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Rewatched Thor (2011) and still very much enjoyed that movie. Chris Hemsworth is a convincing Thor and the filmmakers use his size and posture to good comedic effect at just the right moments. Tom Hiddleston's performance is good but not yet up to the level in the later Marvel movies. The absolute highlight of the movie, though, is the exchange between Thor and Odin that eventually results in the "I, Odin Allfather, cast you out!" Such a powerful scene with top notch performances by both Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins.

Overall, the movie would probably be a 4/5 for me but it might be my favorite in the Avengers series.

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Wreck-It Ralph. I hadn't seen it before so decided to give it a watch. Actually really enjoyed it.

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  • Muppets Most Wanted - 3 Stars
  • Mud - 4 Stars
  • The Raid 2 - 2 Stars
  • 300: Rise of an Empire - 2 Stars
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 4 Stars
  • Need for Speed - 3 Stars
  • The Book Thief - 5 Stars
  • Monuments Men - 2 Stars
  • The Lego Movie - 3 Stars
  • Saving Mr Banks - 4 Stars
  • Lone Survivor - 4 Stars
  • I, Frankenstien - 1 Star
  • Dallas Buyers Club - 5 Stars
  • The Wolf of Wall Street - 4 Stars
  • 12 Years a Slave - 5 Stars
  • American Hustle - 4 Stars
  • 47 Ronin - 3 Stars
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Rashomon 5/5

The Grand Budapest Hotel 4/5

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Captain America The Winter Soldier - 4/5 stars. A solid sequel, kept me interested throughout, exciting action sequences and some thought provoking themes.

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Thor 2. 4/10.

It had some cool visuals, especially in Asgard and one or two action scenes that were pretty fun to watch.
But wow, what absolute drivel the dialogue, story and slapstick comical side characters were, it was painful on the level of something a three year old would find funny in the 50's.

"Whoooops, the guy threw the keys to the car into the other worldly portal OHHH YOU!"
"The professor is giving a lecture, to a bunch of insane people! Ohhh ho ho! Funny, that's funny! And now he's running around nnuuuuude! It's awkward talking to you when you don't have your pants on! That old gag! Always funny!"
"Ohhh and here is something for the ladies, am I right ladies? The silly new side character saves Kat Dennings life and now THEY'RE MAKING OUT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And they just so happen to be doing so in front of Thor and Portman! Ohhhh nooo they've been caught! Oh no you did not just do that thing you did!"

Just shoot me now and end it why don't you movie? What utter drivel shit. And I don't want to hear the excuse of "Well it's a comic book movie, what do you expect?" If The Dark Knight trilogy can treat us like adults, and Watchmen can treat as like adults, so can Thor, and there is a line between being silly and light hearted, which is fine, not all comic book movies need to be super serious and dark, but they took a step over the line of light hearted and went for cheesy terrible story telling and humor and it was baaaaaaad.

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Only Lovers Left Alive

Jarmusch's movies are hit and miss for me. I really like some but also despise others. Here I was getting into it a bit sceptical, vampire movie...really? But I ended up absolutely loving it. While there is pretty much nothing going on Hiddleston and Swinton are absolutely amazing as Adam and Eve. The way they reference artists, scientists and history felt really cool and kinda gave it a "new layer" (to use hipster terms). Jarmusch did a great job using thousands of years old vampires as lenses to reflect on the progress and history. The music was a big part of it and gotta say I enjoyed that immensely as well.

9/10 zombies

I guess I really am becoming a hipster...fudge

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Rewatched War of the Worlds (2005) for the first time since it came out. Didnt really remember much about it but was surprised that I really like this adaptation. The characters lack depth but its a good tense ride and its cool to see the Tripods wreak havoc while Tom Cruise tries to protect his family. The sound is what really makes this great for me, it creates good tension and the Tripods produce a great sound...Im glad i live in a place where i can turn up the surround sound.

Id give it 5/5 Tripods

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The Man From Earth

When I first started it it seemed like a crappy B-movie shot with some mediocre equipment and a cast of unknowns. I didn't expect much from it, but where the movie really shines is in its writing. The entire movie is dialogue between some college professors in a room. Without giving too much away, it's about a departing university professor who claims to be a caveman who has somehow survived for more than 14,000 years.

It's probably one of my favorite movies now. Absolutely loved it.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I give ol' Cap three out of four thumbs!

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I saw The Raid 2 yesterday and man it was fantastic. Some of the best action scenes I've ever seen in a movie. The last fight scene... so good.

5/5 brutal throat rips

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Saw The Raid 2 for the second time tonight. Wanted to catch it again before its US run ends, which apparently is this next week in most places. Man, what a spectacular film... It has maybe the best final 30 minutes of any action movie. I give it a thousand stars.

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@onekillwonder_: Mild Spoilers for The Raid 2 The main character is a real big fan of ripping people's ankles up with broken bottles and knives. Those were the only times I really winced during the movie.

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The Raid 2 isn't the last movie I saw but it was one of the best action/martial arts movies I have seen in a long time. The choreograph was good, the build up to the fights was good and you could just feel the tension between the characters when they were fighting.

As for the actual last movie I saw, it was The Protector 2. What a phenomenal joke that movie is, bad cgi and a lot of nonsense. RZA sucks.

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I saw Noah and it surpassed my expectations. I love the liberties they took with adapting the story. Like magic powers from the serpent satan's shed skin. It was like they took the bible and made a really good fantasy movie out of it. The only problem I had was it was difficult to like the majority of the characters. Emma Watson was pretty much the only one I sympathized with, even his sons were kind of annoying. Still, I thought it was a great movie. 8 rock monsters out of 10 possible rock monsters.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark. 5/5

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I just saw the Raid 2 and it was by far the best action movie I have ever seen. Both super badass and brutal, but also pretty well shot. The theatre was pretty empty so the people there were all pretty into it and there were a couple moments where everyone just collectively went "Ohhhh shiiiiiiiiit!"

5/5 for sure

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The Breakfast Club - 5/5

Ferris Beuler's Day Off - 5/5

I just watched both of these movies for the first time and loved them.

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The Breakfast Club - 5/5

Ferris Beuler's Day Off - 5/5

I just watched both of these movies for the first time and loved them.

Good stuff.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 4/5

Great action thriller. The twist is kinda a big pill to swallow, but maybe that's moreso because of the consequence of it. Gonna be strange without that thing we're so used to.

Also, it's gettin kinda crazy how the post-credits/mid-credits scenes get me the most excited with these movies. The twins are looking fucking AWESOME. I guess they're gonna be the result of experiments instead of mutatations? Either way, can't wait for shit to start getting real nuts.

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The Act of Killing

Life changing and forever haunting/10

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Literal Embodiment of America German Suplexes the Titular Cyborg/10

also there is a fuckton of murder in that movie, hundreds of people are gunned down

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Eko Eko Azarak (1995): 4/5

It's pretty fun and very violent.

High school kids getting up to no good in witchcraft, recommended if you are not afraid of a little subtitle action in your films.

(also it's available on youtube of all places.)

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@corruptedevil: That's exactly what I thought while I was watching it. It seems completely crazy how much gun violence there is in a movie that's going to be seen by a ton of kids.

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The Final Cut

Robin Williams stars as a "Cutter" in a sci-fi future where people are implanted with chips that let you see everything they saw during their lives after they've died, so their memories can then be compressed into little family-directed montages that are played at funeral-like events.


It's just a really poorly executed movie with plot lines that come to abrupt and unsatisfying ends.

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Beverly Hills Cop: 8/10. Not the laugh-a-minute oh-fuck-my-sides-are-literally-split-in-half-and-there's-blood-everywhere-and-i'm-feeling-dizzy-and-ugh I was expecting it to be, but still a damn good comedy film nevertheless, and probably the best performance of Eddie Murphy's career. I'd do anything if it meant he'd have a complete return to form. That, or be able to pretend that Meet Dave never happened. I don't mind.


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47 Ronin - 4/10 Twas watchable and even mildly entertaining at times, but overall a poor movie.

13 Assassins - Hot damn was this ever my jam. Just go watch it.

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@skyrider: I recommend the 1994 version of 47 Ronin, leaps and bounds better in basically every way.

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Frozen (4 out of 5)
It was really enjoyable, although the setup of the story is reaaaaally stupid. I was stunned by the visuals, an amazing film to look at. And the songs are good to.

4 Rooms (4 out of 5)
This might be the most awesome thing I saw in a while, and I am glad my friend showed it to me. I felt really entertained, especially at the last segment that was done by Terentino. Give this a watch!

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Frozen (4.5 out of 5) - Great music but the twist was sooo obvious I felt bad when it happened. I kept hoping they'd go in a more creative direction. The rest was good though and the "Let it Go" song is the best Oscar-nominated-from-a-Disney/Pixar-movie song since "When She Loved Me" in 1999. I liked "When Will My Life Begin?" from Tangled more, though.

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Under The Skin: 4.5/5

Scarlett is the best.

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The Temple of Doom. 2/5

The Last Crusade. 5/5

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 4/5. It might not be as fun as the 1st and 3rd movies but still thoroughly enjoyable.

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Been in the mood for crazy shit lately, watched these this last week.

Angst: German movie from the 80's. Incredibly oppressive atmosphere and AMAZING soundtrack by Klaus Schulze. I cannot recommend this movie enough (watch the unedited version).

The Killer Inside Me: In my opinion great adaptation of the Jim Thompson book. Southern noir mixed with moments of ultraviolence and an awesomely out of place soundtrack.

Caterpillar: Japanese low budget interpretation of an Edogawa Rampo tale. Shinobu Terijama is a wonderful actress. Weird ero gore stuff conceptually not unlike the works of Tsukamoto and Ishii.

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7 Days

A well acted bit of anti-torture porn that does a fine job in inserting itself to the list of movies that prove, yo, torture ain't good for the soul, y'hear. Though while it has some incredibly thick atmosphere, and the sound design in particular is top notch, it's not especially... tense. Like, I was never on the edge of my seat and even thought that it drags a bit during the first half. It gets better, but as a whole it's not something I'd recommend without reservation.

Still, some great performances and atmosphere--there's nary a single bit of music in this from beginning and end--and the different emotional stages the pedophile character goes through amidst each day of his torture in particular was interesting to follow. That this movie may even actually make you feel at least slightly sympathetic towards a child rapist and murderer is also quite a feat. However I do feel like it could have been executed a little better in spots. Plus, the gritty vigilante premise is a bit overdone at this point.


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Pacific Rim - 3/5. Thought it was okay but not as good as it had been hyped up to be.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - 5/5. I'm a huge fan of the books and think this movie did the book way more justice than the first movie did. Glad they changed the director. Really enjoyed it.

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Frankenstein's Army - It's about a group of Russian soldiers who, during the final days of WWII, discover a factory where a mad scientist is melding parts of dead bodies with various machines, such as drills, saws, plane propellers, and all kinds of other shit. While this plot has a lot of promise, it is, unfortunately, a found footage film, and a very half-assed one at that. It doesn't fully commit to the style, as there are a lot of jump cuts, angles, and sound edits that apply to a standard filming style that just don't make sense in the context of found footage. There doesn't seem to be much reason for the movie to be found footage and it honestly would've been for the better if it wasn't.

The monster designs are easily the best part of the film. They're highly inventive, bizarre, and sometimes grotesque, maybe being a bit steampunk in design. They're all made using practical effects, too. I liked this aspect quite a bit, but sadly, the action scenes are real fucking stupid. There are several times where a monster is attacking the cameraman from about a foot away, swinging wildly, though he somehow comes out unscathed every time, managing to hold them off while still using one arm to film. The other characters seemed hilariously useless in combating these things. The movie played out more like a cheap haunted house thrill ride. There are a few fun scenes, including the last 10 minutes or so, but they and the neat monsters couldn't salvage the whole film.


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Pacific Rim 4/5 I really liked it

Pitch Perfect 5/5 Anna Kendrick is my soul mate

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I saw the Eagle on Netflix.

Better than I expected - doesn't go whole hog "The Glory of Rome" thing, but it doesn't beatify the tribal peoples either. Its budget clearly limited it to a degree. 3/5.

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#1289 Posted by Dichemstys (3720 posts) -

Super - gave it a 5/10 on IMDB. I don't usually care for really dark humor, but I figured I'd check this one out. Not really into it but it had a pretty good ending.

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I saw Capn 'Merica Winter Soldier. It was pretty good. I was hoping for a little more fish out of water stuff, they could've cut 10 minutes of explosions and intrigue to add a little pathos and human drama to the story. I certainly enjoyed the intrigue but the story had some faults. It relied a little heavily on elements of the past. It was very much a sequel to the first movie, and fuck if I remember shit about that. In the comic the winter soldier stuff was cool because Bucky was like this super important character with decades of history. It didn't have the same impact at all in the movie, because they didn't spend nearly enough time building him up in the first one, nor did he have anywhere near as long of an absence. Overall that part of the story just seemed a little silly in this context. I didn't buy it. Also I think there are outside factors working against these Marvel movies. How am I supposed to feel tension about a scene where a character is dying, if I know that this character has a contract with 6 more movies in it? Kind of hard to blame the movie for that, but it's a little frustrating. I suppose that's just something you have to live with because of the way they've decided to do these films. Still I enjoyed my time with it. The dissolution of shield makes for an interesting wrinkle, there was lots of good action, some good characters, and it's always nice to watch Scarlett Johansson. 7 Stars and Stripes out of a possible 10 Stars and Stripes.

I also saw The Knights of Badassdom because I don't know. That movie is just as stupid as it looks. The script kind of lets the premise do all of the work, the writing was just really bad, they relied too heavily on the talent of the actors to make the jokes work, and the leads weren't good enough to pull this off. Steve Zahn, Jimmi Simpson, and Peter Dinklage were kind of funny occasionally I suppose. The biggest problem I have with this movie is it's very much making fun of the role playing crowd, when really those are the only people who might enjoy a movie like this. A poor choice, they should've tried to laugh with the nerds instead of at them. 2 out of 10 foam swords.

Also Danny Pudi has bit roles in both of these films. I propose it is because both of these movies are set in the same universe.

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#1291 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2853 posts) -
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Brando sends shivers down my spine every time I watch this movie. 10/10

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The Lego Movie. Loved it.

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The LEGO Movie 4/5 - Really enjoyed how it was written and presented in more of a way people young and old and have experienced playing with LEGO can really enjoy it. From the big obvious jokes to the small subtle hints and references.

The Grand Budapest Hotel 4/5 - Interesting concept of a story being told by someone who the story itself was to unto them. They crazy misadventures of a hotel manager and his bell hop encountering all these crazy people that are more caricatures then people.

Transcendence 1/5 - Ughh. Just ughhh.

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#1294 Posted by Gaff (2666 posts) -

The Grand Budapest Hotel, 4/5: Oozes style and sophistication. Enjoyable romp bolstered by an entertaining script, a star studded cast and some great performances.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, 2/5: Good action sequences (with some good 3D), linked together by too many plot threads and good actors struggling with the terrible script and pacing. More like Iron Man 2, or "Oh god, our actors are getting older, we need to stuff a couple of movies worth of plot in here before another reboot".

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Pompeii: 1/5 - Oh god this movie is terrible. I wasn't expecting much to begin with but parts of it actually made me angry. Everything that happens is completely pointless. The effects (the one thing this movie should have gotten right) are also surprisingly bad a lot of the time. Don't waste time on this.

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#1296 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

The Lone Ranger.

After hearing Rorie talk about the film on the movie podcast recently, I was surprised to find out I feel exactly the same way as him. It's unfunny, overlong and there's an incredible amount of stuff going on. The final train sequence is like a literal rollercoaster of things clicking into place. It's easy to follow, but really staged. It feels more like an elaborate amusement ride than an exciting action scene. It reminded me very much of the water wheel section in the second Pirates movie... never a good comparison to make.

Armie Hammer seems incredibly miscast as the lead, and I find it weird when I wish Johnny Depp had injected a little more Jack Sparrow into his performance. Every time he fed that bird I rolled my eyes. There's not a single reason for Helena Bonham Carter or any of the 30's set scenes to be in a movie that would have benefited from chopping 40 minutes off of its 2 hr 20 runtime.

Kinda glad this movie didn't do all that well for Disney. It contains all the things wrong with big summer movies these days. Gore Verbinski is ok. I liked Rango a hell of a lot more than this, it's a better western for starters and much, much weirder/darker without feeling the need to pander to the little kids.

William Fichtner is really underused and the two Horse jokes are genuinely funny.


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#1297 Posted by TomTroller (16 posts) -

Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. I'd give it a 8.6/10.

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#1298 Posted by amafi (1490 posts) -

Burn Notice: the fall of Sam Axe. Not the greatest movie I've ever seen.

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Finally found the time to watch Her. Now I'm bummed. 10/10

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snow white and the huntsman. surprisingly good. im no kristen stewart or thor-guy fan but i thought Charlize Theron was pretty amazing. i also enjoyed the darker tone of the film. something that dumb recent wizard of oz should have went for.
the ending on the other hand sort of completely blows. very much the definition of anticlimactic. 7/10