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#1 Edited by Darkbulborb (14 posts) -

Hey all,

I found myself going back to the Banjo-Kazooie series lately (on the N64) and that music, just makes me always so happy, My favourite song is glitter gulch mine, definitely of all times.

So I was asking myself, why not make a thread out of this, and see what other people think, So post a link to your favourite song here, and share with us your favourite game soundtrack of all times :D

I'll start with mine:

For Example, glitter gulch mine from banjo tooie, awesome track

Or Witchyworld, also from banjo tooie, a spooky theme park, really epic music made for this level

And not to be forgotten: Clanker's cavern, this music is just epic, same for the giant sharklike garbage cleaner: clanker


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#2 Posted by StrikeALight (1238 posts) -
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Nothing says "The game you're about to play is fucking awesome" quite like this track.

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#3 Posted by Galiant (2237 posts) -

Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack of Silent Hill: Downpour, composed by Daniel Licht (the Dexter guy).

I'm really liking it!

I can't really pick a favorite, though. There are so many I've enjoyed over the years. Off the top of my head, in no particular order: Donkey Kong Country series, Metal Gear Solid series, plenty of Final Fantasy games, Shatter...I could go on for a while.

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#4 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1480 posts) -

It's pretty difficult to pinpoint a real favourite in retrospect; I recall so many damn games having music that touched me, but with age comes nostalgia and I really can't nor want to diminish those childhood memories by replaying the sound-tracks to those games. Chrono Trigger definitely has an amazing sound-track, so does everything @Galiant: just mentioned; in particular Metal Gear Solid 3. ( I remember carrying around that bloody Snake-Eater song on my mp3 player for the better part of a year.) But I think my fondest memory of a game's music (Besides Rez, I mean, COME ON!) has to be the Soul Reaver series.

Oh, and honorary mention to Starcraft 2 for the bloody Terran Multiplayer song; I still try to play that on my own guitar (to ehm, limited success.)

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Last time a sound-track really got to me, however, was Dark Souls. As I live in Europe, I recieved the limited edition of the game bar no extra costs and that included the soundtrack. It ranges from hectic and in a word, disturbing, a bit like the soundtrack from Silent Hill 2 to almost hauntingly beautiful. As far as ambient sound goes, it's right up there with the classics. Here's an example.

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#5 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1308 posts) -
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#6 Edited by BulletproofMonk (2749 posts) -

The Dark Colossus Destroys All from Nier is one of my favorite video game songs ever.

 Now I have to play Nier again.
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#7 Edited by Canteu (2968 posts) -
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Probably one of my favourite FF tracks. It rates higher than Dancing Mad for me.

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My favourite game of all time, and one of my favourite tracks of all time.

edit: I could probably link to any track from Dark Chronicle and say the same thing actually.

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#8 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -
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#9 Posted by STUVNING (181 posts) -
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#10 Posted by stonepawfox (237 posts) -

In many ways the music I can think of to pick is simply the most representative piece from one of my favorite games that makes me think back on how great a time I had playing it, and in that case I'd have hundreds of pieces of music to post here. But this, introducing the game that (somehow) first got me into JRPGs and ultimately RPGs in general, combined with the fact that Yasunori Mitsuda is amazing, has to be my choice. Combine it with the title screen track that directly follows it and you have something I have sat there listening to over and over on many occasions.

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#11 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Anything from the Ace Attorney series. Like this:

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#12 Posted by Animasta (14907 posts) -

Nier is the best and I won't hear any arguments to the contrary (there are none)

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#13 Posted by s10129107 (1500 posts) -

my favorite is the Grim Fandango soundtrack but

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and all the rest of the music from monkey island one and 2 is also classic

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#14 Posted by ProfessorK (870 posts) -

I find that while I like a large majority of the music in games, I tend to always come back to the Tekken series as a whole. That said if I had to choose a favorite it would be Tekken 2 and specifically this:

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#15 Edited by ProfessorK (870 posts) -

@James_Giant_Peach: Not gonna lie this kinda brings a tear to my eye. Some of Nobuo's greatest work.

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But this one gives me chills.

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#16 Edited by Wasara88 (338 posts) -

Argh too hard to choose, but at the top of my dome I'll say that the OST in MAfia 2 is great Mafia 2 theme.Deus Ex games old and new. Castlevania has some amazing music in it too. And FUCK almost forgot Red dead redemption.

There's so much awesome music in games.

Edit: @Do_The_Manta_Ray: I agree Dark Souls has an amazing soundtrack. Many of these songs listed are great in their own right, but having the link between the music and game makes them even more fantastic to listen.

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#17 Posted by Space_Sandwich (119 posts) -
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Some of the best music has to be from Team ICO's games. "You Were There" from ICO is fantastic, and the entire orchestral score from Shadow of the Colossus is fantastic.

Talking of more recent games, though, I've found Jesper Kyd's contribution to the Assassin's Creed games to be quite profound. But, if anything has captivated me the most this generation, I have to give it to Austin Wintory for Journey's epic soundtrack. http://soundcloud.com/awintory

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#18 Posted by theodacourt (592 posts) -

The iOS game Mr.Space!! is the best music I've heard in a game in aaaaages.

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#19 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -
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#20 Posted by EuanDewar (5160 posts) -

No idea what is my favourite but this is recent and siiiiiick

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#21 Edited by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Sonic Generations

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#22 Posted by MrSpoon (57 posts) -

For me it's got to be some oldskool C64 SID chip compositions, the sounds of Ben Daglish, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway et al shall be forever etched in my information cerebral brainways. N.B The quality and SID emulation on these videos is crap, even a good player such as Tinysidisn't perfect, if you remember these or like what you hear, check out the High Voltage SID Collection. (As with abandonware it's a bit of a grey area, but many of the SID files there have composer notes from interviews.) Also, can someone remind me who Chris Huelsbeck is with now, there isn't even a page for him.

I'd recommend clicking through to youtube and browse some of other peoples favourites.

Arkanoid (Martin Galway)

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Parallax (Martin Galway)

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Zynaps (Nigel Grieve)

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The Last Ninja (Ben Daglish)

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International Karate (Rob Hubbard)

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Master of Magic (Rob Hubbard)

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#23 Posted by CounterShock (436 posts) -

Mass Effect 3 has some great songs in it

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I love this song, just because of the guilt and sadness it invokes.

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There's tons more, but I can't recall right now.

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#24 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (556 posts) -

Where to begin....

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These are the first three that came to mind but there's a lot more: Donkey Kong Country 2, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Metal Gear Solid.... hard to pick just one.

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#25 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

I don't even like metal, but fuck if I don't love the DMC music, especially this song:

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This is what I always think of when someone mentions awesome video game music.

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#26 Edited by Timothie (23 posts) -
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I know it's not much of a track, but this takes me back in the days :)

Edit: actually, it's pretty awesome !

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#27 Posted by Clinkz (1116 posts) -

OP, you are forgetting the great tracks from Banjo 1. Click Clock Wood, Rusty Bucket Bay, pretty much the whole damn thing. God that was a good game.

I also loved in Glitter Gulch Mine when you approached a miner, they popped up and yelled "yeee haw!". Cracks me up every time.

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#28 Posted by CookieMonster (2536 posts) -

I love these kind of threads. Always introduces me to great music.

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#29 Posted by benspyda (2129 posts) -
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This easy

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#30 Posted by benspyda (2129 posts) -

@James_Giant_Peach: Nearly every track in the FFX soundtrack I have fond memories of. Maybe because it was my first Final Fantasy game, but it had some great melancholy tracks.

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#31 Posted by TheMadCat (4 posts) -

I loved the post of " CounterShock" with the Mass Effect 3 song "An End Once And For All" that is just one amazing piece of music.

One of my favorite's must be: "Hidden Village - The Legens of Zelda Twilight Princess"

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And this one brings me back memories... And one of my all time favorites

It is the opening music of Super Smash Bros Melee :D

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#32 Posted by Pinworm45 (4069 posts) -

Chrono Trigger, Mass Effect (all 3), and Command and Conquer games.

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#33 Edited by isomeri (2932 posts) -

@StrikeALight said:

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Nothing says "The game you're about to play is fucking awesome" quite like this track.

Truer words are rarely spoken.

As far as original soundtrack music I will have to go for a "few" classics. But these tunes are classics for a reason.

Tetris Theme

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Halo Theme

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Pokemon Red/Blue Opening Theme

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Kiss Me Sunlights (from Z.O.E.)

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The Best Is Yet To Come (from MGS)

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#34 Posted by Darkbulborb (14 posts) -


oh boy do I love the ace attorney series, It was a hard time choosing, But banjo kazooie/banjo tooie won for me :D

But I have to agree, the attorney series have awesome music too!

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#35 Edited by beeftothetaco (437 posts) -

Here's a few:

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(I've always loved Majora's Mask and it's atmosphere; the music does a terrific job at setting the tone.)

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There are more, but I don't want to get TOO carried away.

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#36 Posted by Sanryd (1443 posts) -

In terms of music from games that I would actually like to listen to I'd say a ton of stuff from Final Fantasy XIII, some Starcraft 2 songs, most of the songs from the zombie maps in CoD, and the Skyrim theme.

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#37 Edited by ToxicFruit (1920 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles has some of my all time favorite music :

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Also FF 9 has an amazing soundtrack :

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Last Final fantasy world map theme i think.

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#38 Edited by Rockanomics (1187 posts) -

@EuanDewar: I just ordered Syndicate off of Amazon like 2 minutes ago and I think it's mostly because I've been listening to that song 2-3 times a day for a week and a half.

Anyway crank this and tell me it doesn't make you want to grab a spear + shield and run screaming across an open field towards your enemy.

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Also I believe this song was my jam at one point.

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#39 Posted by Harkat (1171 posts) -

The original Mass Effect had a boss soundtrack. The later ones, not so much.

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#40 Posted by SlashDance (1867 posts) -

As far as epic music goes, this is one of my favorites. It gets so bombastic at the 2:00 mark.

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Other than that, this is amazing.

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#41 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Too many too pick a favorite, but I'll go for some recent new favorites.
Monster Hunter Tri - Jhen Moran.
You fight this enormous beast, he's about to break your stranded sand skiff as you shoot him with the harpoons/cannons just in time and this starts playing.

Mass Effect 3 - Leaving earth.
Fuck the scene, but the music...the Reaper sounds just raping through the orchestra...fuck, yeah.
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#42 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Check this out:

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All of the version of Ace Attorney "Cornered" combined into one.

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#43 Edited by whyareyoucrouchingspock (1017 posts) -
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#44 Posted by fox01313 (5253 posts) -

Still a favorite of mine, Blood. At the time there were many games (Quake, Shadow Warrior, Hexen, Shivers2 all come to mind too that had also this tech) on cd that had a data track then the rest of the cd was music you could easily listen to (or burn off to a separate cd without the data track to listen to).

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#45 Posted by TobbRobb (6262 posts) -

The Bayonetta soundtrack is great. Maybe not my favorite, but fuck you too.

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#46 Posted by krazy_kyle (740 posts) -

@StrikeALight said:

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Nothing says "The game you're about to play is fucking awesome" quite like this track.

Agreed. I fucking love the music in the MGS series, the Half-Life series comes close however :P

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#47 Edited by Taizy (38 posts) -

I love all the songs from Jet Grind Radio. It's one of the few soundtracks I listen to outside of the game.

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Snake Eater from the MGS3 soundtrack was able to perfectly captured that James Bond opening. My friends seem to hate that song so I like to break it out at random times to annoy them.

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#48 Posted by redcream (838 posts) -
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And this....

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#49 Posted by krazy_kyle (740 posts) -
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This, full volume, extra bass = Enlightenment. Enjoy

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#50 Posted by Positrark (327 posts) -

This one is pretty awesome:

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PS: IF your suggestion is less than one year old, it should not be submissible. A song must overcome the test of time to be considered truly great, not just "great right now".