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#1 Edited by ADDTasty (114 posts) -

Thanks to Giant Bomb, I can't look at other game websites the same anymore. I'm a lot more critical on Gamespot and IGN than I used to be, because there are just so damn many things that Giant Bomb does right. I'm sure I'm not the only one, so thanks to Giant Bomb, what bothers you about other game sites?

I'll go with a lesser known website for mine. Lately, I started noticing this site called Wonderwallweb.com being counted in gamerankings, and I randomly decided to check it out. Holy god, their reviews are so unfucking believably bad, I don't even know how to describe them. Maybe it's just because I'm an English major, but I find their most of their stuff to be absolutely unreadable. Take this Bionic Commando review for example. It's laughably bad, really.

If there's one thing Jeff and co. are great at, it's putting out awesome, well written reviews.

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#2 Posted by Agnogenic_delete (1044 posts) -

I had trouble reading that review the flow was so bad.

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#3 Posted by ADDTasty (114 posts) -
Agnogenic_delete said:
I had trouble reading that review the flow was so bad.
Seriously! I think my favorite part is this:

"When you get into the action you find yourself in a large building minus your Bionic Arm, this level will give you a chance to get used to armed combat (or should that be unarmed ha ha) teaching you how to aim and use your gun, this is all fairly simple stuff to get used to though. Once you manage to find the Bionic Arm this is when the action really hot’s up. The arm allows you to get around the scenery with easy, using the reticule you can grapple onto any surface that is lit blue by the onscreen icon, this will then allow you to swing and leap around from surface to surface until your hearts content."

It kind of makes me wonder, how hard is it really to get review copies of games?
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#4 Posted by laticsfan (612 posts) -
Agnogenic_delete said:
I had trouble reading that review the flow was so bad.
I agree, it didn't flow at all, and it felt like they were only thinking about what they were going to write, a sentence at a time.
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#5 Posted by ADDTasty (114 posts) -
Laticsfan said:
Agnogenic_delete said: I had trouble reading that review the flow was so bad. I agree, it didn't flow at all, ... [more]

Yeah, and every freaking sentence is a 3-4 sentence run on.

It really bugs me that people like this get to play inFamous a week before the rest of us =(
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#6 Posted by lord_canti (1677 posts) -

gamespot its been going down hill for a while now not much  news gets reported on  and the best part of it now is the podcast  wich i only lissen to when all other podcasts are gone through lol (giant bombcast gets lissened to asap of course)

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#7 Posted by BBQBram (2478 posts) -

Well, GameSpot has been shit for years, even before Jeff & Co left. IGN never really did it for me, their layout is ugly and cluttered imo. I like GameTrailers because it's video only, simple and elegant, but no site has that authentic trustworthyness that GiantBomb supplies. It just shows that it's by gamers, for gamers.

My least favourite site would be GameSpot. Their reviews are like long ads now.

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#8 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

Well the only gaming sites I regularly visit besides this one are gamespot and gamefaqs. Others like IGN I only visit  once in a blue moon. I dont really have a least favorite I go to different sites for different reasons.

I guess you could narrow it down to Giantbomb > All else.

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#9 Posted by Clubvodka (441 posts) -

I feel sorry for that site (Wonderwallweb.com)- they're clearly trying but its just a mess, I can't see a single comment on any of the stories, the site is a mess, too many adds that probably don't make them any money either and that review was just a breakdown of what happens in the game! And then...and then...and then.. Just makes you love GiantBomb that little bit more!

Oh and fallen out of favour with Gamespot....like everyone

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#10 Posted by EpicSteve (6908 posts) -
Besides Gamespot, probably Ign. They seems determined to not write concise reviews. Great guys, but goddamn. GTA IV doesn't need an 8 page review!
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#11 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

IGN and Gamespot. I've always disliked IGN's tacky advertising (it just looks out of place, at least gamespots looked nice half the time) and the layout made it impossible to find anything.

Gamespot, while it was sad Rich Gallup was gone, was perfect until Gerstmann left, now that they've redesigned again honestly i'd say it's worse than IGN.

I stick to gamasutra, giantbomb, and begrudgingly, kotaku for my info.

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#12 Posted by Ivanetc (175 posts) -

yeah i agree

the excellence of giant bomb really shuns my interest in other websites. IGN is still occasionally, pretty good, but Gamespot is just going downhill now.

also what the hell is wrong with that review hahahah

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#13 Posted by MattyFTM (14804 posts) -

Probably IGN. That site seems so ad heavy, and the navigational layout is so confusing. Gamespot is a shadow of it's former self, but Gamespot UK still rules, so it's no-where near my least favourite gaming site.

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#14 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

My feelings on Gamespot is they have far to many people doing the reviews, at least with GB you know the type of person doing it and if they're into that sort of game if that makes sense. I.e. Snider normally does RTS based games, so you know that's effectively his specialty and can review a game based on the others he's played.

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#15 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

I can't stand IGN or 1up. Both their forums are horrible.

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#16 Posted by Mistzero (366 posts) -
ADDTasty said:
Thanks to Giant Bomb, I can't look at other game websites the same anymore. I'm a lot more critical on ... [more]
They probably don't proof read their reviews.
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#17 Posted by LincoIn (284 posts) -
@MattyFTM: Agreed, IGN takes waaaay too long to load, easily my least favorite.
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#18 Edited by Gary_Armstrong (30 posts) -

I can't stand Destructoid. It's just too internet kidz for me. I listened to one of their podcasts once and it really was just a horriffic nonsense. About 10 needless F-Bombs and rape jokes in the first 15 minutes.

I am also quite surprised that somone got paid in actual money and not Haribo to write that review.

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#19 Posted by Lowbrow (885 posts) -

IGN is, in my opinion the worst.

The sites layout looks like a mishmash of chaos spattered with a healthy serving of dogshit.

They might have decent reviews, but their front page is an affront to my eyes, so I just never go.

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#20 Posted by Kou_Leifoh (1960 posts) -
LincoIn said:
@MattyFTM: Agreed, IGN takes waaaay too long to load, easily my least favorite.
Oh thank God, I thought I was the only one who was suffering that problem.
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#21 Posted by Gary_Armstrong (30 posts) -

"The detail is around for everyone to see"

That review is gold. I take it back.

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#22 Posted by Godwind (2925 posts) -

The ones I never go to.

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#23 Posted by albedos_shadow (1561 posts) -

IGN and Gamespot are the two I avoid at all costs. Way too ad-heavy and not enough really good content.

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#24 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2878 posts) -

My heart belongs to Giant Bomb.
Giant Bomb > All else
My least favorites would be, IGN and Gamespot.

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#25 Posted by SpinCookie (749 posts) -

I really like IGN, oh well.  My least favorite is probably 1up, since that whole closing of EGM that site just never felt the same.

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#26 Edited by Illmatic (1380 posts) -

For me its probably Kotaku. It has nothing to do with the quality of the writing or presentation but more of an information overload. After a while of constantly checking the site several times a day, I realized I really didn't want to know EVERYTHING about a particular game. Just enough to know whether or not I'd play it.The constant posting of rumors with misleading titles, rumors proved to be false minutes later, and a scarcity of the fleshing out of ideas and stories led to me only receiving enjoyment from reading comments of the week at one point. Instead, I've narrowed down my visited sites to 1up, Giant Bomb, and Gametrailers.

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#27 Posted by unchained (1091 posts) -
Gary_Armstrong said:
I can't stand Destructoid. It's just too internet kidz for me. I listened to one of their podcasts once and ... [more]

I tried...really tried to like Destructoid after they ragged on Gamespot during the whole "Gerstmann-Gate",  but I just find them to be too childish.
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#28 Posted by rateoforange (408 posts) -

Kotaku was always sensationalistic. Then Gawker became big and they were sensationalistic and corporatist. Worst of both worlds!

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#29 Posted by VWGTI (1946 posts) -

IGN is probably my least favorite due to their tendency to give nothing but praise, only to blast the game when it comes out for review.

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#30 Posted by Otacon (2282 posts) -

before the 2007 Gamespot fiasco I would visit it every day. Now, whilst it's still a perfectly good site, it isn't what it was so I never go there any more.

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#31 Posted by PenguinDust (12994 posts) -

IGN is just too annoying to navigate.  It's cluttered and so ad heavy to the point of being slow.  I never go there unless I am specifically looking for something only referenced there.

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#32 Posted by Oriental_Jams (3072 posts) -

Probably IGN, just because it takes so long to load for me, content-wise it's OK.

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#33 Posted by StarFoxA (5261 posts) -

Wow, I write better than that and I'm only a freshman in high school.

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#34 Posted by Jensonb (2033 posts) -

I really dislike IGN. THeir tone, their site layout, their ethics...Do not like them at all.

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#35 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

I've only been on two major game sites (not counting GT, which I only go to for ScrewAttack), and of the two, I'd say GameSpot. Giant Bomb is just better for what I want (and more).

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#36 Edited by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

I generally only look at GiantBomb and Kotaku for news and reviews of current stuff. GameSpot is my go to for my game collection list and older reviews.

I think 1up is laid out poorly and I generally don't check other sites besides GB and Kotaku regularly.

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#37 Posted by bizsumpark182 (412 posts) -

IGN, because of the huge amount of advertising an the whole all this content is only for those who pay this much money to us!

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#38 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -
Gary_Armstrong said:
I can't stand Destructoid. It's just too internet kidz for me. I listened to one of their podcasts once and ... [more]
Haha- payed in haribo - love it
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#39 Posted by ADDTasty (114 posts) -
Gary_Armstrong said:
"The detail is around for everyone to see"That review is gold. I take it back.
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#40 Posted by krystians (430 posts) -

I must agree with a few posters, on how annoying IGN is to navigate through. I myself have known about Giant Bomb since Jeff left, but have been visiting this site daily for only a couple weeks now. I do visit gamespot a lot just to read up on news and reviews, but I have come to enjoy readying the reviews on this site more.  

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#41 Posted by natetodamax (19462 posts) -

Giant Bomb is really the only gaming site I go to. I used to live off of GameFAQs, but Giant Bomb made me realized how stupid that site is. It has no news or game coverage whatsoever. The reviews are mostly poorly written because they are created by the users, the forums are an absolute mess with trolls and spam topics everywhere, and the mods are fucking retarded dipshits.

K, I'm done.

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#42 Posted by LiquidPrince (16859 posts) -
ADDTasty said:
Thanks to Giant Bomb, I can't look at other game websites the same anymore. I'm a lot more critical on ... [more]
That review was disgusting. The whole first paragraph was a run on sentence.
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#43 Posted by Gmanall (1708 posts) -

Metacritic is my least favorite 

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#44 Posted by LiquidPrince (16859 posts) -
Gmanall said:
Metacritic is my least favorite 
That's just a compilation of other sites though.
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#45 Posted by buzz_killington (3655 posts) -

Eurogamer for hating every game that has ever came out... ever.

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#46 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -


Jesus, it really seems like they try, but it's just awful. Inaccurate information (lol, they said Metroid Prime 3 was gonna come out in December instead of August in 2007....), really dumb articles (and I mean dumb. Anyone remember that fortune telling one? Smash Bros Brawl was a gamble? The fuck? Their main reasoning was that they didn't know if the Wii could handle four player action....well, shit, the N64 did so I think it's pretty damn obvious the Wii could. And Devil May Cry was a poor rehash....until they played it and gave it a high score. Consistency, damn it), "meh" reviews (most of the time....to me), and one of the worst goddamn forums I have ever seen cement it's place.

Sad thing for me is, I used to love that mag/site back in the 90s and early 2000s. They were great-informative previews, objective reviews, cool layout and 200 page mag issues. The days have long passed, unfortunately.

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#47 Edited by EvolutionX0 (413 posts) -

Gamespot is tottaly crap since 2007

IGN is ok but just full of ADs
Gametrailers is Good
Kotaku is just not well presented but gets the latest news 1st for some reason.
the rest i never seen and prob will never see
gaintbomb is going to be gamespot before 2007 but better.
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#48 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

I still don't mind IGN, actually, even if the ads can be extremely excessive. Still, it is a fine site, at least on my opinion.

I don't like Gamespot any more, especially after the exodus of all the great staff members it had. The reviews try too hard to be critical and the user base is getting more stupid every waking moment. Besides the Bonus Round, I don't really like Gametrailers that much either. The community is among the worst on the net, and I have never liked their video reviews. There is something about them....the flow perhaps, that annoys me. Still, to each his/her own and I can see why people like that site.

Wow, that Bionic Commando review is atrocious. I can write far better for that. In fact, I really should.

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#49 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14683 posts) -

I am in the "used to go to Gamespot until Jeff got fired" boat, except I actually only stopped going when Vinny left. I dislike the way they review now, and the community is shared with GameFaqs, so its full of morons.

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#50 Edited by FlappyHands (3006 posts) -
ADDTasty said:
Agnogenic said: I had trouble reading that review the flow was so bad. Seriously! I think my favorite part is ... [more]
You just need to give the guy a chance. Wait until his writing hot's up. Hohoho