Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run X Announcement Thread: Now With the Full Schedule!

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Guess who's back, back again? The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run is back! Tell a friend!

This year the Community Endurance Run is going to kick off on April the 17th and run through Sunday April 19th.

Several awesome members of the Giantbomb community are going to be streaming a wide variety of video games and video game-like things on in order to raise money for charity!

For the 10th GBCER, we're supporting Direct Relief's Covid-19 fund. Direct Relief is providing personal protective equipment and other items to medical professionals in the front lines of the fight against Covid-19. We're still going for our original goal of $15,000, and we hope you can help us get there!

Here's our donation link

We are going to have a number of different events, prizes, and donation incentives running all weekend so be sure to mark the GBCER on your calendar and get ready for the fun and the funding. This year we're also happy to announce that we have a single team page AND individual donation pages! That means that if you want to donate for a specific person's donation incentives, prizes, or you just want to shout out one person in particular, you easily can!

Go here to watch the event!

If you would like to participate in the Community Endurance Run, PM me and I’ll get you in on the action. Get #GBCERX trending! Get hype!

There will be ongoing updates every week leading up to the event so keep checking in!

Schedule (All times are in EDT):


6:30PM - 11:30PM:

@nickieroonie will be starting a Sekiro run! With his hands!

Directly After Unprofessional Fridays:

@thatpinguino will kick off the show with a RingFit Adventure exercise show! Let's start the Endurance Run with an actual Endurance Run! Time to sweat people!

@riostarwind will check out some PSP games they never got a chance to play till now. Ape Escape: On The Loose, Hot Shots Tennis, Patchwork Heroes, Outrun Coast 2 Coast.

@personz will be playing party games with friends with a small twist: if you lose in the party, you will be banished to Gauntlet Legends. No one wants to play Gauntlet Legends.

@nawaba will be playing a smattering of PC games to start the show off with nice, chill vibes.

@zombiepie will be playing Roller Coaster Tycoon! He's finally not torturing himself for one of these events! It's a true first!


12AM - 4AM:

@jeffrud will be playing something! I'm not sure what, but it's probably not The Bouncer!

3AM - 11AM:

@relkin will be playing Celeste, Transistor, Axiom Verge and more during a tough graveyard shift. Show them some support y'all!

3AM - 12AM:

@personz will be playing through every Panzer Dragoon game they own! That's so many Panzer Dragoon games y'all! So many targets to paint and so many dragon blasts to shoot!

4AM - 4PM:

@danielkempster will be starting a run of Metal Gear Solid 3! It's going to be an extreme playthrough! Does that mean that it will be on a high difficulty or does it mean it's going to be shot entirely through a fish-eye lens? Who knows!?

9AM - 3PM:

@riostarwind will see if they can finish one, maybe two PSP games in a reasonable amount of time. It is a endurance run after all! Gitaroo Man Lives! and Me & My Katamari

10AM - 10PM:

@thatpinguino will be speedrunning Final Fantasy X! After running FFVIII, IX, and V in previous GBCERs, it's X's turn!

11AM - 7PM:

@arbitrarywater will be completing an RPG Ironman Ironman run! I love the naming convention! Will the run have Robert Downey Jr.?

11:30AM - 4PM:

@nickieroonie will be continuing his Seikiro run! Ninjas!

11AM - 11PM:

@nawaba will be attempting a two games one controller run of Pokemon White and Pokemon White 2! It will be a randomizer run for both games and one controller's inputs will govern both games! Gotta simultaneously catch 'em all!

12PM - 12AM:

@jeffrud will be playing garbage for 12 hours! He named his event Kusoge Champion Carnival 2020 so I think this means this is the segment where he plays The Bouncer.

@zombiepie will be playing through Final Fantasy X-2! I'm so glad he's able to revisit the sequel to one of his favorite games of all time! Remember Leblanc? I sure do!

6PM - 8PM:

@nickieroonie is still playing Sekiro y'all! I swear, why can't he just get good at a game for once? Can't believe hes's still playing the same game at this point.

6PM - 6AM:

@shiyamiro will be playing through through a horror game medley with their roommates through the night! Will the spooks get worse as the sun sets and the shadows rise? Who can say?

9PM - 11:30PM:

@nickieroonie is playing through Celeste... with his feet. Okay, so I take back what I said about getting good. This is really a bad look on my part. I have the calendar and everything. There's really no excuse for that previous call-out on my part. Good luck @nickieroonie.


3AM - 9AM:

@rorie will be playing something! Will it be MMOs, MTG, or something unexpected? Gotta watch to find out!

4AM - 4PM:

@danielkempster will be finishing their Extreme RPlaythrough of Metal Gear Solid 3 sponsored by energy drinks and pizza rolls.

6AM - 6PM:

@personz will be playing Hitman 2 with friends with a twist: those that fail to kill shall be banished to Gauntlet Legends! Maybe they'll actually finish Gauntlet Legends this year?

11:30AM - 4PM:

@nickieroonie will be finishing Sekiro! With his hands! Like a normal person!

12PM - 6PM:

@riostarwind will be continuing their PSP memorial tour! These last two games ended up being the ones they have the most memories of. Will they stand the test of time? Metal Gear Acid and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

1PM - 6PM:

@nawaba will be playing Custom Robo! That game is awesome! You can fiddle with your robots arms and missile launchers. The bodies that let your robot teleport are overpowered though.

1:30PM - 7:30PM:

@zombiepie will be torturing himself with visual novels! That's the ZP I know!

@thatpinguino will be torturing himself with Final Fantasy VII... Dirge of Cerberus. I hear Final Fantasy VII is in the news. This is the one people are talking about, right?

2PM - 8PM:

@arbitrarywater will be wrapping their RPG Ironman Ironman run. Is this the one with Mickey Rourke?

2PM - 3AM:

@jeffrud will be playing The Bouncer. Like a whole lot. Like as many times as y'all make him play it. Just donate so you can see those dumb characters with their honkin' clown feet as much as possible.

Prizes (Please leave a comment with your donation stating which prize you would like your donation to go towards and your GB username so we can contact you if you win):


Our streamers will have some game codes to give away. So be sure to tune in to hear how you can donate and win some!

Donation Incentives:

Ring Fit Adventure

For @thatpinguino's RingFit Adventure run, every $20 raised will spin the "Wheel of Exercise" and modify his workout for a level!

Final Fantasy X

For @thatpinguino's Final Fantasy X Speed Run you can name Tidus and each summon he gets during the run by voting with your dollars! Just include the name of the summon/Tidus you want and whatever you want the new name to be!

If he raises $1000 before the Besaid Temple, he will go out of his way to get Anima during his run!

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You have my axe!

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#5  Edited By nawaba

Super excited to be participating this year!

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Yall got me only playing The Bouncer twice so far, cowards! Hurt me! $80 will get you another full run of The Bouncer, if you have the guts!

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Great job to everyone involved!