What types of TV do you own?

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Do you own a CRT TV or a Plasma TV or an LED TV or an OLED TV?

Does anyone know what type of TV most people own? I've been looking for sales statistics or surveys, but I can't find anything.

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Our main TV is the Sony KD65X9005B 65' 4K ultra HD 800Hz, the price was about 3k but I got it for just under 2k. I'd imagine most people have some form of a HD/flatscreen TV. The only CRT TV is a Sony XBR960 and it's kept around for the older consoles.

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Do you own a CRT TV or a Plasma TV or an LED TV or an OLED TV?

Does anyone know what type of TV most people own? I've been looking for sales statistics or surveys, but I can't find anything.

I mean my household alone has gone through a variety of TVs, but we don't report to some central authority when we ditch one. And do you mean worldwide? Only in the US? I seriously doubt you'll find this data anywhere. It's useless numbers that I nobody would bother commissioning a report for.

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Most common TV people own? LEDs. You can't drive more than a block without seeing a giant box for a $300 60 inch Visio LED TV.

I have a 46" Sharp Aquos I got nearly a decade ago when it was a dirt cheap bargain at 1.2k. I rarely watch TV and rarely play console games. Though, I have been seriously considering getting an OLED display since I've been wanting a TV in my bedroom.

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I have a 55" Samsung LED I got a few years ago after my previous, an older 32" plasma, went out. I think plasma's are rarer to find now since LED has become more popular but I really hated the temporary retention/burn-in that you would get even from really basic short term images.

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Currently I have 2 LCDs, one 55" and one 14", and a very small CRT.

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Sony KDL40W600B. 40" 60hz 1080P and the best input latency around. I think it's the best all around 1080p gaming TV around.

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One LED widescreen that I don't use + two 32" CRTs. I've got all my streaming stuff rigged through the CRTs because hi def compared to CRT just doesn't win. There's no denying it, old TVs still look better than any plasma/lcd that cost stupid amounts of money. Your Randy Quaid uncle might say I've got this 8230 inch tv with orrrllll the channels but it'll seriously look like shit compared to your grandpappy's Magnolux side by side.

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I have a Samsung PN60F5300 51" Plasma and a LG 42" Plasma.

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HD 1080P LCD TV w/ Wii, PS3 + DVD

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I let my dad stay with me in a small 400 square foot studio when he was down on his luck a couple years ago and when he left he was still down on his luck and I was basically kicking him out but as a thanks he let me keep his TV. It's a 50" LG Plasma, I like it a lot considering I was using a 27" Philips CRT prior to that. This was around the time of Mass Effect 3 and I remember having my component cables running to the CRT and the HDMI running to the HDTV and I would just flip back and forth marveling at how different things looked. My only bummer is it tops out at 720p and doesn't do very well with burn-in at all; the burn always fades but if I play, say, a sports game the ticker/boxscore will always be lingering if that area of the display is pure white at any time for an hour or so after.

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I've got a plasma, a LDC and a CRT.

the Sony KD65X9005B

a Sony XBR960

Sony KDL40W600B.

a Samsung PN60F5300

Aren't TV names great? They really differentiate themselves well and you can tell exactly what one is compared to the others. They really roll off the tongue too.

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@mosespippy: the funny thing is that after seeing your comment I realized I put the wrong "name". It should have been PN51F5300 since it is a 51". The only thing I understand about the name haha

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I own a Vizio LCD 40" and a Samsung LCD 46". i bought the Vizio about 8 years ago and the Samsung about 4 years ago. I don't plan on upgrading until one of them die.

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A 26" Samsung LCD of some type from 2009 and a dope 13", mono sound, fake woodgrain adorned CRT from the 1970s my grandpa gave me when I was 10 that I use for old consoles. The CRT gets far more use than the LCD, which has been unplugged for a couple months now. That CRT has outlasted 3 other CRTs that I've used and had fail in the mean time so I just gave up and went with the tried and true TV.

I use my main PC monitor when I play console stuff most of the time now since it's actually bigger than my LCD and has an HDMI port. That one's a Dell U2713HM.

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I have two televisions, one 24'' Philips LED and a 60'' Samsung Plasma Smart TV with 3D support... though I don't think i've used the 3D even once.

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Just a single 42" Panasonic plasma (RIP) TV. A V20, which is like VT20 only without the gimmick 3D.

I used to own a massive Sony Trinitron with built-in speakers as well but I had to get rid of it. Kind of pains me because it was great for my older consoles. But I live in an apartment and I simply don't have room for something that huge.

I think most people own LCD TVs these days.

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Samsung LN55C630 - Living room. The Xbox One looks great on it, but it exposes some flaws in the U-Verse TV signaI. I can't seem to get the red/green balance and backlight/contrast just right and there's still some pixelation in dark scenes. It drives me nuts because I'm a calibration geek and have tinkered with it a thousand ways. It looks fine to everyone else, but not me.

SONY KDL40V5100 - Man-cave TV. I've got so many things hooked up to this; I give the TV credit for not exploding. Solid TV.

Samsung LNT4066F - The best TV in the house by a mile. I spent some dough on this back in the day, and it's been worth every penny. The picture and color on it is flawless.

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Samsung LED 55" fucking beautiful TV that I got for a beautiful price, I was working at Best Buy at the time and they slid this big guy up to me to put it on the floor, I took one look at the price and the model and asked wtf was wrong with it to have such a huge discount? It had a dent...on the back of the TV (THE BACK OF THE TV!) in left corner that you couldn't even see unless You REALLY REALLY wanted to see it, I've asked people to look for this "dent" and they can't find it, I bought it on the spot.

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@netspiker: I bought a 1080p 42" LCD LG when they were first coming out with the 1080p tv's. Its a nice tv and I like that the speakers are in the front instead of on the back like alot of brands are doing these days, but the price I paid was ridiculous. If I could go back in time I would have probably told myself to buy a 720p tv at the time since they were reasonably priced (and basically it was for Xbox 360) and later get a 1080p tv.

Just last year I helped my parents buy a 50" 1080p LED SONY bravia that has 3d built in it. Very nice tv, thought about buying one so I could play my 3d PS3 games on it but the LG is still holding up.

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I currently have a 50" DLP set up in my living room that I bought way back in 2006. The initial lamp lasted until last year (the run-time on the first lamp was over 20,000hrs!), and a new lamp only cost $120. The picture looks the same as the day I bought it.

It is only 720p, however the main viewing distance from it is over 10 feet, therefore I dont thnk I'd notice any difference with this screen size on a 1080p display. When I do eventually upgrade, I'll probably opt for a 60" screen size, and also a resolution boost to boot.

Still, I can't complain at all with the already 9-year life of this set, with many more to come.

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I have a five year old Samsung 32" LCD HDTV. I will probably replace it in the next 12-18 months. If they make a 42-44" 4K UHDTV that is what I would probably lean towards because ist would go in my bedroom.

If you ask WHY woudl you buy a UHDTV in 2016/17? Well, because in the between 2016 and 2021 that will likely be what will be standard or useful....probably, it would be dumb to stick with 1080p in 2016.

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We have a Panasonic plasma from 2012 and a fairly high end Panasonic LCD from late 2014. The 2012 plasma looks much better.

I don't want to have to go back to LCD, thankfully OLED is right around the corner!

I have a five year old Samsung 32" LCD HDTV. I will probably replace it in the next 12-18 months. If they make a 42-44" 4K UHDTV that is what I would probably lean towards because ist would go in my bedroom.

If you ask WHY woudl you buy a UHDTV in 2016/17? Well, because in the between 2016 and 2021 that will likely be what will be standard or useful....probably, it would be dumb to stick with 1080p in 2016.

4k is kind of wasted on a TV of that size, you'd have to be sitting really, really close to appreciate the difference. PC monitor close.

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I wouldn't say it is "dumb" to buy a 1080p display in 2016. We probably won't see 4k content from HDTV providers for quite a while, many are still broadcasting in 720p. If you're willing to pony-up the cash for a 4k Bluray player, then sure you'll reap the benefits.

Also, viewing distance is a major factor here as well. Unless you plan to sit very close to the display, the appreciable difference in image quality is negligable.

Is a 4K display better? Clearly, given appropriate conditions. Does that make buying a 1080p display within the next few years dumb? Not at all.

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  • 27" Sony Trinitron CRT - Purchased about 25 years ago and still has a great picture! Works great for my nes, snes, etc.
  • 42" Panasonic Plasma EDTV. 10-ish years old. Purchased to play GTA San Andreas on the original XBOX. Was our main TV until this last Xmas. Now used in my home studio as a second monitor.
  • 51" 1080p Samsung Plasma - Got a great deal on one of the last batches of Plasmas ever. Living room TV.
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A few LEDs and CRTs.

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Four LED flatscreens of different sizes and models that are currently set up. I think the biggest is 56" and then there are two 32" ones in two of the bedrooms. I believe the last one is around 42". They is a CRT TV somewhere in one of the closets along with one or two more LED TVs that I think may be under one of the beds. My house has a lot of tvs just lying around.

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I just updated both my computer monitor and TV to LED 4K.

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I have an old 50" Panasonic that caps at 720p. Got in... maybe 2006, 2007? I like it it quite a bit, even more than my 32" Samsung I bought last year for the bedroom. Both LED.

I debated buying a newfangled big TV, but I think I'll stick to that Panasonic til it breaks.

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My Panasonic plasma from last year has been one of the best electronics purchases I've ever made. It's crazy good.

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My TV is a 26" 1080p LED Vizio from several years ago, 2010 I think? In any case, it looks pretty good and has served me quite well over the years. Also, I don't really have room for anything bigger at the moment. I use it as a monitor and I've thought about replacing it with an actual computer monitor, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

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Insignia LCD 55"

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I own a Samsung UE32H5000. 32" 1080p display, really nice sharp image for my PS3 and PS4. Don't use it for TV watching.

I also own a 14" Sony KX-14CP1 for retro gaming and have a 9" Sony PVM-9041QM. They're more leaning towards monitoring equipment that TVs due to having no tuner in them.

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Only TV I own is a Beovison MX 5500, vintage 1990.

Not to go all hipster, but you need some big junky telly if you want to play retro games. Great speakers on it, but the picture is on the way out and I'm far from qualified to try and recalibrate it.

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My TV that I only periodically use with Chromecast, but the wife uses frequently with the set top box is an off brand 42 inch "Skyview". It does the trick. Picture is great.

My desktop is hooked up to two monitors: a 23" IPS, AOC that looks nice and was cheap, and an older 29" Samsung that was also cheap, but not quite as cheap as the AOC that doubles as my PS3 screen.

Everything is 1080p. I don't see any reason to try and go 4K at this point. Probably never will. TVs need to do something different besides just upping the resolution now to make me want to upgrade. Even 720p still looks perfectly fine to me. Especially for movies or TV.

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Last year this time, I got a Vizio 50" LED 3D Smart TV. It was only $800 and I have really enjoyed it so far, even if the built-in Smart programs aren't that great. But, I have an Apple TV for that stuff.

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My HD TV is a random ass Veon LED TV. It's pretty small (24" I think?) but it gets the job done in my little room. I also have two Sony PVM CRT RGB Monitors for retro stuff: one 21" for pretty much everything except for the famicom which I play on a 14".

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Samsung 52" LCD. It does the job admirably.

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In the living room I have a wall mounted Samsung 65" 4K curved LCD HDTV flanked by two large LCD monitors. In my bed room I have my older 46" Samsung LCD HDTV mounted.

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Crappy ones. I'm buying an HD TV for myself soon.

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I have two CRT's, one late 90's Samsung 32" and one early 80's Philips 15" TV. I play my PS3 games though the PC monitor.

Also, for some reason the image on the Samsung screen looks absolutely amazing. Seems like it does some image processing to remove noise and stuff, but doesn't seem to impact latency. I did have my PS3 hooked up to it for a while, and generally thought the games looked better on that than on my PC monitor, only issue being that the UI's in some games were too hard to read as they had been designed for HD resolutions. The Philips' image looks a bit rougher, more in line with what SD broadcasts looks like on HDTV's, and is probably at the end of it's life considering it usually takes two or three times of restarting it before it shows an image, and the remote has been nonfunctional for several years.

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42" (which is plenty big for my room size)

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I have a 42in Toshiba 1080p (mmodern gaming/TV). A 26in Insignia In case I need to go somewhere and take a TV. A 30in Samsung Monitor (2560x1600) for my main computer. A 20in Dell Ultrasharp 4:3 for my custom retro gaming computer. And last but not least a 20in JVC broadcast monitor (which a friend is borrowing until I can find him a PVM) for retro gaming.

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A few weeks ago, I switched over to an BenQ w1070 DLP if that counts, currently projecting a 100" screen. My previous TV was a Vizio E3D420VX, which was 42". My monitors are a 1440p Catleap 27" and a 1680x1050 22" Westinghouse. I also have a JVC 24" CRT that I mostly use for light gun games.

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A Samsung 51" plasma and a Toshiba 27" CRT (for NES, SNES, Genesis, PS2 etc.). I will have a CRT until the day I die, which, if that's soon, is not that impressive.

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I have a 23 inch Asus monitor (was used at Evo years back, maybe still), and that's it. I want to pick up a CRT TV at some point, maybe a CRT monitor, and possibly a bigger Asus at some point, but for the moment this shit works.