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The giantbomb guys talking about Destiny made me want to check it out again as I had decided to wait till it was a more complete game and recently had also started playing Titanfall 2 which surprisingly still has a dedicated playerbase thats enough to play during the day. First mission I do with Destiny and immediately I felt my problem with the game, it is slooooooooww. Maybe Titanfall has just ruined other FPS games for me now but with Destiny it FEELS like traversal should be faster and more 3 dimensional especially considering you have super powers. Now I can't help but wish battles in Destiny took place on more than a few platforms and things like faster sprinting, longer sliding, wallrunning were a thing. Am I crazy?

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It's a shame on when EA released Titanfall 2. What a spectacular game.

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@ultramega: Titanfall 2 is very fast and an excellent game. I truly hope they continue the series. Destiny gets more boring each time I go back to it sadly. Even Halo 5 feels fast in comparison.

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No, you're not crazy, every shooter should control as well as Titanfall 2 did.

It's not necessarily that Destiny feels bad to control. It generally feels pretty good, actually. But it does move pretty slow for a game featuring tons of bright colors and dudes running around in anime power armor.

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Titanfall 2 was fantastic and you can still find mp games. The Ultimate Edition is $6 for gold members on the MS store for a couple more days too. I also hope they make a third game; not sure how they did financially though.

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I thought you were going to say "everything".

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Titanfall 2 is excellent, Destiny 2 is superb as well - they are both tuned for different things, obviously. That being said, if it's an option, try playing Hunter with triple jump, I can't play any other class seriously, because of their movement being inferior to hunter's. Might be just me though!

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... Huh. I have the complete opposite feeling.

Both the movement and the combat (God, especially the gunplay) feel better to me in D2. Not saying anything bad about Titanfall 2,btw. That game is brilliant.

But after beating T2's campaign, I was done with it. It was a really great little 5-6 hour roller coaster experience, but I had no motivation to come back to it.

Destiny on the other hand, has never been better. It's been pretty much the only game I've played this year. That and Forza Horizon 3.

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I think they do different things very well. Titanfall 2 is built from the ground up for speed, and all the wall running and the sliding is built to support that. Destiny is built as a sandbox to have fun super powers in, and has aim assist and a game speed to support that. Titanfall falls apart when you don't have carefully placed flat walls to run between, just like Destiny falls apart when you try to turn the game speed up and it feels fiddly and unpolished. I also don't agree that Destiny doesn't have a lot of 3d movement, most of the environments have a bunch of layers and crevices to explore and fight from.

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Yeah, I do kind of have the same problem too. Destiny sometimes feels like you're always walking in muddy terrain, always kind of slipping and never truly walking. I don't even know if that makes total sense.

I do like the actual shooting, though. I just have to get used to the movement a bit.

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The shooting is great I just wish the moving between fights wasn't a slog and that fights weren't always so stuck to a single floor.

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I had the same thing, just with Warframe (yeah, I know everyone is sick of hearing this).
Got kinda pumped about heading into Destiny 2 again, seeing how I hadn't played through any of the DLCs. And I played a bunch of Destiny 2, having all three classes played through the story. So I downloaded it again, and got through an hour of playing before I just... didn't want to play any more. It feels kinda sluggish, you can't really move about, the guns I had on me just didn't have the punch I craved and most of the enemies soaked up bullets. The few character specific things I could do didn't really amount to much either, as the cooldown on all of it is pretty long. Then you had the loading into the game, the loading to get to The Tower, then the loading to get to where I wanted to do some stuff, then more waiting for the event to kick off... I am glad I jumped back in before buying The Forsaken, because I don't think I'll play that much more Destiny 2.
In Warframe it takes half the time to get in, you start in your ship where you can instantly start a mission. I bet if I timed it would be able to be in a mission in Warframe before D2 has even loaded. Then you have the huge variety of weapons, where you can mod each of them to fit your playstyle. You also have the 36 Warframes, which all have four abilites. Some of them are buffs or debuffs, some are shields or augments, some are pure damage. But this means you basically have 36 classes, all with four skills. And you can build your Frame in such a way that you can use those skills a lot. And while there are bulletsponges in Warframe as well, you can build your Frame and weapon in such a way that most enemies can be blown away with one shot. And that is satisfying as hell. It's not like you need bulletsponges to make a game more challenging either, as the number of enemies and the damage they do to you can be used to do that.
I had played a lot of Warframe before Destiny 2, but after beating the story with all classes and playing on for dozens of hours, I put down Destiny to try Warframe out some more. So in a way I can thank Destiny for really getting me into Warframe. But man, it's hard to go back!

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Can't say that's one of the problems I have with Destiny. But, yeah. I get it. Gotta go fast.

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I wish Destiny 2 played like DOOM. But it doesn't, and shouldn't, so instead I play DOOM.

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Real shame what happened to Titanfall 2, that game is absolutely incredible and did not deserve to be released haphazardly, sandwiched between other big releases and a lack of proper marketing.

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@archnite said:

I wish Destiny 2 played like DOOM. But it doesn't, and shouldn't, so instead I play DOOM.

This is a good post.

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yeah, Destiny definitely does feel stale in general, especially in a world with Doom and Titanfall 2. Hopefully Anthem captures some of that kinetic joy Destiny lacks.

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It's a shame on when EA released Titanfall 2. What a spectacular game.

It is a shame that EA publishes Titanfall and now owns them.

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YES! I couldn't quite put my finger on it and you're absolutely right. Sluggish movement makes Destiny feel bad to me. Not shitting on the game, but the amount of time most people play it, not enjoying movement was a dealbreaker for me. God i hope titanfall 3 is good, the times im available to play games i can rarely find a match in 2 :(

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Yeah I'm in the same camp in feeling like Titanfall 2 has ruined most first-person shooting for me in the foreseeable future. Not just with something like Destiny but even the battle royale craze fell flat for me since I just wanna keep zippin' around smokin' dudes and dodging giant mechs. I'd be fine with a shrinking circle mode in TF2 with like 20 guys and I would probably have just as much, if not more fun. I still play it from time to time and even end up getting MVP more often than I'd expect, probably more than I get in any other online game I've played. So maybe I'm bias because I happen to still be pretty good at Attrition and Bounty Hunt, but the game is undeniably an all time fave for me.

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