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Hey duders!

I made this Giant Bomb roundel logo when I was bored one day and it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I’m a graphic designer and I like to experiment with different styles of logos so I came up with this one day while playing around with various shapes and fonts. What do you guys think?

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I love my Giant Bomb logos like I love my women, with curves, and monochrome.

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It's very nice.

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I like it.

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That looks pretty cool. Any chance of a few wallpaper versions?

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@zombiepenguin9: I haven't made any yet but I definitely can! What are you thinking, the logo on a black background?

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@bulby33: Yeah, I was thinking the logo on a few different colored backgrounds would be cool. Not sure how easy that would be to do but I'd definitely use them!

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NBA expansion team worthy

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From one designer to another - that's very good! Nice work.

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Looks good, dude!

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It's really tight, nice job.

Only thing I would say is maybe the fuse wouldn't go out of the top end in an actual roundel. Though I can see that messing with your spacing.

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Really, really like it. I would wear this on a shirt!

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I would also buy that t-shirt, looks great

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That's nice!

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Thanks everyone!

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Wow, so good. Need a shirt of this.... NOOOWWWW~~~~

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It's nice and understated; I can imagine it on a patch. Good work.

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Really nice work!

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This is fantastic!

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Really great!

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This looks fantastic. Reminds me of the Capsule Corp logo. Would look great on a shirt or a mug.

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Oddly enough I'd get this on a coffee mug. Seems perfect for the shape.

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This should be on a shirt. It's a great merge of that 2008 Bomb Logo shirt and the College style one.

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Thanks guys!

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Love it.

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It's very nice! Good job.