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I just finished it a couple of days ago because it takes me 8 months to read anything, and I just wanted to see if I was the only one in this cult following of literature on the Giant Bomb forums. I'd highly recommend checking it out regardless.

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Video games are my literature!

On a more serious note, I did read rather ravenously a few years ago, but with my free time dwindling, I've had to focus on other things. Dante's Inferno was probably my favorite of that time.

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lol...it's worth disclaiming that I'm not posting this out of any interest for commercial or financial gain. If I were doing that, I'd be promoting my own book which I dreamt about writing once. It was a bestseller, obviously. If nobody's read City Under the Moon then they haven't, but if they haven't they should.

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City Under the Moon? Is that about theories about stuff being under the moon or something?

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Any kind of review or synopsis on the book? Just saying you read a book and asking others if they've read it is kinda pointless.

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Oh ok um...I was assuming people would just Google it and we'd go from there lol...it's like imagine every zombie apocalypse setup ever but replace the zombies with werewolves. So daytime it's cool, but at night you're kind of fucked. There's this annoying kid who you'll love by the end and it's written by one of the writers of Robot Chicken.

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You had me at "one of the writers of Robot Chicken."