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#51 Posted by TracerX (155 posts) -

OG Dragonball or Yu Yu Hakusho are my votes, for sure. The only problem with Yu Yu is that it kinda drops off in quality after the Dark Tournament arc, I think. It's still pretty good, but it definitely never reaches the highs of that arc again.

Outside that, I think shorter stuff like FLCL could be fun, or Gurren Lagann I think could be the right level of light-hearted ridiculousness that Jeff and Dan might enjoy.

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#52 Posted by Puchiko (847 posts) -

Mobile Fighter G Gundam if they don't move on to Dragon Ball Super. Its pretty much Gundam WWE...

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#53 Posted by Blockbird (9 posts) -

@efesell said:

I feel like I am exhausted by the suggestion of Dan Ryckert meeting Evangelion.

They should do Evangelion next, I hear it's like Metal Gear and personality wise Asuka Langley Soryu is pretty much exactly like Vegeta

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#54 Edited by nicksmi56 (848 posts) -

If they're going to stick with Dragon Ball, they should watch the original. It's the best one, and Super is an absolute garbage fire that takes a dump on its own universe. Not worth it in the slightest, especially with all the nonsense filler. Going from Kai to that would be a nightmare.

Personally, I'd prefer they move on to another series. There are so many great anime out there that remaining attached to one franchise forever would be a waste.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Hunter x Hunter 2011, My Hero Academia, and Yu Yu Hakusho would all be excellent choices.

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#55 Edited by Redhotchilimist (2968 posts) -

Ideally, maybe watching another show isn't a bad idea. Just them picking whatever they like, I'd come along for their commentary even if it's some real garbage.

If we're talking Dragon Ball, I'd prefer the original series to Super. I know Toriyama is involved and all, but what I've seen here and there feels incredibly like fanfiction. I'm a manga reader so I dunno quite how the anime is in terms of fillers/quality/VO or anything, but I think it would be fun to experience that story again in animated form

Edit: But if they do a film & forties of Dragon Ball Evolution then I'm out, that movie is so bad it's not even funny anymore

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#56 Posted by Panfoot (331 posts) -

@puchiko said:

Mobile Fighter G Gundam if they don't move on to Dragon Ball Super. Its pretty much Gundam WWE...

I think G Gundam is a pretty perfect choice, though I do hope at least Jeff checks out original MSG/Zeta Gundam at some point (kinda feel Dan wouldn't be into it though).

Also kinda want them to check out GT, since it's just...weird.

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#57 Posted by achillesforever (146 posts) -

I would go FMA Brotherhood

Black Lagoon (has a top tier dub)

Or Jormungand which is also by the Black Lagoon people and is basically James Bond villain mashed with Metal Gear (hell the main character is a white haired child soldier from Africa) which I know Dan would love (also lot of cool people with guns)

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#58 Posted by Zagan (1 posts) -

I think Yu Yu Hakasho is more their speed and a good successor to the series.

Maybe make it a shonen jump series podcast, with each series is a season of the show.
thats a little wish fulfilment.

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#59 Posted by TobbRobb (6585 posts) -

I would want to hear their response to OG Dragon Ball just to complete the set of my own DB nostalgia.

But I would honestly be just as excited if they hopped on to another great show like FMA:B or Bebop.

MHA being brought up make sense, and I think maybe they would even like it (not entirely sure). But it's not even remotely a complete story, so the "finish" they would get to is not much of a finish at all. I think it makes more sense to have complete shows for the podcast since it's extremely unlikely they would ever revisit something.

Does anyone else think they would get a kick out of Inferno Cop? Or is that maybe a bit much? I personally think that would be really funny as a one off christmas special or something. It's so short.

The greatest shame will forever be TTGL and JoJo, both of which I think they would hate initially, but with some time have the potential to be some real favorites. But they can be so hit and miss with people it's really hard to tell.

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#60 Posted by totsboy (501 posts) -

@tracerx: I think the Sensui saga is still pretty good, the drop in quality on DBZ going from Freeza -> Cell -> Boo is much steeper imo.

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#61 Posted by MezZa (3050 posts) -

I'd prefer seeing them mix it up and go for Yu Yu Hakasho. It's the kind of show they'd likely enjoy and it's been a long time since I've watched it.

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#62 Posted by doncabesa (501 posts) -

My main issue with original Dragon Ball is it's both hard to find and is a really bad dub. Super is available on Crunchyroll subbed and much easier to find/buy dubbed.

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#63 Edited by MrGreenMan (225 posts) -

Having thought about it I really think they would love the hell out of Macross 7 for just how damn weird and surreal it is. The further you get into the series it just gets more insane and weird. The 2nd video really compliments how dumb shit gets with over the top all the crazy action from the 1st clip.

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#64 Posted by Kebrel (36 posts) -

I think Super would be the better follow up because there is a more direct through line of what they enjoy in Z, plus DB is a tad more tricky to legally get a hold of without drop the cash on the discs. It will be a nice "Back to the beginning" to cap things off with too.

@blockbird: I feel like the fact that GB has been doing DBZ and now Waypoint announced they are doing NGE is the perfect on brand synergy.

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#65 Posted by bizmarkiefader (43 posts) -

I think part of what makes this whole thing work is that DBZ is so ubiquitous that they had an idea of what the show was going to be and tons of people around them making jokes about it which made it a lot easier to get into. The show has a gigantic potential audience cause a ton of people watched DBZ growing up or are at least aware of many of the characters and concepts in it to the point you don't even have to watch the show with them to follow along enough to enjoy it. Moving into something that anime fans like but isn't a big mainstream cultural phenomenon would feel a lot different and kind of awkward imho. Especially since they justifiably already sound really annoyed at the people telling them what and how to watch, I can't see them picking a show they've never heard of. OG Dragon Ball might be fun with the context of everything they know now but from what I remember it was kind of rough to watch in a lot of parts. DBZ is such a perfect mix of humor and wrestling bullshit that aligns with what these guys like combined with almost universal familiarity, it's going to be hard to replicate when starting over no matter what they pick.

This has been my favorite podcast in recent memory but when it's over I think I'd rather Dan just watch Super and tweet about it occasionally. Or a podcast where they read the summary of what happens in Super episodes and just react to that cause that series is long as shit and has a lot of spots where I can't even imagine what they'd talk about with the current podcast format. Another set of podcasters I like once did a show where they only watched the previously and next on segments of Riverdale and did a podcast as if they were fully covering the show, that would be amazing to do with Super especially if they didn't tell anyone beforehand.

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#66 Posted by JDP83 (319 posts) -

Film and 40s style podcast episodes of all the Dragon Ball Z movies...

...Or OG Dragon Ball...

...Or some other DBZ-inspired anime like One-Punch Man.

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#67 Posted by leterel87 (11 posts) -

it's been 8 or so years since I watched it but I really enjoyed the first few seasons of bleach. i think it would make a good follow up and hit some of those same nostalgia notes.