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#51 Posted by VWGTI (1946 posts) -

Alan Wake was the most recent game this happened to me with. Picked it up last summer, played through the first three chapters and didn't get around to finishing it until last month. That sad thing is that I only finished it because I felt I HAD to to justify the purchase I made many months ago. Bleh.

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#52 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2247 posts) -

For some reason I have a really hard time finishing Bioshock.

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#53 Posted by phantomzxro (1613 posts) -

I feel there are good games that can drag in a bad or good way at the end or hard end game bosses that you have to force yourself to beat because you are so close. Than there is the bad game or bad game mechanics that you have to force yourself to beat.  

 Good Game
Dragon Age- i had to force myself to beat the last boss because it was a pain to take down but worth it in the end.   

Bad  Game
Prototype - About halfway into that game i had to force myself to continue and the last few missions top with the last boss almost made me say the hell with this game.
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#54 Posted by Marcsman (3597 posts) -

I'm thinking Final Fantasy XIII
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#55 Posted by dbz1995 (4962 posts) -

INFamous was a game that I basically forgot about completing. Then I did complete it, and started a new game because I enjoyed it that much.

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#56 Posted by E_rock (159 posts) -

I'm currently forcing myself to finish Star Ocean: The Last Hope (x360) right now.  I played Star Ocean: Second Story back in the day and really enjoyed it, so I bought The Last Hope on day one hoping to rekindle that love, however I never made it off the first disc and stopped playing completely about 20 hours in.   
 Mostly because I had a extreme dislike for a few of the characters around that point in the story, namely Edge the main character and the only available "healer" party member at that time, Lymle.  Emo shit is not my thing and neither are annoying baby voices. 
Anyway I came across this game in a box of old games like two weeks ago and felt bad for totally dish-ragging it two years ago.  So I started over and suffered through the terrible voice acting and strange choices in western localization.  I'm about 35 hours in now and starting to enjoy it more and more as the story progresses.  Dare I say, I  might not be forcing myself to finish it soon?  I found some good party members to fight with (Meracle, Myuria and Reimi are my dream team), allowing me to reduce the time I have to hear Lymle speak.  Edge isn't as much of a lame emo child anymore either.  So if you're suffering through the game at around hours 12-20 as well, don''t worry, keep at it, and it'll get better. 
Side note:  Welch is the best character ever!!

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#57 Posted by FavoritoBandito (172 posts) -

I had to force myself to finish Fallout New Vegas after screwing up the story.  Not much of a spoiler but if you kill the Gomorrahs outside of a mission the game becomes extremely screwed up and became a chore.  I wanted to finish just to say I did but I plan on giving it another try because I adored Fallout 3 and all of the expansions.

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#58 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Final Fantasy 13, but I got fed up in the end.
 too bad, I wanted to see the ending.
You got tired of Bioshock? damn :(

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#59 Posted by Helgi (82 posts) -

Too Human and Hydrophobia. I really don't like those games but I just want to finish all the games I get so I forced myself through them.

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#60 Posted by Chris2KLee (2402 posts) -

Alpha Protocol took some willpower to get through.

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#61 Posted by csl316 (13915 posts) -

I sort of had this problem with The Darkness.  Cool game, lots of awesome moments.  But for some reason I tend to put it away for months at a time.
And with GTA IV, I tried coming back a few times but I don't plan on trying again.

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#62 Posted by csl316 (13915 posts) -
@wormz said:
" @Dad_Is_A_Zombie:   Oh shit I have to do that too. When the RTS parts started I just quit. "
I loved Brutal Legend, and I think it's at least worth finishing for the story.  I'm into metal so I dug the atmosphere and had an awesome time.  Though I didn't mind the RTS parts and even enjoyed em, so take that into account.
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#63 Posted by Shirogane (3629 posts) -

ME1. Man, i totally tried to play that so many times. 
I only eventually finished it cause i wanted to load my save into ME2, which i actually enjoyed. I don't ever want to touch that first game again T_T 
Also having trouble finishing Bioshock. Just can't bring myself to do it.
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#64 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (745 posts) -

Resident Evil Code Veronica X, I felt the game was far too long and drug along up until th end, but I forced myself to play it, simply because it was a Resident Evil game and the only game I had received for my new PS2 on Christmas.

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#65 Posted by Vecreast (13 posts) -

I hate that dilemma. If I start playing a game but drops off at some point, I just can't start playing a new game and really immerse my self in it. Need to have "clean sheets".

Achievements/trophies kind of help, gives them a tad more meaning. At least in my case. Also helps being sick! Cuz when you ain't in the mood to play good games, play crap and get over with it!

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#66 Posted by _Horde (852 posts) -

I've had a few titles making me feel this way, which is a damn shame. A waste of money if the games aren't fun.

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#67 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2484 posts) -

I also felt the same way towards Resident Evil 5, played and loved RE4 but for some reason this one didn't do it for me and I beat it out of guilt for not finishing it when I left it half way through. Halo: Reach was the same which I just recently finished after first getting the game back at launch. One day I'm going to try real hard to finish those Legend of Zelda games I left half finished. 

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#68 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

If you are not having fun then why force yourself to keep playing something? 
As for RE 5 specifically, just put it on easy mode and burn through it. I did it on the PC in one sitting, about 5-6 hours iirc, so it can't be that hard. It was a very bad game that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, but if you want to see it play out it shouldn't be too hard. It was my first and last RE game that I will ever play too.
I just did it because I always wanted to see an RE game to completion, as I always heard people talk about them like they are the greatest thing ever. I guess it's just another game and franchise that can get added to my pile of "Why the fuck do people like this shit?" Each their own and all that.

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#69 Posted by Demmetje (224 posts) -

I had this with Far Cry 2 :(

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#70 Posted by Malphye (414 posts) -

Darksiders, just wasn't feeling the art style and game play. Playing through twice to gather all the achievements. I blame myself for that cause normally I just role with a game and halfway through I look at the achievements.