Vacation and games.

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Been awhile since I posted on here. I am an assistant manager at a pretty bullshit retail company so whenever I get a vacation, I often don’t go anywhere (I get several weeks to use for vacation so I do venture out). Instead, I sort of just relax and nerd out on shit that I’ve been neglecting because of time constraints or whatever. So here’s what I’ve accomplished:

- Played and beat Rage 2, 40+ hours.

- Played and finished Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Had to take a break one day because I felt like I had a brain hemorrhage.

- Beat Emma, the Gentle Blade and Isshin Ashina in NG+. Currently sitting one trophy away from the platinum. I truly love this game.

- Got my gear score up 499 on Division 2 with some resemblance of a build since SMG builds seemed to suck now.

- Started Days Gone.

- Got caught up on One Punch Man season 2.

- Watched two of the three seasons of Tokyo Ghoul.

- Watched Detective Pikachu and John Wick 3.

- Did some Tinder swiping lol.

Yes I did sleep, and yes I did see the sunlight. It’s coming to an end, but I feel pretty good about the progress I made with my catalog. Anyone else have some pretty progressive vacations when you’re able to do shit you enjoy?

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I typically either hit the woods and backpack or hit an all inclusive and soak myself in booze, sun, and books on the beach.

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@dispossession: I have had a series of increasingly fun but game-less weekend trips this year, and I have a week in Mexico coming up where apparently I'm going to help my fiancee's family re-roof a house. Sometime later in the year I'm definitely hoping to just do a staycation and crank away on some games, though. There are a bunch of RPGs that I don't really feel like I can tackle with my nightly hour or so of game-time. Maybe I'll finally beat Divinity 2 sometime!

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Getting in a last few memories with my parents while they can still walk. Going to Bermuda this summer and going on a cruise through New England this fall.

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I have a massive amout of plans, concerts, places to sightsee and also places to chill like national parks.

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My ideal vacation is to take my gaming laptop and spend a month in another country. This way i can explore the country and have my gaming laptop at my side so that i don't get bored during this long period.

I would love to do it every year but the $$$ aren't helping ?

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How did the tinder thing go xD