Do your parents play video games?

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#51 Posted by Lashe (1413 posts) -

My dad has been a gamer his whole life, and continues to play a lot today. My mum doesn't play much but will join in for some quiz / family / party games, although she used to love kicking my ass at Micro Machines V3 for the SNES.

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#52 Posted by PenguinDust (13093 posts) -

Mother loves the Sims franchise. She has all of the main expansions of Sims 2, half of them for Sims 3 and the recently released Sims 4 (which she was very disappointed with for its lack of content, but who wasn't?)

Father is only interested in computer card games and Candy Crush. I have been meaning to introduce him to Hearthstone, but haven't had the opportunity. Besides, explaining game rules to the unfamiliar can sometimes be as challenging as translating stereo instructions in Swedish.

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#53 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7838 posts) -

My dad used to play Medal of Honor and Call of Duty years ago, but never plays anything anymore despite my attempts to change that.

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#54 Edited by Rebel_Scum (1446 posts) -

Well my dad can't even stand to watch a movie unless its an old Western so no for him.

But my Mum never did until she started playing Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy around 99',00'

She then graduated and started playing FFVII over and over. Then later FF's. Needless to say I was amazed.

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#55 Posted by Steadying (1902 posts) -

Random freemium phone games. My mom is also way into the original Super Mario Bros. That's the only " real " game she's ever actually played and liked though.

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#56 Edited by Honkalot (1043 posts) -

My mom plays a lot of casual browser games and also Bejewelled when she thinks I'm not watching! :D

Dad used to play NES with me back in the day, but I don't think it appealed to his fun senses more than the social part, so I don't think he does any gaming nowadays. We also built a city together in Sim City 2000 on an old Windows 3.x laptop, that still functions so I've loaded that save up and done some check-in recently. City is still doing well!

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#57 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7685 posts) -

No, my parents never got into it. Oh, in December 1980 they played a few rounds of Combat or Breakout on the new Atari 2600, but that was it. My mother brother who was 17 years older than me got into gaming, so I had someone to play with who was enthusiastic about gaming...that was nice. My parents were always super supportive of my desire for gaming as a hobby, but they had their limits when I was up all night playing. On the other hand I was pretty good about playing outside, taking up a sport, etc.

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#58 Posted by Ben_H (4208 posts) -

My mom always played SMB3 with me as a kid. She still plays games on her ipad a lot. My dad used to in the NES days.

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#59 Posted by VierasTalo (1435 posts) -

My 60+ year old mother loves Final Fantasy and platformers (the new Rayman-games especially).

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#60 Posted by TooSweet (525 posts) -

My dad is an old school arcade player. He was pretty good at them too. He had a stroke a couple of years back so I taught him how to use a computer with his one arm. He's always been interested in PC's but never had a chance to learn. I figured games would help him get his left arm more active so I got him Zuma. He has been playing it for a long time and is pretty good at it. I got him a DS so he can play stylus games such as Meteos etc... He also enjoys Candy Crush. Recently he saw me playing some Ms Pac Man and said, "That game used to piss me off when I lost." I remember him lasting a long time with one quarter on Rastan. Also loved Pinball machines. One of the reasons I'm more eager than ever to get an MaMe arcade cabinet in the house is so when he visits he can play some of his old favorites.

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#61 Posted by elko84 (1386 posts) -

My mom likes playing games, my dad hates them.

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#62 Posted by Cogzwell (352 posts) -

My mom only just got a smartphone, my dad doesn't even have an email address.

At most we used to make them play Mario Party as kids. Given last Christmas I actually got my mom to play Divekick.

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#63 Posted by LindsayPez (15 posts) -

Not really, but I'm a mom who plays video games! As a kid, my mom played various Mario games with me but she never played on her own and doesn't play now.

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#64 Edited by JusticeJanitor (538 posts) -

I'm lucky enough to have tech savvy parents. My mother is a wildlife photographer and is a wizard with photoshop and my father is an Apple fanboy and can use iThings competently.

As far as gaming goes, my mother plays the usual casual mobile game (Angry Birds) . My father is more of a backseat gamer. He loves to watch me play stuff when I come over to visit and bring some games. He had a blast watching me play the Uncharted games, LA Noire and, most recently, GTA V. He's a big movie buff and loves it when a big name actor is doing voice work. Playing games thought, he'll give most simpler games a shot like some racing games and some platformers like the recent Mario Games.

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#65 Posted by brownsfantb (452 posts) -

My mom says she played a lot of Ms. Pac-Man but that's about it. My dad liked playing racing games like Destruction Derby and Jet Moto with me when I was a kid. It was my uncle that really got me into gaming. He was pretty big on collecting games and had almost every Dreamcast and original Xbox game.

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#66 Posted by berniesbc (253 posts) -

@dannyhibiki said:

The only game that was really his was a copy of Silent Service for the NES. He was a Lt. Commander on a nuclear sub, and he liked making fun of the goofy stuff in the "simulation," but he always had a ton of fun playing, and we had fun together just yelling for the torpedos to go faster and dumb stuff like that.

Similar story - My step-dad served in the Navy and worked as a civilian as a nuclear refueler of submarines on a naval base. He bought this when I was 6 or 7. I was like, "but Daaaaaaad, this so booooooring! Let's play Kung-fu." I hated it back then, but I'd probably dig it now.

Ha. Same here. One of the few games my Dad ever played was Silent Service, along with Pirates! for the NES, and P.T.O. for the SNES. He will also still occasionally install Civ 2 and play that until he decides its wasting too much of his time.

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#67 Posted by j0lter (310 posts) -

My dad is super big into gaming, although my mom hates them. I love having a parent that is into gaming as much as I am.

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#68 Posted by Zeik (5239 posts) -

My mom played Wii Sports a few times but that's about it. I'm quite sure she sees them as little more than kids toys.

My dad bought my family our first console (Sega Genesis) and I remember him playing games like Shining in the Darkness and Shining Force. I also remember him playing Full Throttle and he bought the family Guitar Hero stuff a few times when that was big. I feel like video games could have been something he would have gotten into more if life had been different, but I feel like that time has passed.

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#69 Edited by EVO (4028 posts) -

Yeah, both my parents play Candy Crush. My mum is also addicted to Words With Friends. So is my grandma I think.

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#70 Posted by suzimac (4 posts) -

Nope. I'm the mom who fought over the pc with my kids for gaming time.

Matter of fact I recently texted my oldest son (who is now 30) for advice on which game system to get. = )

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#71 Posted by berfunkle (196 posts) -

I think I have you all beat. In 1976, my father read aloud to me a newspaper column about these new things called video games, specifically Pong. I don't think he would have bothered to point the article out if the concept of video games didn't interest him. He also loved space travel so I suspect he was a geek at heart.

Sadly, I didn't get to know him very well as he died 1977. I suspect, however, that had he lived he definitely would have been a hard-core Madden player.

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#72 Posted by Luchalma (554 posts) -

My mom, no. She just has never had any interest. She doesn't look down on the whole thing as much as I've seen some people from her generation, but I don't think she understands what value people find in it.

My dad doesn't play a lot of different games, but the games he gets into he plays a shit ton of. Civilization, Total War, Battlefield, Empire Earth, he will play hundreds and hundreds of hours worth. Kind of the opposite of me. I bounce from game to game to game every day.

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#73 Posted by KapinKong (3 posts) -

My dad never used an ATM in his life but used to smash it at Galaga or Strikers 1945.

My mum used to complain about feeling dizzy just watching me play games and only just figured out how to use Email last year.

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#74 Posted by chaz934 (51 posts) -

My dad did when he was alive. The Christmas I got my PS1 my mom bought Metal Gear Solid for him.

Watching him play led me to eventually play when I was a little older and it’s still my favorite game of all time.

We used to play Halo together as well and he would always play the newest Call of Duty during the winter months.

I miss him very much.

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#75 Edited by Tom_omb (1087 posts) -

My mom played Tetris on the Game Boy she got me. Then years of nothing. Now she's addicted to games like Candy Crush and others on Facebook. She spends more time playing games than I do. I tried to get her to play Donut County to expand her horizons, it's a simple game, but she got really frustrated with the stick.

My dad died when I was young, but I found a Colecovision he bought when we moved. I was about 13 and my mom donated it before I could hook it up. She thought I already had too many game consoles, but she also said that when I asked for a Super Nintendo and all I had was that Game Boy.

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#76 Posted by MrGreenMan (250 posts) -

I remember when I was in my young teens my dad would play the Gameboy Color. Because of him he got me into Links Awakening and is considered one of my favorite Zelda games and probably one of my all time favorite games as well. He occasionally played some strategy games on the PC as well.

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#77 Posted by csl316 (15037 posts) -

Almost 30 years ago, me and my mom played Centipede one night and had a great time and it was super fun and memorable.

Neither of my parents have touched a video game since!

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#78 Posted by psmgamer (128 posts) -

My mom used to play Super Mario Brothers when I was a kid. That's the only time I ever saw her play a videogame.

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#79 Posted by 49th (3919 posts) -

Only stuff like solitaire and minesweeper which my Mom is actually really good at. The last time I tried to talk about video games with my parents was when I was 8 and was telling my Mom about the cool thing I did in Wario Land 3 to which she basically told me she isn't interested, haha. We all played Wii Sports once though.