UPF Giveaway 6/28/19 - Catwoman Novelization and more!

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#1 Posted by Rorie (5815 posts) -

Hey while I figure out how to get that Dying Light 2 statue to work (it's big), let's give away some realllll crap! Just leave a comment here before Monday and I'll pick a winner sometime!

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#2 Posted by ahynds (95 posts) -

Give away, woo!

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#3 Posted by SniperGuy (15 posts) -

I think I want to win this?

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#4 Posted by captubaplayer (219 posts) -

this is a comment. Thank you

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#5 Posted by Jesserad (7 posts) -

Big treasures here, folks. Good stuff!

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#6 Posted by SA_Maute (4 posts) -

This is a comment. It’s both here, and before Monday.

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#7 Posted by mattgriffin (156 posts) -

just look at that garbage

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#8 Posted by Frijj (6 posts) -

Massive part

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#9 Posted by braintuba (12 posts) -

Crap! I mean, comment!

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#10 Posted by DrGoatlord (7 posts) -

I dont want any of that, and yet I do

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#11 Posted by fernanthonies (20 posts) -

I love the autographed GB add!

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#12 Posted by TwistedJester (1 posts) -


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#13 Posted by Topher228 (3 posts) -


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#14 Posted by Randog (4 posts) -

this is a comment. thanks yall

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#15 Posted by yukiosan (6 posts) -


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#16 Posted by JustinOnTap (14 posts) -

I love garbage!

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#17 Edited by not_a_bumblebee (133 posts) -

I need that Catwoman novelization if only to read aloud the chapter covering the basketball scene to my children and eventually to their children.

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#18 Posted by Yokijirou (5 posts) -

As I make my grilled cheese sandwich, yes I am an adult, I look at that pile of junk and think to myself yes yes I need it

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#19 Posted by qmathison (1 posts) -

I want

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#20 Posted by beghead (4 posts) -

Gimme some junk

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#21 Posted by 11samype (86 posts) -

Gimme that #LOOT

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#22 Posted by Sojak (14 posts) -

Oh hell yeah

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#23 Posted by gumleaves44 (2 posts) -

I'm watching the World Cup right now

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#24 Posted by stanek1 (186 posts) -

I won't say no to free stuff

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#25 Posted by Asian2Go (207 posts) -


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#26 Posted by DoomsDay1990 (17 posts) -

Yay, giveaway!

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#27 Posted by a_moore714 (13 posts) -

I can't wait to read that sweet, sweet novelization of Catwoman.

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#28 Posted by DieMintMaschine (5 posts) -


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#29 Posted by KainHighwind09 (1 posts) -


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#30 Posted by taaltos (50 posts) -

I love Giant Bomb and I love Giveways! :D

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#31 Edited by rgdraconic (81 posts) -

i am horrified. i still want them.

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#32 Edited by Lennox276 (1 posts) -

I guess I'll throw my lot in.

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#33 Posted by dwigtk (366 posts) -

These giveaways are a nice addition to UPF. Thanks GB Crew.

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#34 Posted by NedyahWerd (35 posts) -

I'm in.

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#35 Posted by Mij0 (24 posts) -

I am replying. Please consider this my entry into the giveaway. Thank you for your time.

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#36 Posted by ItsAhMe (120 posts) -

It's ah comment

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#37 Posted by GlenntkdM (1 posts) -

I was going to be funny and say comment but it's really not that funny

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#38 Posted by baroody37 (12 posts) -

Throwing my hat into the ring

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#39 Posted by ZiadHammad (3 posts) -


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#40 Posted by Winelorf (20 posts) -


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#41 Edited by Tundradesert (17 posts) -

Business Dave doing that social media right! Put my name in the hat!

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#42 Posted by razorblade79 (32 posts) -

I think I would frame that ad

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#43 Posted by Alex_Carrillo (312 posts) -

I would like to store some of this garbage in my dwelling with to place near and around my other garbage thanks

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#44 Edited by Candivore (23 posts) -

*Witty comment*

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#45 Posted by NotJonAdams (59 posts) -

How many puppies does it take to win a contest? #policestate

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#46 Posted by Wolfman3483 (142 posts) -


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#47 Posted by flamesedge (9 posts) -

I don't think I'd even want that stuff. Eh whatever.

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#48 Edited by Dport (125 posts) -

Sounds Puurrrrfect

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#49 Posted by rafar (37 posts) -

Too hilarious to not comment.

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#50 Posted by ShaggE (9282 posts) -

A manual for Singstar 80s? I have to enter solely for the chance to say that I've officially won the most useless prize of all time, haha.