My wife couldn't resist to give me one of my Christmas gifts earlier

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And she even remembered Ian and Mike.

I admit, I dig the choice of photos, couldn't be better.

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I love it! ;)

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This is exactly the title of any number of amateur porn videos

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Aww that's too sweet

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That's awesome. I especially like the inclusion of both bleached and default Jeff and Ryan

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That is such an awesome gift! Have a great Christmas duder.

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This is amazing. Merry Christmas!!

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Wow, that’s awesome!

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That’s a sweet gift! Merry Christmas!

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Haha, that's way too cute. What a thoughtful gift. Merry Christmas to you and your wife!

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I'd tell you to marry her but well you've already got that covered

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Is he still a threat?

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That's awsome she's a keeper. Have a great holiday duder

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Wow, great. You are lucky!

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Player 1: Is it a girl?

Player 2: Yes

Player 1: Is it Abby Russell


*Sarcasm because I'm jealous of your cool gift.