Hit me with your favorite Gacha game.

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Looking to waste some time on a new Gacha game. The ol Puzzle and Dragons and Sega heroes just aren't doing it for me anymore.

Honestly, Gacha games just feel like clickers that are slightly more interactive and multitudes more greedy. Still, it's good junk food.

Any favorites, y'all?

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I've been playing a lot of Symphogear XD Unlimited (purely because I like the show and already know the plot in advance - it's only available in Japanese so I can barely read any of it). It's actually not that good of a game, I just get by on fondness for the show.

My English suggestion would be Bang Dream. Has a large selection of music plus some interesting covers and I somehow have spent several hours playing that game and only played like 3 songs total. The rest of my time has just been spent reading story... I'd recommend watching Season 1 of the anime before playing though if you want context for how Poppin' Party were formed. It does a better job of introducing all the other bands though.

If you weren't looking for anime gacha I don't think I can help though haha.

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Gotcha the Sport for the NES

EDIT: I had no idea what gacha games were until googling it just now...I’m slightly amazed as it sounds like the game is just buying loot boxes to look at.

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I'll second Bang Dream as a good rhythm game, though I'll also note that my recommendation for that game comes largely off the strength of being able to entirely ignore the gacha aspect if you don't care about event rankings. It doesn't actually have the best gacha feedback loop if that's what you're looking for. Still a great mobile rhythm game though with cute character stories.

If youre looking for more RPG style gacha fare, I'd definitely recommend Another Eden as my favourite of the bunch. It's a real-ass JRPG with an actually halfway decent story (written by Masato Kato of Chrono Trigger fame), good music and isn't mercilessly gated by pulling good characters from gacha.

But if you're looking for more of the 'traditional' gacha RPG style of game I'd go with Dragalia Lost which, as with most Nintendo backed efforts, is polished and has some real quality behind it. Pretty generous with its currency too. Alternatively, if you hate yourself and have too much free time then go play Azur Lane which has ungodly amounts of grinding but is probably the most generous gacha game I've ever played, feels like the game actually wants you to be able to collect every character without ever spending a cent.

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@nutter: yeah they're nightmares. I've still managed to not spend a dollar on one, hallelujah.

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Dragon Ball Legends, one year anniversary coming soon. Its alot more friendly towards free players, and the pvp is alright

Basically a mobile gacha fighting game

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My go-to for the past few months is called Dragalia Lost. It's a Nintendo property and pretty well-done overall. It's quite free-to-play friendly. There's a reddit account of a person who has never even rolled in the gacha system yet, just used freebie characters.