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Poll: Have you ever failed a class? (415 votes)

Yes 61%
No 35%
Results 5%

Well, it's finals week for me and I'm guessing a lot of you. As I type this up, I'm studying for my last final exam of the semester and started wondering if anyone here has ever botched a course. I've never failed myself, but I've gotten close. And based on how I did on my final today, I might be cutting it close again. Procrastination and dumb prioritization might have fucked me this time.

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#1 Edited by Oscar__Explosion (2970 posts) -

I got bored and stopped going to half of my classes during a 2 year run at a community college. I think I may still even be in academic probation (I stopped going over 4 years ago)

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#2 Edited by MiniPato (2880 posts) -

Yes, I failed a summer American history class because if you're holding an America pre-1884 history class at 8:00 am, you're just asking for people to fall asleep. I was one-such person and didn't bother with the essays either. I just don't find the time period interesting at all, cause I aced American History post-1884.

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#3 Posted by JaredA (853 posts) -

I took a Computer Science class that was way too advanced for me at 16-17 years old. I just stopped turning in assignments halfway through the class...

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#4 Edited by zFUBARz (701 posts) -

Sure, granted i used to be in architecture and a bunch of my drafts got stolen, only about half my profs had any sympathy, the rest not so much, kinda botched that career path for me. Was for the best in the long run though.

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#5 Edited by Bigandtasty (3145 posts) -

High school yes; college/university no.

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#6 Posted by amandablackfield (4 posts) -

No, never, never and never!!!

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#7 Edited by Donkeycow (568 posts) -

Sadly i have, i don't intend to let it happen again.

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#8 Edited by Orbitz (68 posts) -

Yes. I dropped out of High school at the age of 17 to work, and have not continued my education. Teachers have always pissed me right the fuck off. My mother has been working in Education for over 10 years and the amount of bitching she tells me that teachers do just infuriates me. Especially since every teacher I've ever had seemed like they didn't even want to be there and had no idea how to act around kids.

Sorry, I answered your simple yes or no question with a rant, I apologize. The whole education process just riles me up.

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#9 Posted by Castiel (3401 posts) -

You know I might fail my final exam. I don't feel very confident in my abilities/knowledge regarding Chemistry, geography and biology. If I fail them I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm probably not going to take them again. I feel tired of studying and I need a breath of fresh air to be honest. I need to take a break and do what I want for a little while.

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#10 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

I value learning more than grades so if a course doesn't offer me anything new then I stop giving a shit about that course.

I wouldn't worry about your exam if I were you. I remember a course where I needed an 80% on the exam to reach a 50% in the course. I only did 70% of the exam and got a 50% anyway. They always fudge the numbers so their stats don't look too bad for their annual reviews and such.

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#11 Posted by JacDG (2186 posts) -

I failed two classes my first semester, a phonetics course and a grammatical course, we had a paper due the day before so I focused on that instead of the exams, and I knew I was going to fail heading in. It was no big deal though, since you can take re-exams, I studied for those and passed the exams.

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#12 Edited by Mayu_Zane (709 posts) -

The only subject I ever failed was Additional Mathematics, because it was the only one I couldn't understand and didn't care about. Physics, Art, Chemistry and Biology? No problem. Additional Math? I'm boned.

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#13 Edited by Crypt135 (71 posts) -

Nope. Never had to drop a class to avoid failing either.

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#14 Edited by ajamafalous (13727 posts) -

Yeah, I've failed a couple of college classes. It's not really that big of a deal at this level; sometimes things happen outside of your control.

I'm probably going to fail a class this semester too: I just lost all motivation to go to class or do the assignments. I'm sick of school and I hate my major, so I'm moving back home for a year to try to figure out what the hell I want to do with my life.

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#15 Edited by Shaka999 (550 posts) -

Not failed, but I've had to retake a couple of college classes because I didn't meet the requirement for my major. So kinda?

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#16 Posted by TruthTellah (9816 posts) -

I have. A professor gave the wrong date for the final exam, changed it by e-mail, and I never saw the e-mail. So, I showed up for an exam that was two days prior.

Thus, I failed.

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#17 Posted by Sinusoidal (3604 posts) -

Yep. A mandatory third year statistical mechanics course. After a series of lackluster assignments handed in, I completely botched the exam. Ugh. Got an A the second time around though.

At least that one was my fault. I reserve more ire for my third year ordinary differential equations prof who gave us a final exam that had nothing to do with the material we had been doing all term. I aced every assignment, got something like a 98% and 97% on the two midterms, then ended up with a D in the course thanks to that piece of shit final.

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#18 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

I could spell "fudge" with my GCSE results and I dropped out of college.

Education's really not for me.

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#19 Edited by selfconfessedcynic (2993 posts) -

Yup, 2nd year Thermodynamics - failed by like 2 points, but fair is fair. I didn't study all too hard and didn't exactly ace the assignments either.

Did quite well in round 2.

Actually, it turned out to be quite a good experience for me - I cut back on my hours at uni, spent more time living, and in general enjoyed the rest of my time there. Graduated with Honours, too, so yeah. Failing is not the end of the world. Not even close.

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#20 Edited by Danteveli (1433 posts) -

Never had the opportunity and that is kinda weird since I never was a really good student but somehow managed be one of few people that didn't fail anything during the 5 years.

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#21 Edited by SomeJerk (4077 posts) -

I have always failed mathematics, because it's so dull doing the same things over and over. From the first lesson to the last of it, I'd rather read, write or do advanced studies in a dusty tome.

Despite that I'm kinda Rain Man in mathematics. Calculate in the subconscious, wiz-kidding, figuring something out with one look, glances at price-tags being enough to know 95% accurately what I'll be paying at the cash register.

Later special tests showed I was above the average fresh outta highschool student (in Sweden) in "doing math", I'd be way below them if listed at all if it was about doing math in a silly book, so don't feel stupid if you fail your math classes (unless you need a fancy grade on paper)

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#22 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10825 posts) -

Nope, and I've been extremely lazy for several. I've never even failed a test and have done well on 98-99% of them, regardless of how well I paid attention in that class. Education system doesn't work.

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#23 Posted by audioBusting (2551 posts) -

I got a zero in first grade (or was it second?) mathematics once because I had to draw 5 teapots or something like that. I failed Art too, obviously!

The closest I've got to failing in university (so far) is a Linear Algebra class. I got a 50% (phew).

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#24 Posted by NicksCorner (522 posts) -

Never failed an exam straight up, but I have chosen not to sign up for two I didn't feel ready for.

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#25 Edited by Akyho (2129 posts) -

I never knew the feeling of failing a class untill I stopped having a scribe write for me (Dyslexic and terrible hand writing) I figured if I was going to go anywhere in this world, I best stand on my own two feet!

I apparently have no feet, as I failed most classes in my college course that year and I was the top student in most, which also meant I tutored people to pass and they came to me after going "Thank you soooo much. I couldn't understand anything until you helped me, I wouldn't have passed at all!! what did you get?" and I had to break the news "I failed......kinda fucked up isn't it?...."

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#26 Posted by Fribain (88 posts) -

Yeah, I'll be failing my math class this semester. The grad student teaching the class could barely explain anything so I spent about half the semester trying to teach myself from the book. Made a B on the midterm but I realized that even if I could pass the class there was no point in attending if I wasn't getting anything out of it. Missed the third exam and the final. I'll retake it next semester hopefully with a better teacher.

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#27 Posted by TobbRobb (6342 posts) -

I fell down in complete apathy and more or less skipped 3 courses for an entire year. They werent even that difficult or anything, and I did have good grades otherwise just by virtue of being "smart". I just didn't give single fuck about school. Only really went to classes that fit my "schedule" (classes that didn't interfere with sleeping long, or going home early...) so I could hang out with friends.

Probably not a very good way to go about my academics. But hey, teenagers and lifechoices right?

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#28 Posted by MildMolasses (3200 posts) -

Not until university. It was there that my terrible study habits finally caught up to me

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#29 Posted by stonepawfox (237 posts) -

calculus 3, turns out when it's a summer class my usual habit of not doing my math work is even worse

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#30 Edited by Nodima (2286 posts) -

Yes, oftentimes intentionally. I failed Zoology by filling in test answers with band names and rapper alias to prove how uninterested I was in the subject matter. I intentionally dropped Physics my junior year knowing full well I'd HAVE to take it alongside Chemistry my senior year, just so I'd have one more year of no science. I failed both semesters of Geometry solely due to my homework score (89% on tests vs. 7% on homework, primarily because I threw most of the homework away) and I failed Mass Communications because I was too nervous to find someone to do an interview with (ironically, one of my jobs now entails interviewing insanely intimidating people like Big Boi).

My first semester of college, I scored a neat 0.0 on the GPA thanks to a steady flow of marijuana, alcohol, girls and codeine. I came back home and hit the Dean's List two semesters in a row, then I started failing all my classes again because I just got bored.

Advice, as always: don't take out loans for college if you're only going to college because your friends are, or because TV makes it seem so fun. In my experience the only worthwhile "college experiences" were had by my Greek friends, and while I was honorary Fiji I'd never honestly recommend going Greek.

Also, in ELEMENTARY school I was drafted into a sort of advanced math program based on my tests, where we were getting started on some minor algebra and times tables. But I could NOT memorize multipes of 7 past 5, everything beyond 35 just made no sense to me. After a few weeks, I got Charlie Brown'd out of the room and back to regular math (which was way more fun, anyway).

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#31 Posted by Tearhead (2451 posts) -

Technically I never failed a class. I dropped out of Discrete Mathematics because I knew I was gonna fail. Had too much on my plate and had no idea that class would take up so much of my time.

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#32 Posted by crusader8463 (14759 posts) -

When I was in High School I failed 11-2 Math because I disliked the teacher and was going through some shit in my life that just made me not give a flying fuck about anything in that class. It was the only class in my time at school that I failed and once I got a new teacher the following year for it I was fine and passed it.

Once I went to college however, I ended up getting stuck taking what was basically 11-2 math with a different name again. So it now being the third year in a row that I had to take this course, having it taught by a douchebag teacher I hated again, and my mother being in the hospital and eventually dying I was back to giving zero fucks and I ended up failing the class and the programming class that the same teacher taught as well. When I tried to find out how I could go about retaking the classes the following year after enough time since my mother had passed away that I could actually focus on stuff again both the douche professor and the head of the department lied to me and told me that I was not able to retake the courses and I didn't find out that they were lying until several months into the term when I overheard other people in my class talking about how they were retaking the courses because they had failed it the first time around. When went to confront them about this they told me that I wouldn't be able to take those classes the following year either because they were redesigning the course and getting rid of those classes completely so they were not being offered. So if I wanted to get my diploma I would have to retake the entire two year course again from the start.

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#33 Posted by Nodima (2286 posts) -

Oh, I also took the same level of Spanish all four years of high school (freshman: homework grades, sophomore: attendance, junior: combination of both), which made me a de facto Teacher's Assistant that final year, me and one other senior (who was just trying a new language after three years of French) acting as class clowns for a bunch of freshmen.

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#34 Edited by Chop (2013 posts) -

Lots and lots; school and I don't mesh at all. I'm smart, but I found school unbearably boring and just stop doing anything.

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#35 Posted by Zekhariah (700 posts) -

No, I was surprised that I got a decent grade in a class with a 26% score on a primary test (though the curve on it was rather crazy - one of those things where most of the material had never been mentioned, and instead of updating the test the teacher figured the curve would make up for it).

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#36 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (6998 posts) -

As a freshman, I failed college chemistry and got a D in the lab. I failed despite studying too, which was even worse. And, yeah, I failed despite taking and passing, with a B-, high school chemistry. On the other hand my college chemistry professor was an ass. Suffices to say, I was not 'too' upset about failing to that guy. It took me years to get my GPA up again to make up for freshman year gaffs..but I did it.

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#37 Posted by Deranged (2022 posts) -

Only in my second year of high school because I didn't have a care in the world.

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#38 Posted by LeYcH (221 posts) -

Failing in pretty much everything.
I just couldn't give less of a crap about History, I did not sign up to do A-Level history to learn about American politics.

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#39 Edited by OllyOxenFree (5015 posts) -

Yes. A most shameful display, I know. So far in my two years of university I have only failed one class so that's cool.

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#40 Edited by spiceninja (3284 posts) -

I failed two semesters of Geometry in high school but made them both up pretty quickly. I still don't know anything about geometry.

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#41 Edited by SeanFoster (976 posts) -

I failed Grade 2, and I failed Math and French in High School a couple of times. I didn't fail anything in college.

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#42 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19844 posts) -

Several classes in Cegep, which made me change programs from a pre-university science one to commerce, which has landed me in academic probation and has extended my time there by two semesters. Hell, might fail one or two more this semester if I procrastinate before the final exams again. I have a tendency to procrastinate severely, so work or studies I need to do don't get done and the result is failure for the more demanding classes like Calculus II.

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#43 Posted by CrossTheAtlantic (1154 posts) -

The only B I ever got in grade school/high school was in penmanship (2nd grade), and my parents were absurdly hard on me for it.

Still feel the disappointment.

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#44 Edited by InternetDotCom (3751 posts) -

I was going to fail high school Spanish and then the teacher said she realized passing me was easier than having me in her class the next year.

I was terrible at classes that started at 7:20 AM.

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#45 Edited by Herk (251 posts) -

Yup! I passed later though, and it felt goooooooooood

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#46 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

Several in high school because i stopped going to most of them. I just did the bare minimum to get my diploma.

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#47 Posted by Svenzon (946 posts) -

Yep. I studied English at Lund University in Sweden for a year. My first semester went really well, but the second one less so. I just couldn't keep up with all the exams and essays they threw at us during the back third and got totally burnt out. I failed British History and Advanced Grammar pretty hard and didn't even get started on the Literature essay. Everyone I've talked agrees that class is really poorly planned and the department head is a complete moron. It sucks, since I really enjoyed that class up until that point and made many good friends there.

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#48 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I failed math in grade 10 because I could not understand factoring or quadradics. I later discovered this is something quantum computers are being created to do, so I don't feel so bad.

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#49 Edited by CaptainTightPants (2837 posts) -

A bunch in high school, only one so far in college(Art History). I'm going to retake it, though.

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#50 Edited by ArbitraryWater (15159 posts) -

I've never failed a class so much as I've withdrawn from classes I was failing, which I'm sure looks just as good on my transcript. Actually, scratch that. I was talking Spanish 101 last semester and I failed it because it was a Pass/Fail class and I was only a few percentage points below an 80 (the tests are brutal, straight up), which is why I am currently in the academic standing that I am and why my parents have decided to take a more... direct role in my education.