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Congrats to @processr on winning this year's EA banner contest! kone's Vinny banner took 2nd place. 3rd place was a 3-way tie between face15, hellion88, and throwdown.

The Official ELECTRONIC ARTS Thread

EA is not at E3. This is not part of E3. This is 8 miles away. Totally different.
EA is not at E3. This is not part of E3. This is 8 miles away. Totally different.

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Prepare to be influenced.
Prepare to be influenced.

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Skate 4 or we riot! By riot I mean leave snarky comments on the interwebs.

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Time for snarky Skate 4 comments!

Also that was a lame conference in general. It was basically all the new things you already knew about, with one surprise (Madden on PC), a few minor things (two new indie titles, CnC Mobile) and a bit more of Anthem.

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(We don't have anything)

Yikes... That was disappointing.

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What a pile of crap. Not even steaming. A cold pile of crap

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Comparable to past EA conferences so... bad. That's my snarky comment.

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I liked the look of Sea of Solitude, especially the main character. But other than that, talk about a weak event.

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Much better than the show they put on last year.

Sea of Sorrow looks like it could be interesting

Anthem is really concerning, how little they've show and how soon it's coming out seems like a trainwreck waiting to happen.

Pretty lite on the Star Wars, giving an exclusive license to EA was a big mistake.

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why... why did they do this?

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Very much feels like they didn't have a lot to show, from the description-only stuff on Star Wars to the looped slideshow for Anthem. A lot of moments felt drawn out for time. It wasn't as mockable as #WEED3 by any means, but it lacked any sort of punch. I did like the small developers they brought out on stage.

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Vince Zampella was comedy gold. Maaaaan, that was a magical unveiling of just... acid. Was he even trying to keep it together?

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Origin Access Premier would be interesting if EA made any games I could care about. And Anthem looks pretty underwhelming at this point. I uninstalled Origin after being so disappointed by ME:A and nothing today makes me want to go back.

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This conference was ok, probably the least bored I have been watching an EA presser for as long as I can remember. A lot of that has to do with them not having a big old sports block, that I have no interest in, that brings the whole thing to a halt. At least it was broken up a bit here. Same goes for a segment that spends a bit too much time showing a new Sims expansion or similar. Not dissing the Sims, just don't need it at an E3 press conference. Andrea Rene did a good job hosting too, much better then what they went with last year.

Never been a Battlefield guy and the WW2 setting really does nothing for me, even though the game looks gorgeous. Unravel 2 and Sea of Solitude didn't get me going either. Unravel 2 looks significantly better than the first but I don't know if I want to play a co-op game solo, just don't know enough about Sea of Solitude to form an opinion at this stage. I love me some C&C, but not on a mobile. The alpha is on Android now so I will probably check it out anyway.

The only thing out of all that was shown that has me excited is Anthem... even though I think it was a pretty poor showing. I agree with Jeff that the parts of the segment were in the wrong order and showing looping footage/screenshots and the way the gameplay was cut has me worried.

Very surprised that they didn't announce Skate 3 HD/Skate 4, a new Burnout or something along those lines. They really had no big "one more thing" to show that would get people talking or work as a sort of make good for the fans.

Pretty lucky here in Australia to have Monday as a public holiday, and I am taking Tuesday off so can watch everything live for the first time... not really expecting any bombshells from anyone this year but hopefully there will be some surprises :)

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Well.....that was....uh....

Yeah, E3 started with a massive flop.

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Why does EA even have a conference at this point? They're in pretty much the same boat as Activision: some of the biggest games around, but very few of them. It would give them a much better look to show at Microsoft or Sony when they actually have something instead of embarrassing themselves with an hour and a half of nothing most years. This isn't even the worst one, remember the year it was almost all dev interview videos and close to zero actual games?

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The offering was real slim, but I do have to say that they had some really great speakers. The Unravel guy, that German lady talking about loneliness and even the Battlefront II apology seemed sincere and well thought out.

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Cornelia Geppert with Sea of Solitude was the standout part of the conference for me. She was so passionate about her game and was captivating to listen to. Even the GB crew just stopped commentating and listened intently. She's also a pretty good artist. I hope she gets to be on the Giant Bomb couch this year.

We really need more developers like her and Martin Sahlin to be showcased.

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I would have liked to see a gameplay demo of Sea of Solitude and Anthem. EA and IGN released a deeper dive into Anthem that I think they should have just showed instead of the Q and A https://youtu.be/4N5rw-FTqg8

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ummm...Anthem looks possibly good I guess.

Seriously wtf is EA doing? After a disastrous 2017 they come out with this wet fart of a press conference? I can't believe that they thought live commenting a mobile strategy game for 10 minutes was a good idea. Maybe fill that time with Battlefield V gameplay footage instead?

Other than Anthem and Sea of Solitude, the only semi-positive takeaway that I had from this conference was that the host didn't embarrassingly freeze up at any point.

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#21 Posted by JoeDangerous (578 posts) -
  • Sea of Solitude was the show winner for me. Looks dope.
  • I'm worried about Anthem. Looks meh but hopefully the story will be good and it FEELS better to play than watch.
  • RIP C&C. You can watch it's shambling corpse generate revenue through microtransactions coming soon.