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#1 Posted by Murtaug (369 posts) -

Did any one get some of those groovy black friday deals? Post what you managed to snag below.

Myself, I staying indoors and got in on the Best Buy early access program. I managed to grab the following:


  • Titanfall 2
  • Battlefield 1
  • Homefront Revolution
  • Far Cry Primal
  • Last of Us: Remastered
  • Gears of War 4


  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters II
  • Ghostbusters 2016
  • Independence Day
  • Independence Day: Resurgence
  • The Revenant
  • Creed
  • Live. Die. Repeat.


  • 2TB Seagate External (to upgrade my PS4)
  • 256GB Flash Drive
  • Withings Body Scale

Pretty good haul, spent way more than I wanted to but hell, you live once.

I did not see any other threads on this, so excuse me if this is a dupe.

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#2 Posted by liquiddragon (3320 posts) -

Went to Target last night to see what scraps I could pick up but decided against it.

Couldn't resist Far Cry 4 for $10 tho.

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#3 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (336 posts) -

I try not to spend too much during sales (Steam is dangerous, man), but I did nab Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for about ten bucks and Dishonoured 2 for $35. Haven't started Dishonoured yet but BOY Dragon's Dogma is real good.

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#4 Posted by hnke (188 posts) -

I bought an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW and an i7 6700k for just under $1000, all told very cheap where I live.

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#5 Edited by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

I don't know if the Steam Autumn Sale count as a Black Friday buy, but I bought Dark Souls 1 and Dead Rising 1-3 as well as Brütal Legend.

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#6 Posted by zombie2011 (5592 posts) -

From the Xbox sale I got: Titanfall 2, Mad Max, Dishonored: Remaster, Wolfenstein and Doom.

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#7 Posted by ichthy (1366 posts) -

The only thing I bought was a Steam Link that was 60% off or so.

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#8 Posted by SlothfulKing (37 posts) -

I maintained my self-control and only purchased Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void for $19.99. Almost pulled the trigger on the HTC Vive though. It was $100 off on Amazon yesterday.

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#9 Edited by mlarrabee (3917 posts) -

I picked up a couple USB 3.1 flash drives, long overdue; a ton of Dewalt driver bits for $10; and I found an AC unit that was on clearance and was also mis-priced, so I got it for half-off.

On the digital front, I picked up Dishonored: Definitive Edition, and The Master Chief Collection for when I eventually get an Xbox One.

EDIT: And I just bought the Resident Evil remaster pairing on Steam. It was never going to go below 50%, was it. Another thing: why do COD4 and MW2 still never go below $10?

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#10 Posted by deactivated-58670791014d2 (354 posts) -

I might pick up the Fallout 4 season pass, But I think that's it for me.

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#11 Edited by EthanielRain (1563 posts) -

50" 4k HDR LG TV for ~$275

Needed a new TV too :)

Edit: And the movie is "Edge of Tomorrow", "Live Die Repeat" is the tag-line ^_^ Pretty good movie, I enjoyed it.

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#12 Posted by Murtaug (369 posts) -

@ethanielrain said:

50" 4k HDR LG TV for ~$275

Needed a new TV too :)

Edit: And the movie is "Edge of Tomorrow", "Live Die Repeat" is the tag-line ^_^ Pretty good movie, I enjoyed it.

I believe they actually changed the title to "Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow" for home release. I can not remember exactly why they did that, since the source is "All You Need is Kill". Odd change none the less.

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#13 Edited by NeverGameOver (902 posts) -

I didn't go crazy.

PS4 digital using 10% coupon stacked with the deals:

Virginia for $7

Mad max for $7

Doom for $18

I was hoping Oxenfree or Salt and Sanctuary would be on sale but they weren't.

I still might buy a new PC this weekend though.

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#14 Posted by bybeach (6349 posts) -

Only game I bought was the Hitman season. For an upgraded gaming pc I bought an M.2 Evo 850, and several other components. It's more important for me to save on a new My passport external drive, all my files and such from my old computer. Eventually I will put them on a regular (not gaming) laptop or such that still has to be bought. Need to learn a few things about what to purchase there, much more value minded.

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#15 Posted by Applegong (423 posts) -

Got Dishonored from Greenmansgaming. I wanted to check it out after being thoroughly impressed by the release of its sequel this year.

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#16 Edited by arcanth (5 posts) -

I've been trying real hard all year to be restrictive about my gaming purchases. I think the last game I bought was Dark Souls 3 at launch. This weekend though... damn it....


Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Rayman Legends

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD


Deus Ex Mankind Divided


God of War 3

Infamous Second Son

Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Edition

Life is Strange

Now, if only I weren't stuck playing Dark Souls 3 still...

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#17 Posted by Humanity (18710 posts) -

@theflamingo352: where'd you get that Dishonored for $35?

@nevergameover:it's on a pretty huge sale on Steam and I don't know if it's a very demanding game or not, unless you just don't want to get it in that ecosystem which is perfectly understandable.

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#18 Edited by Bones8677 (3535 posts) -


DOOM(PS4): $15

Ratchet and Clank(PS4): $15

Enter the Gungeon: $7

Hyper Light Drifter: $7


Star Trek Beyond: $10

10 Cloverfield Lane: $10

The Revenant: $7

Overall a pretty good haul. Can't complain.

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#19 Posted by TheHT (15833 posts) -

Just Fallout 4 and the season pass via the Steam sale.

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#20 Posted by Stonyman65 (3806 posts) -

Hitman for $15

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#21 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

I couldn't think of anything I wanted...

Well, I was really hoping Twilight Princess HD and Senran Kagura would go on sale, but noooope. Recore is $15 and that's been sitting my cart for days now, but the fact I haven't pulled the trigger on it already makes me think I don't really want it.

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#22 Posted by AlisterCat (8080 posts) -

I bought a whole bunch of Lego Dimensions stuff. Despite sales Amazon was still the cheapest, and it wasn't 'officially' on sale.

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#23 Posted by MightyDuck (2019 posts) -

Got almost all of my Christmas shopping done for my wife, nieces, nephew, and my folks. As somebody who has shopped from amazon for a decade, but never had prime until last week...it's awesome!

Also managed to snag Battlefield 1 from Best Buy for $29. Looking forward to it. That's the one online series my buddies and I always play. I tried to get them into Titanfall 2, but they weren't having it. I love it though.

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#24 Posted by flasaltine (2546 posts) -

I got Dark Souls 3 from Walmart for $15 so that was pretty cool.

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#25 Edited by WynnDuffy (1289 posts) -

I bought some DLC for Rocksmith and a bluetooth mouse for my Surface Pro.

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#26 Edited by jayc4life (237 posts) -

Finally picked up my GTX1070 yesterday. €499 from Komplett with free Watch_Dogs 2.

Can't argue with that. Big step up from the AMD Radeon 7850 I've had since I first built this machine in June 2012.

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#27 Posted by atomicoldman (831 posts) -

All of My Name is Earl, all of Frisky Dingo, all of Sealab 2021, American Crime Story, Ash vs Evil Dead season 1, both seasons of Fargo, Figuarts SS Goku,. Revoltech Lupin the Third, 1/100 MG GM Sniper.

I have a weird taste in things and my list makes no damn sense.

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#28 Posted by Sackmanjones (5595 posts) -

I had a great game haul this year:

Ratchet and Clank- $15

Until Dawn- $15

Dishonored 2- $35

Gears 4- $30

Skyrim Special edition- $25

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#29 Edited by paulmako (1958 posts) -

Nothing. Even though there have been plenty of excellent games on sale, I didn't feel the desire for anything this time around.

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#30 Posted by Zelyre (1900 posts) -

Doom and XCom 2 on the PC. Managed to snag an early backer on Kingdom Death 1.5 as well. I never got the Dragon King expansion and now I'll manage to get it for half off. A steam link. Then, mostly just stuff for the puppy - a crate for the bedroom and a bunch of chuck-it balls.

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#31 Posted by KingBonesaw (1398 posts) -

I've gone all digital but still got some good game deals on PSN.

Hitman Season 1 for $16 CAD (I had a $15 credit as well as the 10% off code)

NBA 2K17 for $55 CAD (the disc version was cheaper elsewhere but tax and shipping prices would have made the price virtually identical)

There are a lot of great deals going on that I would love to jump on but I really don't want to spend any more money on myself this time of year.

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#32 Posted by AJasmer (17 posts) -

I picked up a combination of boxed PC games from Best Buy and Steam/Origin games


  • Titanfall 2 - $31.99
    • Mostly got it for the campaign, play mostly Overwatch for multiplayer
  • Rocksmith 2014 Remastered with guitar to PC cable - $30
    • already have a guitar, but only can play the very basics. Hoping to learn and improve.
  • Dishonored 2 - $35
    • who knows when I'll get to this, but I liked the first game quite a bit
  • Doom - $19
    • such overwhelming positive buzz from the GB crew
  • NBA 2K17 - $41
    • had the basketball itch, Go Bucks
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider with season pass - $22
    • I liked the first one, getting the Uncharted itch, but don't have a PS4


  • Nightcrawler - $6
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#33 Posted by James_ex_machina (1067 posts) -

$99 N3DS

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#34 Posted by Asurastrike (2306 posts) -

I buy everything I want impulsively throughout the year, so Black Friday consists of me just seeing everything I bought for way lower prices.

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#35 Posted by AJasmer (17 posts) -

@humanity: I got Dishonored 2 for $35 from Best Buy. They have it on PS4/X1/PC. The PC version is a boxed copy with a disc and Steam code. It also comes with a code for the first Dishonored.


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#36 Posted by planetfunksquad (1543 posts) -

I managed to get a hollowness inside and an uneasy feeling that capitalism is a dead end.

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#37 Edited by konig_kei (1027 posts) -

Managed to get a 750gb ssd for 100usd. Pretty happy with that.

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#38 Posted by Redbullet685 (6480 posts) -

Video Games:

  • Dishonored 2 - $35
  • Battlefield 1 - $35

Movies and TV:

  • Brooklyn - $6
  • Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 1 - $10
  • Midnight Special - $6
  • John Wick - $6

Also got some clothes, and I feel good about the amount of money I spent.

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#39 Edited by guerrilla_mason (524 posts) -
@babychoochoo said:

I couldn't think of anything I wanted...

Well, I was really hoping Twilight Princess HD and Senran Kagura would go on sale, but noooope. Recore is $15 and that's been sitting my cart for days now, but the fact I haven't pulled the trigger on it already makes me think I don't really want it.

Not sure where you live or what's cheap for you, but Walmart had Twilight Princess HD on sale for 35 at the one I went to. Not seeing it online, but did confirm the price with a scan.

As for my haul:

Video Games:

  • Madden 17
  • Borderlands Handsome Collection
  • Skyrim SE
  • FF X/X2
  • Darksiders 2
  • Jazzpunk
  • Recore
  • That sweet $35 FFXV pre-order from Microsoft
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#40 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7830 posts) -

Not video games

  • A new stove
  • A bunch of solar lights
  • Gifts for family
  • All the harry potter films on bluray
  • Echo Dot
  • Fire stick

Video Games

  • Dishonoured 2
  • Watch Dogs
  • Fire Emblem Conquest
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided
  • Rocket League
  • Dragon Quest Builders
  • I somehow got that $99 dollar 3ds on the walmart website. (All thanks to Wario64)
  • Titanfall 2

Also, seriously everyone, just shop online. There is almost no reason to go out on Black Friday anymore.

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#41 Posted by RonGalaxy (4936 posts) -

I get all my games through gamefly now. You can buy membership access in 3 month chunks for way cheaper. 2 discs out at a time, 3 months, less than 30 dollars. I have missed very few big games this year because of this.

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#42 Posted by braves01 (127 posts) -

$99 3DS

$189 XB1 S Battlefield 1 bundle (via Ebay w/ coupon)

Probably going to sell the BF1 code and get Doom

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#43 Edited by mems1224 (2505 posts) -

Gears 4


Hyper Light Drifter

NBA 2k17

Age of Mythology

Way too many Smite gems

Evil Within

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#44 Edited by colourful_hippie (5896 posts) -
  • God of War 3
  • Battlefield 1 PC
  • The Sims 4 PC
  • DOOM (for a friend)
  • i7 6700k
  • 16 gig DDR4 RAM
  • ASUS Z170 DELUXE LGA 1151
  • Fractal R5 Case

BTW: Anyone looking for an i7 6700k for $250 let me know because I made a mistake and should have wait for Kaby Lake

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#45 Posted by AcidPops91 (110 posts) -

Green xbox one s

Blue xbox controller

New vegas

Skate 3

The movie Chronicle

Sonic racing transformed

Brooklyn on bluray

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#46 Edited by deactivated-5c4a6d7d37a3f (654 posts) -

I got one of those plastic mats you put under your PC chair to make them roll better for $14. (Marked down from $35) Yay for the only store in my town doing deals being a stupid hardware store.

And if it counts I got Skullgirls on Steam for like $3.

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#47 Posted by kindgineer (3102 posts) -

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warefare 2 for me! I thought it was dead until I read that people only play the Garden's & Graveyards mode. It's great.

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#48 Edited by cmblasko (2931 posts) -

31 inch Brock Lesnar action figure (present for a friend)

31 inch Master Chief action figure (present for my cousin)

Yamaha DTX430K electronic drum kit - I've been meaning to get a drum kit for years and this was the year where I finally had the space and money (and blessing from my wife) to be able to pull the trigger. I would prefer an acoustic kit but for the sake of my wife and neighbors I went with electronic. Now I just need to teach myself how to play the thing; maybe in 10 years I will have the skill to be able to play for half a day like Alex!

Boo amiibo (it glows in the dark!)

Eevee plush doll (present for my wife)

Killing Floor 2 (PS4)

I was really tempted to pick up a Xbox One bundle with Gears 4 or Halo but I didn't want to drop that much after buying the drum kit. Besides, maybe it is best to wait since Scorpio drops next year.

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#49 Posted by colourful_hippie (5896 posts) -

@cmblasko: Thanks for linking that Master Chief action figure. I'm gonna gift it for my ladyfriend's lil brother

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#50 Edited by Whitestripes09 (918 posts) -

Didn't go too crazy. I got Titanfall 2 and Battlefront Ultimate Edition.

Was honestly pretty surprised that Titanfall 2 was so cheap basically everywhere, ended up getting it on PSN since it sold out on Amazon and they weren't getting stocked until December. Unfortunately, Amazon were only selling physical copies of Battlefront so I'm hopefully getting it Wednesday, but who knows really...