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Hey guys, I've been trying to come up with a system that perfectly reflects my feelings when it comes to liking or disliking certain games and it's been a long time coming but I think I've done it. I'm curious to hear what other avid gamers would think about my rating system and how accurate it ends up being.

It's basically a questionnaire/poll which when answered will calculate a score at the bottom. I also wish for you to submit the poll so I can get the accuracy feedback. Don't worry, it's only questions about the game and if you'd like you can leave your nickname or first name.

For those who want to know, I'm using google-sites for free hosting and a google form for spread sheet data gathering. I've written my own code and embeded it into a personal google-sites not only to make it look prettier but, most importantly, so it can show you a score at the end. It seems to be working fine on PC but don't know for phones. Embeding long-ish single-page documents into google-sites has it's quirks.

Phrosnite's Video Game Rating System

Edit: I hope people submit the poll at least once so I can get a few dozen entries. I would be quite appreciated.

Update 1: I see a lot of people use the "Close Enough" option so I added an "Under" or "Over" to it so I can see if the system is underrating or overrating games. I've also increased the enjoyment bonus frequency but that wouldn't matter for games under 100 hours of playtime.

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it has been done. I picked smash ultimate. hope it was helpful.

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Thank you, thank you. It was helpful. <3

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So, does all the optional stuff factor into the score as well? And if it does, why is it optional and how would it calculate the definition of the words I'm putting into it all (i.e. how much I love it or hate it indicated by my words). I'm curious because I put everything for The Last of Us as 'masterpiece', and what came out as the score was what I would consider a measly 83. I wasn't really hoping for a ten by putting it all as the most complementary it could get, but an 83 seems not only low for the game to me but low considering I put everything at the best. That said, it's an interesting system you have; I'm curious how it works (that's rhetorical, you don't need to tell me). I didn't submit it, but I might try again later. Oh and just one more thing, under the 'how immersed' one, you accidentally typed competely rather than completely. I'm not sure if that matters to you, but if it does I thought I'd point it out.

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@ntm:The optional stuff does factor into the score and it's kind of important as well. The score is based on two things: Impact(Impressions) Score and Enjoyment Score which are formulas in themselves. In the end both can have a maximum of 10 and the final score is a function of Impact and Enjoyment plus some enjoyment bonus points if you have played the game a lot.

The reason the game game didn't score a 90+ is because nothing was put into Impact(Impressions). Why have I done it this way? Throughout the years I've noticed that I enjoy some games a lot but they don't end up being "favourites" and that is because they haven't left a big lasting impression on me besides "being fun to play". In my experience for a game to be truly great not only has to be enjoyable but other things should immediately pop into your head when you, even, hear the name of the game. As I've given an example in the poll with one of my favourites and how when I hear Dark Souls, easily, more than 8 vivid things immediately come to mind such as memorable bosses, unmatched 3D levels design, etc.(let's not make this longer than it already is).

I pride myself on being an objective person who also knows the weight of subjectivity and I've noticed that people, these days, operate on "I liked it therefore it's perfect" sentiment. It's very binary. How can someone say they "loved" (english natives like overusing this word) something but be unable to explain why besides "I enjoy it a lot". To me those people are just lying to themselves.

I encourage you to think about this; do the poll again (hopefully you submit it ^_^) and I'm sure you'll see a more satisfying score.

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@phrosnite: Did it. Yeah, I see the disappointing boxes lowers the score while impressions boxes add to it as well as how much time put into it affecting it. The Last of Us came out as 98 which is definitely close enough. What you made works okay with me. Also, what you're talking about is pretty much people that simply don't care about describing in detail what they liked about it, or even how a score affects anything. What you're referring to reminds me of how the Metacritic user scores go, which is a bunch of tens and zeroes with very little written detail. I might use your system in the future if it's still up.

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I think it worked quite well on a game I absolutely despise (Beyond Two Souls - 46%). Didn't work very well on Alpha Protocol, though I didn't expect it to, since that is a game that is among my all time favorites despite the fact that I think that almost all it's individual pieces - graphics, combat gameplay, characters, story, music - are somewhere between unremarkable and not great. Alan Wake came out a bit lower than I woulda liked, but wasn't totally off base.

In any case, I think this is a cool and interesting thing, I might try to feed it some more games.

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@hans_maulwurf: I get what you are saying about Alpha Protocol and that's where the "enjoyment bonus" for playing a game a lot comes in. Let me give you an example. DOTA 2 has had a big(not huge) impact on me and I think the gameplay and characters are phenomenal but everything else is kind of meh, not to mention all the negative experiences due to the community and how Valve is handling the game. Despite that I've been coming back to it a lot and I've played it for 3050 hours X_X The game is an 83% at face value but when you add the "bonus enjoyment" it maxes out the "enjoyment score" of the formula and brings the game to a 95% which perfectly reflects my feelings on the game.

Having said that, the "bonus enjoyment" has been the thing I've been tweaking the most. You don't even want to know how stingy the original one was. I've been thinking about increasing the frequency a game receives a bonus enjoyment even further, especially for Single-player games.

I'll update after I do some tests.

Edit: Although I recon short games will always have this problem because how do you give a bonus to a 10-15 hour game... Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a short-ish game but I have replayed it 12 times(135 hours) but that's not something most gamers would do with their "favourite" short game.

Edit2: Also I think people need to learn to accept that things they like might not be "perfect" or "the best". For example Adventure Island II is a favourite game of mine but it's 78% according to the formula and I'm totally fine with that. I think it's an adequate score.

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is it supposed to sent me to a blank page after submitting? I feel like there should be an option between Not Even Close and Close Enough. It was off, imo, by about 10 points so I wouldn't say close enough but not even close seems harsh to say.

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@liquiddragon: The "blank page" is due to the google-sites embed thing... it has a static embed size so when it loads the "form submitted message" it keeps the screen at the bottom... just scroll up and you'll see. I haven't figured out how to fix that.

10 points seems quite the gap to me so "not even close" is fine. I'll think about your suggestion though.