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I'm marathoning the Rooster Teeth machinima Red vs. Blue and recording how I feel about it. Do the first five seasons hold up to my nostalgic expectations? Do the latest five seasons maintain the quality of the show that I remember so fondly? Join me. Love it or hate it, let's watch Red vs. Blue.

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Red vs. Blue: A Retrospective [Part One]

I remembered much less about Red vs. Blue Season Two than I did Season One. The result of that being that I found Red vs. Blue Season Two much funnier than Season One, though that doesn’t really speak to the quality of the humor. Most of Season One is burned into my memory, and so I was usually remembering the jokes as they happened, Season Two was just less sentimental to me, and its jokes caught me off-guard. I paused once to laugh out loud for a minute straight at Griff’s “Track Sucks” comment, which is something the Middle-School version of me didn’t find the humor in.

I’m glad I’m rewatching the series now, though I really enjoyed watching Season One again, Season Two is what assured me that the process wouldn’t be tedious. Season Two keeps the spirit of Season One alive while introducing and developing the characters of Doc, O’Malley, and Lopez. The plot grows ever so slightly, but is still light and dumb enough to not cut into the humor – but actually add to it. The dumb reasons concocted by the end of the Season to force Red and Blue to work together are totally okay, although whether or not they pay off is up to Season Three to prove.

Season Two of Red vs. Blue maintains the quality of the series established in Season One, and arguably raises the bar on how complicated the set-ups can get while still delivering on the humor. It’s not the touchstone in Machinima that Season One is, but nostalgia shouldn’t really factor into an evaluation of quality. I can wholeheartedly recommend Season Two to anyone who enjoyed Season One, though I have reservations about whether or not Season Three can maintain the quality of the humor considering where the characters end up by the end of Season Two.

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Season 3 and 4 are the high point from what I remember.

Then the fifth season was good, but not as good, and then everything afterwards gets way too carried away with all the weird fan fictiony we're-super-serious now bullshit.

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RvB kind of loses me when they start the whole time travel thing but I don't remember what season that starts. Their newer stuff with the homemade CGI is actually really impressive.

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Have yet to see the new season, when it went all CG i was like ehhhh i'll go do something else stupid with my time