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I was going to post this as a feature request, but then I realized I can just do the work myself, so I made this Chrome Extension that injects some javascript that makes HTML5 videos navigable with the keyboard arrow keys. Now not only do you have the space bar for pause and play, but you can also scrub through the video without fumbling for the mouse.


Left Arrow KeyBack 10 seconds
Right Arrow KeyForward 10 seconds
Shift + Left Arrow KeyBack 1 minute
Shift + Right Arrow KeyForward 1 minute

Why not for Streaming and Progressive?

Because Flash sucks. Also, there are no exposed methods for timeline control that I know of; the GB Engineers would have to implement them, which is something I can provide the AS3 code for if desired. This all means that this is only good for subscribers!

How do I know you won't steal my password or post cat pictures on my behalf?

You can look at the code in the Chrome extensions folder, I believe. I've also created a GitHub repository of the code, so you can take a look, or even contribute if you think you can make it better!


Perhaps I'm the only one, but sometimes my mind wanders and I miss what was going on (probably thinking about how I can implement this feature in a Chrome extension), so I like to skip back a few seconds and catch up on what just happened. Sometimes I miss the name of the game the dudes are talking about. Sometimes I miss weird little things like the guy disappearing in the Crysis 3 Quick Look. There are a number of reasons, and being able to just hit a button to quickly scrub back and forth through videos just makes them all that much more enjoyable for me!

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Appears to work as advertised. Nice work, duder!