Prime Day 2016 Discussion

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Hey duders. I figured I'd start a discussion about the current Prime Day deals going on today on Amazon. So far things look better then they did last year. There is a pretty nice XboxOne deal up right now, but the Microsoft store still has the best deal right now. Curious on if you guys plan on buying anything and on what deals interest you.

So far I've bought a pair of running shoes and a blu-ray set of the only good anime, Cowboy Bebop.

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There are a few games scheduled to go on sale today that I'm interested in picking up, most notably Mirror's Edge Catalyst. I might not pick up anything at all though if the discounts aren't that deep. My copy of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD is coming today and my backlog continues to haunt my dreams so even if everything I have my eye on gets a crazy price cut, I'm picking up one or two games at most.

I really wanted a gosh darn waffle iron with removable plates though because cleaning a waffle iron sucks and if I could just throw the plates into the dishwasher, that would be awesome.

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Might pick up the mini Hori Fight Stick if it doesn't sell out almost immediately as my first fight stick while I save up for either the Hori RAP4 or the TE2+

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Doom is $30 if anyone was looking for a price cut in order to get it!

Edit: Retail versions only (including PC which I'm pretty sure is just a box with a code inside)

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A lot like last year I think Prime Day is a complete waste of time.

However I did pick up Dragon Quest Heroes for 18 bucks but the vast majority of other deals are pretty lackluster to me.

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The wirecutter has an article about what they think are some of the best deals on stuff actually worth buying in case you don't feel like wading through thousands of items.

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No games here, but I've definitely got a few items I needed for around the house. Handheld vaccum, beard comb, dish towels, dog food, etc. After the steam sale, I'm really not looking for game deals so it all works out for me. I almost bought The world ends with you, but it was gone before I could buy it. I still need a good wired gaming keyboard though. The one I got right now is nice and compact, wireless, it types well, but it loses input if I move it too far from the pc.

Edit: I see more games on sale right now. Go check em out.

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So far I've gotten an SSD, Micro SD card, Nexus 6P and Nathan Drake Collection.... my poor wallet...

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Here's a reddit link to the game sales - Link

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I thought about that Xbox One bundle. Still sort of am, I guess, but given how little I've been playing games lately, I'm not sure I can justify it to myself even with all the extra stuff they throw in.

Probably going to wind up picking up that Fassbender-led Macbeth and some stuff for my dog, but that's about it.

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I wanted to buy a Wii U (the Mario Maker bundle was down to $280) but I just can't pull the trigger as long as Nintendo's digital account service is so bad. While there are Wii U games I want to play, my real attraction is to the virtual console stuff, but my Wii is in storage so transferring those games over isn't plausible, and Nintendo hasn't said whether Wii U virtual console games or other purchases will transfer to NX so...

I want to love you Nintendo, and give you hundreds of dollars, but your policies are SO bad. Like the horrible 3DS to New 3DS transfer system. Just abysmal.

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Just a Kindle Paperwhite for me. Was looking for an ereader.

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Amazon Canada is usually a sick joke on an ordinary day, so Prime Day doesn't seem to be much different.

However, I kind of need some HD space, so between a sandisk SSD and a Seagate external 6tb drive... I think I might save a few bucks, but nothing to warrant any sort of excitement.

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I tried to buy the Uncharted collection, but I kept getting stuck in the checkout process so I missed out on it. That's the only games deal I've wanted so far.

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Tried so hard to resist ended up buying Doom and Mad Max and a printer because my current printer is shit. I'll probably check back in on The Hunger Games and maybe Jupiter Ascending.

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*sigh* the demise of my current employment looms ever nearer. i look forward to our four megacorporation future.

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I just bought a new Distel Union wallet for 20 bucks off. It's still more than I'd normally spend on a wallet, but since I've had my current one for about a decade, I figured I'd splurge a little.

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I use the Canadian Amazon, it's alright, nothing major, I liked the Xbox One bundle.

For me most of that stuff in the bundle I don't really care about it, so I bought it, will sell the stuff I don't care about, and basically have got the Xbox One for really cheap. So that's nice, I like that. Besides that I didn't see much that floated my boat.

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As a Canadian I don't see a reason for having Prime. Wonder if anything in this sale will justify the $79 price tag.