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Hitman Absolution - $4.99


Sleeping Dogs - $9.99


Both are Steam DRM

Pretty fair price for both games

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That's a damn good price for Hitman Absolution given that I paid way more than I should have when it released.

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And a heck of a price for sleeping dogs. that game is fantastic

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I am surprised the price went this low! I think I will pass on Hitman and I might consider Sleeping Dogs. Watching those Quick Looks makes the game look amazing!

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I am surprised the price went this low! I think I will pass on Hitman and I might consider Sleeping Dogs. Watching those Quick Looks makes the game look amazing!

You should definitely get Sleeping Dogs. Its pretty awesome.

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Sleeping dogs is really good fun, hitman is a pretty shitty hitman game due to the lack of hitting men. Some people might like it on it's own merits though. I did not.

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Sleeping Dogs... such a great game. I've finished it and all DLC on both PS3 and PC and I still want to play it more.

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Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic game, at that price y'all should go get it!

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Sleeping Dogs is excellent!

Hitman I defended for the longest time but there are simply some design decisions in that game that are hard to stand up for. I'm not even talking about the strange disguise system which sounded great in theory, but the level design itself is just lackluster. They always showcased missions with a lot of choice, but then half the game ends up being completely linear sneaking sections with the only objective of getting from point A to point B.

For this cheap I guess if you really want to experience a new Hitman then it's not a huge loss, but Absolution heavily strays from the classic formula and while making a few good steps forward it mainly takes a couple of heavy steps back.

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Yo, get on that Sleepy Dawgz, that shit is dope!

Seriously, that game is pretty amazing. Probably the most fun I've had in a game last year, and it's lucky I happened to get it on a whim. Never not cool to break legs in that game.

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Updated it, sorry for the broken links, haven't had the time to check it.

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Thanks for showing this.

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I think Hitman: Absolution is worth a look. There are definitely some major changes they made that I don't really care for, but their are enough enjoyable moments to make up for the more frustrating ones. Also, Contracts mode is pretty fun.

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It's a crime not to buy Sleeping Dogs at that price if you've not played it. It's pretty good.

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Sleeping Dogs is a really great game. Worthy of anyone's time