UPF Giveaway - 7/19/2019 - Of Shirts and Steamworks Obscura

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#1 Posted by Rorie (5867 posts) -

Hey we got some old-ass shirts on the docket today! Including these fine products and more! Leave a comment here and have a chance to winnnnnnn!

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#2 Posted by captubaplayer (224 posts) -

Comment! Thanks!

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#3 Posted by jscovic (32 posts) -

I would like to wear these shirts

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#4 Posted by chilibean_3 (2375 posts) -

I have the 2012 shirt but those other 2 are far more rare and I’d like to add them to my closet.

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#7 Posted by HiImMikeCruz (271 posts) -

That vampire one is sweet. Haven't seen that one before.

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#8 Posted by DrunkenVike (2 posts) -

Those are so cool

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#9 Posted by Fjolle (5 posts) -

That is one sweet giveaway!

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#10 Posted by T1Panda (4 posts) -

I'd love a vintage GB shirt!

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#11 Posted by Andify (26 posts) -

In like Flynn.

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#12 Posted by FelixAndrews (6 posts) -

Throwing my musty old hat into the ring. Thank you!

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#13 Posted by Candivore (23 posts) -

I heard you guys have an e-shirt cannon.

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#14 Posted by yukiosan (9 posts) -

Giveaway time!

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#15 Posted by sickrubik (9 posts) -

Just what I needed! More T-shirts!

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#16 Posted by dwigtk (366 posts) -

Thanks again for doing these @rorie

A nice addition to UPF

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#17 Posted by Rodrigo_AA (17 posts) -

I want some free stuff.

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#18 Posted by thomblweed (43 posts) -

Brad shirt!

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#19 Posted by Novis (297 posts) -

Ooooooooo I need a new Whiskey shirt.

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#20 Posted by waylo (6 posts) -

Count me in! I could use me some new shirts, but more importantly, some cool mugs.

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#21 Posted by AmplifiedMuffin (97 posts) -

Those shirts would look great on my entire body

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#22 Posted by RedPhoenix122 (29 posts) -

Ooh, I could definitely use a new shirt.

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#23 Posted by thinkfear (3 posts) -

I like whiskey and wear shirts, just saying.

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#24 Posted by RealNewby (33 posts) -

Heck yeah! I have the old Whiskey members shirt with the roller coaster, but the 2012 version is not in my collection.

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#25 Posted by Velirno (17 posts) -

Yo! Would love some old swag!

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#26 Posted by Foxjenkins (1 posts) -

I’d wear a shirt.

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#28 Posted by zakk (12 posts) -

Hello I am shirtless

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#30 Posted by jdye1214 (1 posts) -

I have 200 too many t-shirts, but none of them are these. So, having these would be ok!

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#31 Posted by spiderspud007 (5 posts) -

Love that halloween one. My 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up this halloween.

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#32 Posted by ScaryGaryofAk (77 posts) -

Comment! Thanks!

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#33 Posted by katoomba07 (10 posts) -

It's T-shirt time!!!!

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#34 Posted by oronalex (2 posts) -

Comment!!! Eskeddit!

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#36 Edited by SeriuzBiznus (164 posts) -

Heck yes!!

p.s. Size small! Yay!

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#37 Posted by ZiadHammad (3 posts) -

I'm shirtless right now...and nobody wants to see that.

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#38 Posted by hassun (10027 posts) -

Mmm, actual vintage and not fake vintage!

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#39 Posted by basicallyolly (74 posts) -

I should really wear clothing more, maybe one of these will be the push over the edge I need to finally start covering up on the regular....

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#40 Posted by mrbubbles (1479 posts) -

I want those shirts!

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#42 Posted by RoseVice (16 posts) -

Comment :) very exciting. Squeeeeeeeeal

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#44 Posted by trelution (260 posts) -

I want!

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#45 Posted by Relkin (1214 posts) -

i could use some more shirts

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#46 Posted by bodger0ne (13 posts) -

Well, here's worth a shot!

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#48 Edited by MrKlorox (11185 posts) -

I love these shirts and Arcanum!

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#50 Posted by Bad_Dudes (1 posts) -

Here's hoping 🤞