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So, I never got around to using that Hotline Miami inspired song. I didn't follow through on a hastily thrown together plan?

That's fucking new.

Anyways, that's not the point of this thing. Really, I don't know what the point is. I think I need validation more than anything, and once again it's in the form of my music. Now, I write a lot of music. It's to the point that I have literally hundreds of saved sheets on GP5, tons of beats in Beatcraft, and a handful of actual recordings. They all range in styles - jazz, death metal, fucking bluegrass - because I never knew what I wanted to write when I did think about becoming a professional musician instead of my current amateurism.

I considered that "experimenting" and "learning my way around a song." What a crock of shit.

However, I've been playing around with MIDI instruments for a few months now and having fun with it so I thought I'd present some of my tunes here for the folks at Giant Bomb to consume. If you want to, that is. Link dump since I can't seem to find where the raw html field is anymore. That's not gone, is it? I might continue my "adventures" if the mood is right and the tunes are crackin'. If not, then I'll just chalk this up to another failed experiment. Sound good?

Whatever. I'll toss a few links down here but you're always welcome to take a gander at my soundcloud (replete with an awesome MBMBaM reference!) I upload piano covers of video game songs every once and a while, some acoustic songs if I can get over my nerves, but mostly these piano songs that are going at the bottom of this. I guess I'm just asking for a little feedback every once and a while and tumblr certainly doesn't like to do that unless it's a Chrono Trigger cover. I feel like I understand, at a very miniscule level, what people like Elton John must go through. I certainly couldn't play Rocket Man for the thousandth time, let alone the tenth. It'd be like smashing my head against concrete over and over again to be "obligated" to play something just to get more hits/listens/clicks/whatever.


Forward, unto said art! [note: this stuff is mostly done on a MIDI keyboard and, as such, the instruments range from sounding pretty good to sounding terrible.]

Let's Talk

This is my most recent song. Now I'm no devotee of music theory at all, but I wrote this with that phrase in mind and attempted to keep that mood throughout the piece. Anyone that's been in a rocky relationship, with family or your SO or whatever, knows what I mean when I say that phrase. The song is supposed to mirror the feeling of being in one of those conversations - minor feeling and frequently changing tempo, but also with a twinge of hope.

Also, bassy as fuck. That F sounds rad to me.


I wrote this after a heavy Motoi Sakuraba binge. Also, a friend of mine had a MIDI-capable guitar around so I took advantage of that - I wrote/played the fifths and octaves in the end bit before the final refrain with it to give the song a rockier feel. Still uses the same janky samples, but it was difficult playing those parts accurately on a keyboard. Like, really fucking hard.

You will also learn that I cannot into outros. Just cannot get the concept of ending a song down.


I love that synth pad that I used as the bed for this track. It can be anything from comforting and warm - what I'm attempting here - to a silly bass groove if you wanted to go that way. The vibraphone is there just because I think it sounds awesome.

You & I

I don't like the idea of Valentine's Day, nor do I think anyone should ever sit down to write a song for their significant other. Taking both of those to heart, I wrote a song for my fiancee/Beyonce/finance for V-Day a few weeks ago. It's alright, but I'm rather fond of the drum bit at the end. Double bass because fuck it... why not?


Another moody piano song. I sort of like the beginning, but I really like the slower bits here. I dunno though. I can't tell the difference between these songs after a certain point. Can you?

Furthermore, why are you still reading this? Shouldn't you be doing something better with your life than reading about someone writing piano tunes and posting about it on a video game website? Reevaluate your life, son/lady. Seriously, go get a job or something... just stay. The fuck. Away.


From the rock, that is. Stay positive and don't do drugs, kids!

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I recently started messing around in FL Studio because rap music, and I just wanted to make something catchy. It's been weird. I get the whole "I JUST WANT TO MAKE ART, MAN" feeling. That leads me to try all sorts of things, I tend to bounce around a lot--probably too much--but tend to go back to drawing more often than not. But I always support exploring this kind of stuff, I say keep it up. If you really enjoy it, might as well keep going. I dig the double bass.