpCompletedThursday, August 28, 20145:00Aug 2722:00Aug 281:00Aug 286:00Aug 287:00
Nigma Stole My BikeVs.Magic Is MightCompletedThursday, August 28, 201423:30Aug 2816:30Aug 2819:30Aug 290:30Aug 291:30
HammarbyVs.BegurubiadoCompletedThursday, August 28, 201419:00Aug 2812:00Aug 2815:00Aug 2820:00Aug 2821:00
90s NyxtapeVs.Nigma Stole My BikeCompletedFriday, August 29, 20141:30Aug 2818:30Aug 2821:30Aug 292:30Aug 293:30
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.POTMs UpCompletedFriday, August 29, 20143:30Aug 2820:30Aug 2823:30Aug 294:30Aug 295:30
DunH8Vs.HammarbyCompletedFriday, August 29, 201421:00Aug 2914:00Aug 2917:00Aug 2922:00Aug 2923:00
Team TrasherVs.Cheese LumpCompletedSaturday, August 30, 20144:00Aug 2921:00Aug 300:00Aug 305:00Aug 306:00
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxVs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCompletedSaturday, August 30, 20140:00Aug 2917:00Aug 2920:00Aug 301:00Aug 302:00
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.90s NyxtapeCompletedSaturday, August 30, 20143:00Aug 2920:00Aug 2923:00Aug 304:00Aug 305:00
BegurubiadoVs.Magic Is MightCompletedSaturday, August 30, 201418:30Aug 3011:30Aug 3014:30Aug 3019:30Aug 3020:30
90s NyxtapeVs.Cheese LumpCompletedSaturday, August 30, 201419:00Aug 3012:00Aug 3015:00Aug 3020:00Aug 3021:00
Magic Is MightVs.Cheese LumpCompletedSaturday, August 30, 201420:00Aug 3013:00Aug 3016:00Aug 3021:00Aug 3022:00
DunH8Vs.90s NyxtapeCompletedSaturday, August 30, 201421:00Aug 3014:00Aug 3017:00Aug 3022:00Aug 3023:00
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.BegurubiadoCompletedSunday, August 31, 201419:30Aug 3112:30Aug 3115:30Aug 3120:30Aug 3121:30
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadVs.Team TrasherCompletedMonday, September 1, 20141:00Aug 3118:00Aug 3121:00Sep 12:00Sep 13:00
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCompletedMonday, September 1, 20144:00Aug 3121:00Sep 10:00Sep 15:00Sep 16:00
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxCompletedMonday, September 1, 20142:30Aug 3119:30Aug 3122:30Sep 13:30Sep 14:30
GUIDOSVs.Team TrasherCompletedMonday, September 1, 201420:00Sep 113:00Sep 116:00Sep 121:00Sep 122:00
Magic Is MightVs.GUIDOSCompletedMonday, September 1, 201417:00Sep 110:00Sep 113:00Sep 118:00Sep 119:00
DunH8Vs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCompletedMonday, September 1, 201421:00Sep 114:00Sep 117:00Sep 122:00Sep 123:00
DunH8Vs.Team TrasherCompletedMonday, September 1, 201422:00Sep 115:00Sep 118:00Sep 123:00Sep 20:00
Can't See SHITVs.Team TrasherCompletedTuesday, September 2, 20142:15Sep 119:15Sep 122:15Sep 23:15Sep 24:15
Nigma Stole My BikeVs.Maus HausCompletedWednesday, September 3, 20142:00 AMSep 219:00Sep 222:00Sep 33:00Sep 34:00
Can't See SHITVs.90s NyxtapeCompletedWednesday, September 3, 20142:00Sep 219:00Sep 222:00Sep 33:00Sep 34:00
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.Can't See SHITCompletedWednesday, September 3, 20143:00:00 AMSep 220:00Sep 223:00Sep 34:00Sep 35:00
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.Nigma Stole My BikeCompletedThursday, September 4, 20142:30:00 AMSep 319:30Sep 322:30Sep 43:30Sep 44:30
90s NyxtapeVs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCompletedFriday, September 5, 20142:00Sep 419:00Sep 422:00Sep 53:00Sep 54:00
Cheese LumpVs.xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxCompletedSaturday, September 6, 20143:30Sep 520:30Sep 523:30Sep 64:30Sep 65:30
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxVs.90s NyxtapeCompletedSaturday, September 6, 201421:00Sep 614:00Sep 617:00Sep 622:00Sep 623:00
DunH8Vs.xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxCompletedSaturday, September 6, 201422:30Sep 615:30Sep 618:30Sep 623:30Sep 70:30
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxVs.Team TrasherCompletedSunday, September 7, 20143:30Sep 620:30Sep 623:30Sep 74:30Sep 75:30
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.Team TrasherCompletedSunday, September 7, 20143:00Sep 620:00Sep 623:00Sep 74:00Sep 75:00
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Vs.TravDood's CrewCompletedMonday, September 8, 20141:30Sep 718:30Sep 721:30Sep 82:30Sep 83:30
Can't See SHITVs.xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxCompletedTuesday, September 9, 20143:15Sep 820:15Sep 823:15Sep 94:15Sep 95:15
90s NyxtapeVs.TravDood's CrewCompletedWednesday, September 10, 20142:00Sep 919:00Sep 922:00Sep 103:00Sep 104:00
TravDood's CrewVs.Maus HausCompletedWednesday, September 10, 20143:15Sep 920:15Sep 923:15Sep 104:15Sep 105:15
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxVs.POTMs UpCompletedThursday, September 11, 20142:00Sep 1019:00Sep 1022:00Sep 113:00Sep 114:00
Can't See SHITVs.Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCompletedThursday, September 11, 20144:00Sep 1021:00Sep 110:00Sep 115:00Sep 116:00
Can't See SHITVs.TravDood's CrewCompletedThursday, September 11, 20143:30Sep 1020:30Sep 1023:30Sep 114:30Sep 115:30
Can't See SHITVs.Nigma Stole My BikeCompletedTuesday, September 16, 20141:00Sep 1518:00Sep 1521:00Sep 162:00Sep 163:00
Magic Is MightVs.90s NyxtapeCompletedWednesday, September 17, 2014Sep 1716:00Sep 1719:00Sep 180:00Sep 181:00
DunH8Vs.Magic Is MightCompletedFriday, September 19, 201422:00Sep 1915:00Sep 1918:00Sep 1923:00Sep 200:00
BegurubiadoVs.xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxCompletedSunday, September 21, 201418:00Sep 2111:00Sep 2114:00Sep 2119:00Sep 2120:00
Can't See SHITVs.BegurubiadoCompletedSunday, September 21, 201420:00Sep 2113:00Sep 2116:00Sep 2121:00Sep 2122:00
DunH8Vs.Can't See SHITCompletedSunday, September 21, 20147:00:00 PMSep 2112:00Sep 2115:00Sep 2120:00Sep 2121:00


Our Youtube page, where we have stored all the VODs from our main caster can be found here. VODs from our additional casters will be added shortly.

Team 1Team 2Dota MatchIDYoutube URLCasterMatch AdminWinnerUTC Date
Magic Is Might90s Nyxtape903362440@_BenAM@streetninja90s Nyxtape
90s NyxtapeTeam Trasher839263214https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktg8t7qYbjU&list=UUUFSLXNuJlVS2seSc-pGXRg@MThomson@MThomson90s NyxtapeSat Aug 16
Begurubiado90s Nyxtape839158126https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8jY4X0D0TU&list=UUUFSLXNuJlVS2seSc-pGXRg&feature=player_detailpage@MThomson@MThomson90s NyxtapeSat Aug 16
Maus HausFreakinchair's Fraud Squad845302874https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmhHmJNZHOQ&feature=youtu.be@bassman2112@SlagFreakinchair's Fraud SquadWed Aug 20
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadCheese Lump845347890https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvEkxgPcoDQ&feature=youtu.be@bassman2112@SlagFreakinchair's Fraud SquadWed Aug 20
Cheese LumpMaus Haus845383440https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twhMydwqxWw&feature=youtu.be@bassman2112@SlagMaus HausWed Aug 20
BegurubiadoGUIDOS846783217https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E90OQKw2AqE&feature=youtu.be@bassman2112@bassman2112GUIDOSWed Aug 20
Dotes Force 590s Nyxtape847109039https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCJjhvf2EnM&feature=youtu.be@bassman2112@dusker90s NyxtapeThu Aug 21
POTMs UpCheese Lump847224697https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orSDHSb-BK4&feature=youtu.be@bassman2112POTMs UpThu Aug 21
90s NyxtapePOTMs Up847156940https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2wT2YF80no&feature=youtu.be@bassman2112POTMs UpThu Aug 21
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadTravDood's Crew848931364@BeardyDuck@L1GHTN1NFreakinchair's Fraud SquadFri Aug 22
Team TrasherTravDood's Crew849038606http://youtu.be/KPgondy_-bg@joelwmusic@L1GHTN1NTravDood's CrewFri Aug 22
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadGUIDOS850693111@bassman2112@dizFreakinchair's Fraud SquadFri Aug 22
DunH8GUIDOS850626053@bassman2112@dizGUIDOSFri Aug 22
Dotes Force 5Maus Haus850828405@bassman2112@SlagMaus HausSat Aug 23
Dotes Force 5xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx852653488https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6_j3FCDBTk@Boywonder03@lamzorxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxSat Aug 23
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxGUIDOS852544793https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3uXI0GjyU0@Boywonder03@lamzorGUIDOSSat Aug 23
HammarbyGUIDOSno video recorded@Boywonder03@lamzorHammarbySat Aug 23
BegurubiadoTeam Trasher854487744@hylianseven@streetninjaTeam TrasherSun Aug 24
Team TrasherDotes Force 5854409508https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHjXLP9-YNI@diz@dizTeam TrasherSun Aug 24
90s NyxtapeGUIDOS@bassman2112@lamzor90s NyxtapeSun Aug 24
Hammarby90s Nyxtape854555766https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_tNTSma03s@diz@dizHammarbySun Aug 24
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadDotes Force 5@BeardyDuck@BeardyDuckFreakinchair's Fraud SquadMon Aug 25
POTMs UpMaus Haus856687767https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7udQAVXWs1g@Boywonder03@SevenTangoPOTMs UpTue Aug 26
Can't See SHITMaus Haus856640548https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsOs7Uk8KP0@Boywonder03@SevenTangoCan't See SHITTue Aug 26
Can't See SHITPOTMs Up856724321https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMUlrqS5Yqw@Boywonder03@SlagPOTMs UpTue Aug 26
Maus Haus90s Nyxtape858488179https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT-Imp1r66A@Boywonder03@SevenTango90s NyxtapeWed Aug 27
TravDood's CrewxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx858515219@hylianseven@SlagxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxWed Aug 27
Can't See SHITCheese Lump@BeardyDuck@BeardyDuckCan't See SHITWed Aug 27
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Cheese Lump858606041@hylianseven@SlagGiant Bomb Cool Babies!Wed Aug 27
POTMs UpFreakinchair's Fraud Squad860540198http://youtu.be/g6u7UEMWsUo@joelwmusic@BeardyDuckFreakinchair's Fraud SquadThu Aug 28
POTMs UpNigma Stole My Bike860357832@joelwmusic@SlagPOTMs UpThu Aug 28
TravDood's CrewPOTMs Up860480835@joelwmusic@SlagPOTMs UpThu Aug 28
Nigma Stole My BikeMagic Is Might862125954https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2RnUmn0jPw@diz@dizMagic Is MightThu Aug 28
HammarbyBegurubiado861853913https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3QhfwgOI18@diz@dizHammarbyThu Aug 28
90s NyxtapeNigma Stole My Bike@hylianseven@Fredddi4390s NyxtapeFri Aug 29
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!POTMs Up862278898@anbokr@SlagPOTMs UpFri Aug 29
DunH8Hammarby863961026https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEFj6ioStMQ@diz@dizHammarbyFri Aug 29
Team TrasherCheese Lump864341100@streetninjaTeam TrasherSat Aug 30
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxFreakinchair's Fraud Squad864112491https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uxN3nwoP4I@diz@dizFreakinchair's Fraud SquadSat Aug 30
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!90s Nyxtape862278898@Slag90s NyxtapeSat Aug 30
BegurubiadoMagic Is Might865831495https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea5irQW9Kx0@diz@dizBegurubiadoSat Aug 30
90s NyxtapeCheese Lump865884913@lamzor90s NyxtapeSat Aug 30
Magic Is MightCheese Lump865969977https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNxKdTBHEfo@diz@dizMagic Is MightSat Aug 30
DunH890s Nyxtape866050071@hylianseven@lamzor90s NyxtapeSat Aug 30
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadBegurubiado868052615@joelwmusic@L1GHTN1NFreakinchair's Fraud SquadSun Aug 31
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadTeam Trasher868252024@hylianseven@hyliansevenFreakinchair's Fraud SquadMon Sep 1
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Freakinchair's Fraud Squad868378830@streetninjaFreakinchair's Fraud SquadMon Sep 1
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx868302112@streetninjaxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxMon Sep 1
GUIDOSTeam Trasher869734034@lamzorTeam TrasherMon Sep 1
Magic Is MightGUIDOS869510094@lamzorGUIDOSMon Sep 1
DunH8Freakinchair's Fraud Squad869790668@lamzorFreakinchair's Fraud SquadMon Sep 1
DunH8Team Trasher869830668@hylianseven@streetninjaDunH8Mon Sep 1
Can't See SHITTeam Trasher869972970@anbokr@streetninjaTeam TrasherTue Sep 2
Nigma Stole My BikeMaus Haus871561329@typo@SlagNigma Stole My BikeWed Sep 3
Can't See SHIT90s Nyxtape871550916@joelwmusic@SevenTango90s NyxtapeWed Sep 3
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Can't See SHIT871592421@hylianseven@hyliansevenCan't See SHITWed Sep 3
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Nigma Stole My Bike873143009@typo@SlagGiant Bomb Cool Babies!Thu Sep 4
90s NyxtapeFreakinchair's Fraud Squad874900532@flaboere@lamzorFreakinchair's Fraud SquadFri Sep 5
Cheese LumpxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx877422984@joelwmusic@L1GHTN1NxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxSat Sep 6
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx90s Nyxtape879607014@hylianseven@lamzorxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxSat Sep 6
DunH8xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx879714211@SevenTangoDunH8Sat Sep 6
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxTeam Trasher@anbokr@streetninjaxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxSun Sep 7
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!Team Trasher882462220@streetninjaTeam TrasherSun Sep 7
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!TravDood's Crew882368056@L1GHTN1NTravDood's CrewMon Sep 8
Can't See SHITxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx@joelwmusic@streetninjaxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxTue Sep 9
90s NyxtapeTravDood's Crew886423225@hylianseven@L1GHTN1N90s NyxtapeWed Sep 10
TravDood's CrewMaus Haus886470501@hylianseven@L1GHTN1NTravDood's CrewWed Sep 10
xXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxPOTMs Up888368240@anbokr@SlagxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxThu Sep 11
Can't See SHITFreakinchair's Fraud SquadFreakinchair's Fraud SquadThu Sep 11
Can't See SHITTravDood's Crew@joelwmusic@streetninjaCan't See SHITThu Sep 11
Can't See SHITNigma Stole My Bike@hylianseven@streetninjaCan't See SHITTue Sep 16
DunH8Magic Is Might@streetninjaMagic Is MightFri Sep 19
BegurubiadoxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXx@streetninjaxXx69DiCkBuTtZgoku420xXxSun Sep 21
Can't See SHITBegurubiado@hylianseven@lamzorCan't See SHITSun Sep 21
DunH8Can't See SHIT@hylianseven@streetninjaDunH8Sun Sep 21

Current Standings

This section will detail the current standings of the tournament, as well as provide an overview for how well each team has fared so far. Furthermore, you can check out our challonge page.

Magic Is MightMiMLostWonLostLostWonWon336
Freakinchair's Fraud SquadGAFWonWonWonWonWonWonWonWonWonWonWonWonWon13013
Dotes Force 5DF5LostLostLostLostLost055
Team TrasherTRSHLostWonWonLostLostWonWonLostWonLostWon6511
Nigma Stole My BikeNSMBLostLostWonLostLostLost156
90s NyxtapeNyxWonLostWonWonWonWonWonWonWonLostWonLostLostWonWonWon12416
TravDood's CrewTDCLostWonLostWonLostLostLostWon358
Maus Haus8:^)LostWonLostLostLostLostWonLost268
POTMs UppuLostWonWonWonWonWonLostWonWon729
Cheese LumpCHLMPLostLostLostLostLostLostLostLostLost099
Can't See SHITCSSLostWonLostWonLostWonWonLostWonLostLostWon6612
Giant Bomb Cool Babies!GBCBLostLostWonLostLostLostWonLostLost279


  • How long is the tournament going to span?

The general idea is to have the tournament span over two weeks after sign-ups have ended, playing the majority of the round-robin games during the first week, and the later, more involved phases during the two consecutive week-ends. Unfortunately, it is very hard to pinpoint just how long the event will last as availability can become an issue when matching up players from different regions. Last year, we had planned on a 3-week long tournament and due to TI4 and other matters, weren't able to finish it for a whole month and a half. This year around, our tournament is far better set up in terms of communication, and we're using a format that's much more appropriate for casual players, so I can just about promise you that it won't be a repeat of last year in this sense. Ultimately, we'll have to wait and see, but an additional week may very well happen.

  • Where should I sign up if I only have a partial team? Here or the Team Creation thread?

Partial teams should visit the Team Creation thread first and foremost. We suggest both posting a message in there in which you detail your current team and what roles you're looking for, as well as searching through the thread and messaging people you believe would make a good addition to your team. Once you have your full team, please post a message in here, following the Sign-Up guidelines.

As further questions are posed, I will be filling this section out with my answers to them.

Further Disclaimers

I'd like to take a moment here to thank everyone participating in the tournament, both on the management side and on the players. If anyone else is interested in helping out as a caster or as an artist, please visit this thread for more information.

Additionally, I'd like to say thanks to @mrpibb and @sweep for helping this thing get off the ground, and for being genuinely decent people.

This tournament has taken a LOT of time to set up, but despite the larger workload, it's felt considerably more relaxing than last year. This is mainly due to the great help I've had, and just my general excitement for this baby. Last year, we had our hopes for making the tournament succeed, but the feedback was beyond what we'd hoped for. You can read my thoughts on last year's tournament post-mortem here. We'd really like to make this a regular thing, and will continue to strive to do so as long as people are interested in the tournament and in the game.

The AMAZING banner was made by @flaboere on the site. Can't overstate how impressed I am.

I will be participating in the tournament myself along with a group of friends. We simply couldn't resist throwing ourselves into the fray. In order to ensure fairness, I have given over scheduling of all my team's matches to another admin. Same rules apply to us as everyone else.


Update 1: Created the Thread

Update 2: Added links to the Team Creation Thread under Sign-Ups and Summary.

Update 3: Added a few casters as well as their twitch links. Also included the profile for flaboere who made the banner.

Update 4: Added our first team to the roster.

Update 5: Added a second team to the roster.

Update 6: Added additional caster information.

Update 7: Added two additional teams to the roster. Also included two questions and their respective answers in the Q&A section.

Update 8: Added yet another two teams to the roster. This is starting to look real good.

Update 9: Added one singular, uncomparable team to the roster. Yep. Also added another quick note to the "Further Disclaimers" section.

Update 10: Added yet another team to the roster. With this, we're up to 8.

Update 11: Added three games to the schedule. To clarify, we are starting the round-robin phase of the tournament even before the sign-up period has ended.

Update 12: Added two additional teams to the roster, this brings the total up to 10.

Update 13: Added a Results section to the thread and updated it to the current standings. There is a spoiler-block on the winner of each match-up.

Update 14: Added another two casters. Will have to update the twitch link for one of 'em.

Update 15: Added additional twitch links for the casters.

Update 16: Added two additional teams to the roster. We're now up to a dozen.

Update 17: Added two more games to the schedule, both of which will take place tomorrow.

Update 18: Set a slightly different time for the second game of tomorrows (19th) games.

Update 19: Re-entered the name of one of the captains according to his recent Steam username change.

Update 20: Added another match to the schedule.

Update 21: Added another two teams to the roster. This has up up to 14.

Update 22: Added the results from last nights games.

Update 23: Added two more games to the schedule, to take place today.

Update 24: Added another set of games for tonight.

Update 25: Added the VODS to the first two games of the tournament. More to follow shortly.

Update 26: Added yet another game for the day to the schedule.

Update 27: Added yet another team to the roster. Up to 15 now. Oh, boy.

Update 28: Updated the results section with the latest game along with the VOD for said match.

Update 29: Added another team to the roster. Help me, oh, god, please. Dear christ, help me.

Update 30: Added the results of last night's games, the appropriate VODs, a link to our Youtube page and another team to the roster.

Update 31: Added another set of casters.

Update 32: Added the results for set five of the scheduled matches.

Update 33: Made a major overhaul to the scheduling section. Will do something similar for the results section once I find the time.

Update 34: Added another game to the new, pretty schedule.

Update 35: Added another game to the schedule, which is still pretty.

Update 36: Added the results of last night, and added the last-minute game both teams wanted to play to the schedule.

Update 37: Added another game to the schedule.

Update 38: Added one last team to the tournament. This is it, 17 teams. We're a go.

Update 39: Updated the main schedule with a lot of additional games.

Update 40: Even more games added to the main schedule.

Update 41: Removed team "Gamers With Jobs", which puts us at 17 teams.

Update 42: Added another VOD to the results section.

Update 43: Updated the schedule and added another game to be played today.

Update 44: Added another game to the schedule and updated the results. More VODs to come.

Update 45: Added the results of one more game, as well as another match-up to the schedule.

Update 46: Added yet another game to the schedule.

Update 47: Added four games to the schedule as well as the results of last night + VODs.

Update 48: Added the results of last nights games as well as additional games to the schedule.

Update 49: Added another 5 games to the schedule and updated the results.

Update 50: Woooh, 50. Updated the schedule and added a LOT of VODs.

Update 51: Added additional games to the schedule and updated the results.

Update 52: Added a lot of games to the schedule, and updated the results.

Update 53: Rehauled the Schedule and the Results subsections, and added information to both. Also added another subsection called "Current Standings". For now, only the main caster's VODs are to be found in the "Results" section, but I'll update it shortly.

Update 54: Added more games to the schedule and updated the results, current standings. VODs to come shortly.

Update 55: Updated the schedule and the results.

Update 56: Updated the schedule, as well as the results.

Update 57: Added additional games to the schedule and updated the results.

Update 58: Added more information to the schedule and the results section.

Update 59: Schedule updated.

Update 60: Updated the results and schedule sections of the tournament page.

Update 61: Added additional 3 games to the schedule.

Update 62: Updated the schedule, as well as the results section. We're currently in the process of ushering in the next, and final, phase of the tournament.

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#2 Edited by L1GHTN1N (1992 posts) -

I won't have time to compete myself, but looking forward to watching/helping out with the tournament! Good luck to everyone who signs up!

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#3 Edited by bassman2112 (1201 posts) -

Fantastic! Looking forward to being a part of this tournament both on the admin side and on the player side!

I shall be casting & streaming from here, and shall be playing with the Might Is Magic team =D

Good luck to all =D


For team members, I'll defer that to @fredddi43 =)

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#4 Posted by MThomson (7 posts) -

Hey id love to play and or cast. http://www.twitch.tv/cptover/ is my twitch stream and i have no team as of yet.... ALSO GOODLUCK EVERYONE!

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#5 Edited by mrpibb (480 posts) -

BTW, the top men will be a team... I'll be offering a bounty on every first blood on @jslack or @laika!

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#6 Posted by Fredddi43 (495 posts) -

I am gonna be the first to officially sign up then:

Teamname: Magic is Might (MiM)

Captain:@fredddi43 (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fredddi43/) CEST (UTC+2)


@bassman2112 (http://steamcommunity.com/id/momsspaghetti) UTC -6

@flaboere (http://steamcommunity.com/id/flaboere/) CEST

@captainkirby (http://steamcommunity.com/id/frugtkoed/) CEST

Mujuji (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964834701) UTC+1


Klaphark (http://steamcommunity.com/id/wouteronimus) CEST

Chazzy (http://steamcommunity.com/id/chazwuzhere) UTC-5

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#7 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@fredddi43: Hah, good going there. Already added you to the roster, babe. Great having you, let me know if you need any tips.

@mrpibb: How can I refuse the benefactor of the tournament? We'll make sure to humiliate 'em good, don't you worry none.

Want to make a quick note here saying that it seems folks are already beginning to gather up in the team creation thread. By now, they've almost got enough to make an entire team, so head on over if you'd like to participate.

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#8 Edited by ellenPudge (10 posts) -

Waddup Blackmoore!

Team: Freakinchair's Fraud Squad
Tag: GAF
Captain: Ellen Pudge (http://steamcommunity.com/id/ellenpudge/)



We are PST/EST.

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#9 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@ellenpudge: Oh, sweet christ.. Seriously, wouldn't be the same without the yolo summmer brigade. Can't wait to see what you girls come up with this year. Added you to the roster.

This has been a terrific first day, with two full teams signing up, including last year's champions, GAF. I've also been informed via PM and earlier messages that another 3 teams are rearing to go as is. Five confirmed teams for a first day is far, far beyond what I could've hoped for. Thanks to everyone once again, and keep on signing up. For those of you who don't mean to play, we should have updates regarding the first match-ups of the round robin stage fairly soon.

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#10 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -


Manta where should people which pages should people with a partial team (say 2-4 people) signup? This thread or the Team Creation thread?

Avatar image for ajamafalous
#11 Posted by ajamafalous (13813 posts) -
@slag said:


Manta where should people which pages should people with a partial team (say 2-4 people) signup? This thread or the Team Creation thread?

You'll want to either post in the team creation thread or start messaging people who've already posted there and try to put together a team (preferably both).

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#12 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@slag said:


Manta where should people which pages should people with a partial team (say 2-4 people) signup? This thread or the Team Creation thread?

You'll want to either post in the team creation thread or start messaging people who've already posted there and try to put together a team (preferably both).

This is entirely correct, could not have phrased it better myself.

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#13 Posted by L1GHTN1N (1992 posts) -

Quick question, how long are you planning to have this last? Thinking about making it over the course of a couple of weeks, or is it going to be longer than that?

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#14 Edited by EvilCookie (3 posts) -

Hey Man -

Team : (Be'Bi) Begurubiado

Captain(s) : Chenju - http://steamcommunity.com/id/ChenJ + EvilCookie - http://steamcommunity.com/id/EvilCookieSoaB/

Members : Chenju, EvilCookie, Retarded Venusaur, khceZ, AdmirableDog, Puke No Nuke + Serenity.

We are a UK team so we go by GMT

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#15 Edited by trace (3743 posts) -

After two and a half weeks of training, I think we're ready to enter the world of eSports and take on Pro DOTA.

No Caption Provided

Team Name: Dotes Force 5

Team Tag: DF5



  • Sparklykiss, EDT/UTC-4
  • Ozone, EDT/UTC-4
  • FinalDasa, EDT/UTC-4
  • PatVB, CDT/UTC-5


  • nweasel, CDT/UTC-5 (Coach of the Year, 2014)
  • rshenlon, EDT/UTC-4

We look forward to the tournament!

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#16 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@Trace: That's a real hot team symbol you've got there. Added you fellas to the roster, best of luck to you.

@evilcookie: Welcome, man, glad to have you with us. Unfortunately, you've forgotten to add a link to the STEAM ID of your captain(s). I'm going to go ahead and add you to the roster, but I will need you to provide said Steam information at your earliest convenience.

@l1ghtn1n: - To answer your question, the general idea is to have the tournament span over two weeks after sign-ups have ended, playing the majority of the round-robin games during the first week, and the later, more involved phases during the two consecutive week-ends. Unfortunately, it is very hard to pinpoint just how long the event will last as availability can become an issue when matching up players from different regions. Last year, we had planned on a 3-week long tournament and due to TI4 and other matters, weren't able to finish it for a whole month and a half. This year around, our tournament is far better set up in terms of communication, and we're using a format that's much more appropriate for casual players, so I can just about promise you that it won't be a repeat of last year in this sense. Ultimately, we'll have to wait and see, but an additional week may very well happen.

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#17 Posted by Anbokr (11 posts) -

yo blackmoore you better be puttin a squad together brah :)

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#18 Edited by Trasher (5 posts) -

Waddup Blackmoore!

Team: Team Trasher


Captain: Trasher (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024959064/)









We are PST/EST.

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#19 Edited by Atomicvideohead (52 posts) -

Team: Gamers with Jobs

Tag: GWJ

Captain: Videohead (http://steamcommunity.com/id/atomicvideohead)



Snake Oiler







We are EST

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#20 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@atomicvideohead: Hah, wasn't sure you'd be signing up there for a while, man. Really glad you opted in. I'm looking forwards to seeing you play.

@trasher: I smell Ellen Pudge's hand in this. It's like he's taunting me, yet I can't hit back by any measure as you guys signing up is a great thing. Welcome, and the best of luck to you.

And with this, we have six teams currently signed up for the tournament. There'll always be an awkward interim where folks do the "should I, should I not" dance when setting up any tournament like this, but I think we're doing a great job getting over the hurdle. That said, we still do need more teams, so go sign on up, guys. Again, if you don't have a team but are looking for one, check out our team-creation thread, there's already a fair amount of folks looking for a team right there.

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#21 Posted by Atomicvideohead (52 posts) -


We're gonna get crushed, haha. Half my team I'm just introducing to 5 man team competitive style play. We're talking a 1.5-4kmmr skill range. GAF (and everyone else) is going to eat us alive. But hey they get to learn. so it's all fun.

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#22 Posted by BigAT (109 posts) -

Go Team Trasher! Ellenpudge got beat by @noblewingz.

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#23 Posted by Trasher (5 posts) -

And Procarbine loses to Travdood mid!

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#24 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@trasher: @bigat: I'm one hundred percent behind this smack talk. Flood the damn thread with it if you have to, I can't get enough. That said, what you ought to be worrying yourselves about is the:

90s Nyxtape

Teamtag: Nyx

Captain: Blackmoore (Do The Manta Ray) - Steam Profile / GMT + 2 (Paris Time)


  • UndoneBahamut - @vitor on the site. - Steam Profile / EDT
  • JohnBordelon / EDT
  • Karmic - @karmic on the site / EDT
  • No Daddy Noooooo / PDT


  • Mr. Skeleton - @mr_skeleton on the site / GMT + 3
  • Erq / GMT + 2
  • Deus / EDT - Replacement for UndoneBahamut who has to leave the country for two weeks due to a family emergency. I called a vote and the admins allowed us to replace him while he is away.

For those of you who are slightly puzzled as to why the person making the tournament is, in fact, participating in the tournament, feel free to think of me as Shang Tsung. Failing that, I simply mean to hop on in and enjoy myself with the rest of the people signing up. I've also been pressured by many, maaany of the currently signed up players to take part in the tournament, so there you go.

As we, luckily, have a large management team, I have placed the scheduling of my own match-ups in the hands of one of our admins to ensure fairness. The fact that they're scared to death of me does not factor into this at all. I promise.

@anbokr: , @ellenpudge: Be careful what you wish for.

@atomicvideohead: You say that, but I don't know if I can believe you on that. Reckon we'l see some fairly big plays out of you guys yet. Besides, BO1 does favour smart drafting, so just place all the responsibility on your own shoulders.

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#25 Posted by BeardyDuck (155 posts) -

If you're Shang Tsung does that mean you're also going to lose

Avatar image for do_the_manta_ray
#26 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@beardyduck: Yes. Yes, it does. And I'll throw if I have to, and this is the sole reason my team won't win.

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#27 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

@ajamafalous said:
@slag said:


Manta where should people which pages should people with a partial team (say 2-4 people) signup? This thread or the Team Creation thread?

You'll want to either post in the team creation thread or start messaging people who've already posted there and try to put together a team (preferably both).

This is entirely correct, could not have phrased it better myself.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the help!

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#28 Edited by TravDood (4 posts) -


Thanks Giant Bomb team for hosting! We're looking forward to the tournament. 8)

Teamname: TravDood's Crew (TDC)

Captain: TravDood (http://steamcommunity.com/id/travdood/) PST


GOTARD (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024092031/) GMT

FrostPudge (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065283721/) PST

zurgprot (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197969646974/) EST

albi (http://steamcommunity.com/id/albiw0n/) UTC


Heisen (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198080841609/) EST

Roxas (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Roxas146/) CDT

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#29 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@travdood: I've gone ahead and added you guys to the roster. Welcome to the tournament, we'll soon assign you an admin who'll contact you in regards to scheduling as well as any questions you might have. Best of luck to you.

@jslack: I know you mentioned that you had a team you wanted to enter into the tournament, just thought I'd give you a heads-up and say that this is the thread to do so in. Sign-ups will still be open for some time, over half a week, so no rush.

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#30 Posted by TravDood (4 posts) -
Avatar image for trasher
#31 Edited by Trasher (5 posts) -

Oh snap! Trav is in!

No Caption Provided

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#32 Edited by Trasher (5 posts) -

Ahhh double post!

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#33 Posted by streetninja (196 posts) -

Remember, just because there will be a few matches this weekend it doesn't mean that you can't sign up.

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#34 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

Let the Tournament Commence!

We have incredibly exciting news. We have just scheduled our first three games of the tournament. They are as follows:

  • Set One: "90s NyxTape" vs "Begurubiado" - Saturday, 16th of August, 20:00 CEST (Paris Time), 2 PM EDT - Best of One
  • Set Two: "90s NyxTape" vs "Team Trasher" - Saturday, 16th of August, 21:00 CEST (Paris Time), 3 PM EDT - Best of One
  • Set Three: "Dotes Force 5" vs "Begurubiado" - Saturday, 23rd of August, 20:00 CEST (Paris Time), 2 PM EDT - Best of One

To clarify, we are still running sign-ups until the middle of next week, yet so many teams have already entered the tournament that we feel confident in kicking this event off. The tournament has been quite a while in the making as anyone following it can attest, and we're glad to finally have something to show for it.

As you can see, the first games are already tomorrow. The main stream for tomorrow's games can be found here. I'll be updating this thread tomorrow as the games are about to start.

We'll also be posting messages inside of the game client in the Giant Bomb chat for those of you who want to spectate in-client.

See you there.

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#35 Posted by SteveWinwood (21 posts) -

i was going to say that the gaf already won

but then i saw freakinchair was on the team so who knows where it'll go now

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#36 Edited by The_Vein (329 posts) -

Team: Maus Haus

Tag: 8:^)

Captain: Jhu (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jhu)


nophillip (http://steamcommunity.com/id/nophilip)

blzzzrrttt (http://steamcommunity.com/id/blzzzrrttt)

Porrgo (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Porrgo)

Goodnews (http://steamcommunity.com/id/eonone)

CST/EST. Hope we're not too late to get in!

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#37 Edited by GZZZ (2 posts) -




Old King Coal http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198107656611/

Demoli http://steamcommunity.com/id/demo2/

G.ZZZ [COPPERSCUM] http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998414402/

Yarden24 http://steamcommunity.com/id/yarden24/

Venarlia http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046548294/

Timezone is CET.

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#38 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

@the_vein: I've added your team to the roster. Great to see another team emerging from the team creation thread. The best of luck to you guys. We'll be assigning you with a private admin who will schedule your games, answer any of your questions, etc.

@gzzz: Welcome to the tournament, I've added your team to the roster. I will need you guys to come up with a Team Tag and post it in here at your earliest convenience, however. We'll be assigning a private admin to your team who'll schedule your games, answer any of your questions, etc. He'll contact you through this site and add you on steam, so keep an eye out. Good luck!

And with this, our total number of teams are up to 10! Sign-ups are still open, so please, don't hesitate.

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#39 Posted by brownsfantb (452 posts) -
Avatar image for do_the_manta_ray
#40 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

And the games are on!

The first set of games will begin in a few minutes. Head in-game and check the GB chat to watch in-client.

Or check out one of these two streams. The main stream, and the "joke" stream we're also setting up.

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#41 Edited by Anbokr (11 posts) -

Procarbine and I would like to cast more games if we could get a spot on that official caster list :).

Avatar image for do_the_manta_ray
#42 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1630 posts) -

And the games are done! For today.

And so ends our first day of games. I hope all of you who were spectating/ watching the streams enjoyed yourselves, we sure as hell did. For those of you who missed it, I'll be uploading the VODS for the first, and the second game here in a little bit. There is also the joke-cast to come. We will be bringing you more games soon.

@brownsfantb: Absolutely, man. Why don't you throw me a PM and explain your set-up, as well as your availability ( and time-zone). It's mainly just procedure, we'd love to have you around. Once that's done, I'll add you to a conversation on the site with all the other admins. Thanks for volunteering.

@anbokr: Certainly, man. Glad to have you.

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@do_the_manta_ray: I'd be happy to have Brownsfan on as a cocaster as we already know each other =D

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@bassman2112: Sounds great. Why don't you handle the details in this case then, go ahead and contact him, see if you guys can set something up and let me know.

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IF your still accepting signups

Teamname: POTMs Up (pu)

Captain: v.gnial http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977455053


Norasmus - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097325271/

muuhee http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089458953/

Target http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059676029/

magnifcentnest http://steamcommunity.com/id/magnificentnest


how'd u like dem lemons - http://steamcommunity.com/id/lemon232/

smerf http://steamcommunity.com/id/smerfguy2/

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Should i be adding anyone to my Steam account for match scheduling?

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I'm with movintarget. My friends would love to play in this if signup's are still open.

Team name: Cheese Lump (CHLMP) ------- Why you ask? Because Cheese lump, cheese lump, it's in my head. (Bet you wish you hadn't asked huh?)


ZeeL - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197984639579/


Gerbil Warfare - http://steamcommunity.com/id/gerbilwarfare/


deathbywookiefist - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198082670886/

The Missspelledbandit


Blackwall - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024514028/

TallWhiteMocha - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071759614/

Timezone: MDT

Hope we make it in. These other teams need someone to crush on their way to victory :)

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@movintarget: Sign-ups are still open, and will remain so until Wednesday evening. As such, I've added you guys to the roster. Welcome to the tournament and best of luck to you. We'll be assigning you a private admin to handle your scheduling needs, make sure to check back on the site for a message from said person. He/She/It will then add you on Steam.

@zeel: I didn't ask. I really didn't.. I've added you to the roster despite of that, though, so welcome, welcome. Good luck in the tournament. We'll soon assign you a private admin to handle your scheduling, and to answer any questions you might have. Make sure to check back on the site for an introduction from said admin. They will then add you on Steam.

@travdood: We have been trying to contact you for days both on the site and on steam. There are pending invites from your admin, as well as myself, on Steam. Go ahead and accept the invite from @l1ghtn1n on Steam, he'll serve as your admin. Please check back on this site also to read your private messages. You'll see a mail icon on the top right of the site, as well as a flag, these indicate private messages and comments adressed to you. Your admin should've contacted you via one, introducing himself and posing some questions, that you should answer at your earliest convenience, like when you will be able to play, etcetera. He'll also answer any questions you might have. Should you run into any more trouble contacting him, feel free to post here again and I'll help you out. We've already made him aware of you writing in.

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@do_the_manta_ray: That's funny. Nobody does... I wonder why. Well thanks for not holding it against us and letting us join anyways. We are looking forward to it. Now to ask yourself, "Is this lump out of my head?" I'm sure you hope so. (Sorry, at this point I couldn't help myself.)

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@travdood: For some reason I've been having some issue adding you on Steam but have sent you a pm on here, please get back to me when you can and we can figure it out from there. Let me know if you have any problems doing so, I'd be happy to help out.