How do YOU search for GB content?

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I'm a little curious what everyone else does to find the footage they're looking for on here.

For example, I was looking up Polytopia and seeing if there was anything here. Turns out there was a bombcast. Then you get the bombcast, but since there's no "tag(?)" I just press around until I find it. Is there a better way to do this?

Another example- I do some searching and find out the crew is talking about some game on a specific date. I try different ways of searching for a playmate or bombcast, but it's impossible for the dates I searched to pop up first, or sometimes not at all.

Am I missing a search function somewhere? Not really a complaint as I'll go down any rabbit hole. Just curious.

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Searching through Podcasts is pretty difficult and Idk any easier way to do it then googling the name of the game with giant bombcast. You may want to check out Quick Look Crew for the other search functions u were talking about.

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I use the forum as my home page because it used to be on the home page, then i use the bar at the top to see the latest vids, because there's too many thumbnails and categories on the home page and i get confused, i'm fairly sure i've missed stuff since the redesign but i try not to dwell on it.
As far as searching for old content goes i use Quick Look Crew, such a great site.

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- I just listen to them all on my phone, aside from some of the side stuff (Alt-F1, My First E3, gave up on the Dragon Ball one).


- QLCrew or browsing the Roku app


- This site has articles?

- I’ll actually read the personal top 10 lists.